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- 61°F in Siberia...Gee, Now I'm Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!

– 61°F in Siberia…Gee, Now I’m Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!

I like checking the temperatures in Siberia using the map at Joe Bastardi’s Weatherbell. Today I found a real extreme reading. Eastern Siberia, -61°F, see center. Source: Now we know it’s been pretty damn cold in Eastern Europe and all over Russia, but this is getting ridiculous. This has been going on for weeks […]

Cold Blast Claims Over 600 Lives Across Eastern Europe/Russia..."Death Toll Keeps Rising...State Of Emergency"

Cold Blast Claims Over 600 Lives Across Eastern Europe/Russia…”Death Toll Keeps Rising…State Of Emergency”

It’s the worst cold snap in Russia in over 70 years. Hundreds have already frozen to death across Eastern Europe. But you won’t be hearing about this in the mainstream media. More deadly cold is forecast for Eastern Europe. Source: (12/20). The political site reports: The spate of cold weather that has lasted for […]

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