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Leading Austrian Climatologist Reinhard Böhm Dead – Authored Over 150 Papers On Climate And Glaciers

It saddens us to report that prominent Austrian climatologist Reinhard Böhm has died unexpectedly, Der Spiegel reports. He was 64. Leading Austrian climate scientist Reinhard Böhm (64) dies. (Photo source: ZAMG) News of his death was made public by the Central Office for Meteorology and Geodynamics in Vienna (ZAMG). Spiegel calls him the “father of […]

EU Official: “UK Suffering Media Backlash…Media Overkill” Over Climate Change Issue

The EU is clearly frustrated by the lack of progress in advancing the (bogus) climate change issue. Prof Hans von Storch on EU climate issue: “more as an opportunity to do social experiments”. (Photo source: Rainer Grundmann writes about it at Prof. Hans von Storch’s klimazwiebel blog here and quotes the BBC: The European […]

New Paper Confirms CO2 Lagged Global Temperature – Models Get It All Wrong Again

Today website Die kalte Sonne tells us there’s a new paper appearing in the Geophysical Research Letters on the relationship of CO2 and temperature. Al Gore teaching science to a gullible audience. (Image from film: An Inconvenient Truth) Let’s recall how Al Gore in his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth proudly stood before the CO2-temperature curve of the […]

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