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Leibniz Institute Director Bathmann: “There’s Still A Great Need For Research” On Baltic Sea Climate Change

Hardly sounds like settled science. Never has there been so much certainty amid so much unknown. German online Bild daily has a short clip from the German Press Agency (dpa) on climate research and funding: Climate change at the Baltic Sea: Still a large need for research. The new director of the Leibniz Institute for […]

Environmentalists Take Aim At “Senseless Surfing In The Internet” By Bored People!

Steffen Hentrich here brings our attention to a report appearing in the Austrian pressetext titled: Senseless Surfing in the Internet Is Destroying The Environment“. If the entire Internet were a country, it would be the 5th largest consumer of electricity globally, moaned Claudia Sprinz, super-nag of Greenpeace Austria. And that figure, she claims, will triple […]

Germany’s Green Revolution Turns Into A Bloodbath – “Solar Valley” Literally Gets Obliterated

German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung here reports on another major German solar manfuacturer that has gone insolvent. A week ago solar cell and module manufacturer Sovello declared insolvency. The company employs 1200 workers and is one of Germany’s “Solar Valley” enterprises along with Q-Cells that had been expected to lead Germany into a new age of high-tech for […]

Angela Merkel Sacks Her Environment Minister, German Face Of Renewable Energy, Norbert Röttgen!

Chancellor Angela Merkel has sacked her Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen after having been routed in state elections in North Rhine Westphalia. Röttgen was a leading minister in Merkel’s cabinet and was responsible for overseeing the country’s shift to renewable energy in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. Röttgen had been a favorite of Merkel, and soon […]

Chinese-British Peer-Reviewed Paper Shows Holocene Dry-Wet Oscillations “Most Likely In Response To Solar Activity”

The number of papers appearing recently showing that the sun has a major impact on the Earth’s climate is truly baffling. After all how could a twinkly little star 150 million kilometers away, separated from the Earth by empty space, possibly impact our climate? Everyone knows that trace gas CO2 drives climate 95%, that it’s the Earth’s climate-control […]

Yet Another Paper Shows “The Enormous Importance Of Solar Activity Fluctuations On Climate”

Yet another study has appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research, this one looks at the precipitation history on the Tibetan Plateau of the last 1000 years. Figure 1: Reconstruction of precipitation amounts for the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The bars on the chart depict prominent weak phases of solar activity, which correspond to Om […]

Papers Showing Sun As Main Driver Keep Rolling In – IPCC Focus On CO2 Looking More Like A Delusional Obsession

Dr. Sebastian Lüning (geologist) and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (chemist) at their website here discuss a recent (peer-reviewed) paper appearing in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. I’ve translated and edited the text in English with their kind permission. Oases of the Chinese Taklamakan Desert Greened Up In Sync With Solar Millenial Cycles by Sebastian Lüning and Fritz […]

German Leftist Media Seethe In A Fit Of Jealousy As They Lose Relevance, Readers

The English language The Local here brings us a story I find amusing. Germany’s elitist mainstream print dailies are peeved because they have to share a prestigious journalism award with “populist” Bild tabloid, which they are now calling “Germany’s Rupert Murdoch”. It appears that the “intellectual” leftist dailies in Germany simply are unable to cope with their […]

Ed Caryl Responds To Latest Warmist Gaseous End-Of-World Scare Scenario

Methane By Ed Caryl I wish to thank the commenter styling himself SpaceScience for drawing our attention to the article at Nature GeoScience titled Atmospheric observations of Arctic Ocean methane emissions up to 82° north. The comment was in response to my comment pointing to an article stating that the Arctic was a net sink for […]

Germany’s Federal Network Agency Report Shows Power Grid “On The Brink” – Thanks To Renewable Energies

The German Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) is the authority of the German federal government overseeing electricity, gas, telecommunications, post and railway networks. You know there’s a real problem when the agency itself issues a press release warning that the national power grid is in serious trouble and that something needs to be done urgently. Steffen Hentrich […]

ESA Envisat Pronounced Dead

ESA Envisat Pronounced Dead

What follows is a press release from ESA today: ESA declares end of mission for Envisat Just weeks after celebrating its tenth year in orbit, communication with the Envisat satellite was suddenly lost on 8 April. Following rigorous attempts to re-establish contact and the investigation of failure scenarios, the end of the mission is being […]

US Senate Candidate, Landslide Primary Winner Mourdock: “Debate Is Not Over On Global Climate Change”

The (un)Scientific American has an opinion on the US Senate Republican primary race in Indiana and challenger Richard Mourdock. So what can we expect from the new GOP candidate when it comes to climate change and science? First note, however, that his Democrat opponent is also no stooge of the warmists’ hoax. According to (un)Scientific American, […]

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