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Now A Mere Jog In A Storm's Path Has Become Proof Of Manmade Climate Change..."Pope Calls For Solidarity!"

Now A Mere Jog In A Storm’s Path Has Become Proof Of Manmade Climate Change…”Pope Calls For Solidarity!”

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt used to be that weather extremes were “proof of man-made warming”. But because that argument didn’t seem to sway anyone, the warmists have taken it a level higher: now even the storm’s path is proof. This is how desperate they’ve become. Thirty years ago, such people would have been committed to […]

Dinosaur Election – Fossil Fuel Leads To Pennsylvania “Economic Boom”

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s a short, very worthwhile video from Ann and Phelim McAleer on the benefits of fracking for natural gas, and the threats should Obama get re-elected. Pennsylvania’s energy boom.   Share this… Facebook Twitter

Mike's Nobel Trick Spreads...NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog - Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

Mike’s Nobel Trick Spreads…NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog – Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

Share this… Facebook TwitterAs a resident, taxpayer and contributor to the European Union, I am truly humbled and deeply honoured as one of the first Nobel Peace Prize climate websites. As most of you know, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo recently announced its decision to award it to the EU. That makes NoTricksZone one of […]

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