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Cold Snap Claims 14 Lives In Chile...Agricultural Emergency In Argentina...Tasmania Coldest Temperature In 30 Years...

Cold Snap Claims 14 Lives In Chile…Agricultural Emergency In Argentina…Tasmania Coldest Temperature In 30 Years…

While much of the media’s focus has been on the heat wave hitting the USA, little attention is being paid to the bitter cold gripping South America. It’s another unusually cold winter striking the continent. Last year, hundreds froze to death. The same occurred in the winter of 2010. Cold 7-day forecast for South America. […]

EU Parliamentarian Calls Germany’s Energy Policy “Senseless…Will Cost €2.3 Trillion To Reduce Temperature 0.003°C”

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) provides a statement on the senselessness of renewable energy in Germany and features a video by skeptic EU Parliamentarian Herbert Reul (Germany). EU Parliamentarian Herbert Reul of Germany’s conservative CDU Party has produced a video about energy policy in Germany and put it up at Youtube and […]

Filmmaker And Expert Arthur C. Smith III: “Polar Bear Extinction Is Not A Climate Issue”

Dear P Gosselin. Thank you for your consideration.  I appreciate the opportunity to be heard. Due to the numbers of polar bears on land this season, I am busy with filming and away from the internet.  My reply is not as prompt as it otherwise could be. When I read that zoos are to be considered […]

WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin: Climate Change No Longer No. 1 Enviro-Issue…Number Of Concerned Americans Cut In Half!

Juliet Eilperin sees the “climate change” issue slipping away. It is no longer the number one environmental concern among Americans. When climate change is ranked among all problems that concern Americans, most polls show it as a mere asterisk, or bundled in with “other” or “misc.” Eilperin starts her commentary: Just 18 percent of those […]

Observed Reality Contradicts Climate Model Projections (Again). Germany Gets Another Rain-Soaked Summer

This summer in Germany is yet another wet one. Everywhere the media are moaning about the ongoing rains, lack of sunshine, flooded basements, etc. It was the same story last year. German scientists are stumped, their models have been exposed as being completely wrong – again. For years Germany’s “climate scientists” kept warning the German public […]

Borenstein's Fit Of Hysteria - Not What Global Warming Looks Like

Borenstein’s Fit Of Hysteria – Not What Global Warming Looks Like

by Ed Caryl Seth Borenstein’s recent article in the Associated Press claims that recent weather events are a result of global warming. They are not; they are clearly weather, local in nature and short-lived. Borenstein is another “Chicken Little”, a calamitologist, crying “Wolf”. Here are the facts. If recent weather events were because of a global […]

Prepare For Climate Change-Related Public Health Scares – New Paper Exposes The Warmists’ Next Mind Games

There’s a new study out titled: A public health frame arouses hopeful emotions about climate change – A Letter in the Journal Of Climatic Change. It is a rare and precious glimpse at the warmists’ future strategy. The study’s conclusion: Framing climate change in terms of public health and/or national security may make climate change more personally […]

Chris Horner: Warmists Are “Agenda-Driven People Seizing On Anything…Ignoring, Rewriting History”

With belief of man-made global warming rapidly dwindling, not a hurricane seen in years, and global temperatures stagnant, the activist warmists are now desperate to blame anything they can on man-made global warming. Neil Cavuto interviews Chris Horner…   Click here to view video.

Scientists Say A Grand Episode In Solar Activity Started in 2008 - But No Support For A Grand (Maunder-Type) Minimum

Scientists Say A Grand Episode In Solar Activity Started in 2008 – But No Support For A Grand (Maunder-Type) Minimum

Cornelis De Jager of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Silvia Duhau of the Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad de Buenos Aires have published a new paper in the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate titled: Sudden transitions and grand variations in the solar dynamo, past and future. I’m not […]

To Explain Temperatures/Storms, Borenstein And Scientists Apply A Totally Different, Absurd Science Just 2 Years Later

Now that the mainstream media are hyperventilating over global warming being responsible for the heat wave, fires and thunderstorms hitting the US, it is a good time to check if they are applying the same science they used to explain winter cold snaps, like the one we saw just 2 years ago. If they were serious, you’d […]

Resident Expert: Polar Bears Are Not Threatened By Climate Change…But By Man’s Greed

Reader Arthur C. Smith III of Alaska has responded to Ed Caryl’s earlier essay: The Polar Bear, and my claim that the polar bear is in no real danger. I’ve upgraded his comment to a post. Smith has studied polar bears for years. ====================================================== What Do Polar Bears Dream While They’re Dying? Dear Ed, P, […]

Energy Secretary Chu Has A Brilliant Idea: Electric Cars In A Country Where There’s No Electricity!

The mid-Atlantic of the USA has no power. And so one really has to wonder about the sheer brilliance of Energy Secretary Chu’s latest idea – more electric cars for a country that can no longer provide its citizens with a steady supply of electricity. I have a question for Secretary Chu: Even if electric cars were […]

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