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Panetta Recklessly Sees Casus Belli, Defines The Enemy – Is He Preparing For A State Of Emergency?

You really have got to worry when the U.S. Secretary of Defense declares a major security threat that isn’t real. History shows that such declarations are often followed by the suspension of civil law to make way for martial law, rationing and curfews. Casus belli refers to offenses or threats directly against a nation. It […]

Russian Sulfur Dioxide May Be The Cause Of Arctic Warming

Russian Sulfur Dioxide May Be The Cause Of Arctic Warming

Sulfur Dioxide and Arctic Warming By Ed Caryl Sulfur dioxide, SO2, is not a greenhouse gas. But it should not be ignored when discussing climate. We know that the SO2 injected into the stratosphere by large volcanoes such as Agung, El Chichon, and Pinatubo, can cause cooling for a period of years. This is because […]

New Paper: Large Greenland Glaciers Ending On Land Or In Fjords “Have Hardly Changed Or Have Even Become Slower”!

A new paper has been published by Twila Moon et al titled: 21st-Century Evolution of Greenland Outlet Glacier Velocities appearing in the journal Science. Lead author Twila Moon finds that claims of rapid Greenland glacier acceleration are massively overstated. The study contradicts all the bedwetting projections made by the crackpots at NASA or the PIK in Potsdam. The […]

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