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A Look At Hans von Storch’s “Most Effective Climate Change Policy” – China’s “Iron Fist Campaign”

What does Hans von Storch’s “most effective climate policy” look like? The 1936 German sign reads “We don’t stand alone.” Well, in 2012 add China’s flag to the poster for countries that practice forced sterilizations. Hat tip a reader/blogger: Breaking China’s One-Child Law In an unprecedented crackdown, Chinese officials set out to sterilize 10,000 women — […]

Renowned Climate Scientist Says China’s One-Child Policy Was The “Most Effective Climate Policy Of The Last Decade”

Distinguished IPCC climate scientist Professor Hans von Storch wrote what to me appears to be a very twisted and disturbing statement at his Klimazwiebel blog. I’m really quite surprised by it. Von Storch writes he got correspondence from a friend, who asked him how he personally thinks people can contribute to reducing climate change. HvS provides his […]

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