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Using German Media As A Barometer – US Democrats Are In Huge Trouble – Reaction Of Stunnned Silence

Share this…FacebookTwitterUPDATE 13:15 CET: Slowly they are now beginning to report. Der Spiegel now reports…”Messiah a.D.” ======================================== Not a peep from the German mainstream media on Scott Walker drubbing his opponent in the Wisconsin recall election yesterday. Scott Walker rewins Wisconsin in a landslide. (Photo: Wikipedia, from 2010) Now if this had been four years […]

Medieval Warm Period And Little Ice Age Show Up In South America Too – Far Far Away From North Atlantic

Share this…FacebookTwitterBased on data from a few carefully selected tree rings, dogmatic warmist scientists like to insist that the Medieval Warm Period really did not exist globally and was only a local North Atlantic phenomenon. The climate, they tell us, was pretty much steady over the last couple thousand years – until man began to […]

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