Live Footage Of Wind Turbine Industry Demolishing Rare Bald Eagle Nest In Ontario

Folks, if you care about the environment and precious habitats for endangered species, like the American bald eagle, then you are going to find the following video rolled in Haldimand, Ontario last Saturday profoundly disturbing:

Video courtesy of:

The raw emotion of the protesters doing the camera work is clear and understandable. But imagine how the media would have handled this had it been for an oil drilling rig or pipeline. Because this eviction is to make way for “clean” planet-saving wind-turbines, which are going to spend 80% of their lifetimes idle, the media couldn’t be bothered to report on this.

The workman at the 1-minute mark in the video of course is correct. The workers there are only doing their jobs. The permit to destroy the nest was issued by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Friday evening!). And why would they issue such a permit? Because charlatans like Al Gore and a massive multi-billion dollar network of green organisations (Greenpeace, Sierra Club, WWF, etc.) managed to convince the world with corrupt science that CO2 is poisoning the climate. Blame them.

A summary of the bird nest destruction is here: http://thebiggreenlie.bald-eagles-nest-to-be-removed-for-wind-farm/

My advice to the angry activists with the camera: I understand your anger and frustration. But it is people like you who are responsible for this. You and millions of others allowed yourselves to have the wool pulled over your eyes by the climate charlatans and renewable energy industry.  They told you fossil fuels were destroying the planet and that you they would save it with their “clean” energy systems, and you believed them. In fact, you slurped it right up. The rest of us who expressed doubt were just flat-earthers, deniers.

The climate rescuers are only getting started. This is only the very beginning.

For example, look at the deforestation of natural rainforests taking place in places like Borneo, also to make way for “clean” energy palm oil plantations (though, the BBC blames it all on hungry consumers). The truth is that these palm oil plantations exist in large part so that Europe can meet its biofuel targets and pat itself on the back for being a leader in “rescuing the climate”.


21 responses to “Live Footage Of Wind Turbine Industry Demolishing Rare Bald Eagle Nest In Ontario”

  1. Otter

    This is less than an hour from our home. We have two Bald Eagle nests within a few miles of us. 70 wind towers are slated for our immediate area.

  2. kramer

    I didn’t see much, if any, wind blowing in the video.

  3. Bob W in NC

    Tragic beyond belief…but, based on a comment from Speaker Boehner about his recent conversation with President Obama, the inability to forsee the consequences by “greens” of their ideology is absolutely predictable.

    Boehner pointed out the urgent need to cut Federal spending in a recent meeting with Obama, and Obama is said to have replied that, “There is no spending problem.” Boehner is reported to have been stunned. Thus, Obama’s remark wasn’t a tactical move; it is clear he believes as gospel what he said. He is blind to the potential consequences of his ideology or any information to the contrary.

    Apply that to the situation above. The focus of individuals supporting “green” power excludes any consideration of the consequences of real-world implementation of their policies. In fact, they would have to deny there are any and so are blind to them. Thus, the wanton destruction of an eagle’s nest—and many other destructive outcomes that are becoming apparent.

    The Southern expression the they need to be “hit upside the head with a 2X4” to get their attention might apply.

    I suspect that the situation will get worse before it gets better.


  4. Esther Wrightman

    Thanks for the repost, but really (as the vdeographer)- I’m the one to blame? I’ve been fighting these machines for 4 years straight. I never protested in my life until this issue came up and now I’m out there every week, if not several times a week. But where did you get the idea that I believe in global warming?

  5. Jim B

    Even better yet, this nest was in the eagles “flyway”. Any of the eagles returning to the nesting locations will now have to fly by the new towers. They will be hunting by the towers. I wonder how many eagles there will be next year,

  6. JC Smith

    Wow….I feel like I woke up this morning in an alternate universe. The very people who have been supporting the fossil fuel industry to poisen birds, fish, and mammals……are now concerned about what the wind industry is doing to birds? Really? I’ll be sure to keep my eyes out for more articles that highlight what oil spills have been doing to fish and birds in the Gulf Of Mexico…..and elsewhere in the world:)

    1. DirkH

      JC Smith, oil spills are a natural occuring phenomenon. Through all ages, oil has spilled into the oceans through cracks in the rock, and that’s why bacteria have developed the capability of digesting it.

      Please feel free to consider blaming Gaia for this ongoing tragedy.

      BTW, do you have any ide how many wind turbines it would take to replace fossil fuels?

      Solar panels and wind turbines in Germany contribute 1.5 percent of German primary energy use at the moment. (Averaged over time of course; wildly variable over time, i.e. unreliably so)

  7. Mindert Eiting
    1. Bob W in NC

      Donna is also featured with a guest post on WUWT:

      This thing is massive; 40 of 60+ chapters are now in the public domain apparently.

  8. Mandy

    …….”My advice to the angry activists with the camera: I understand your anger and frustration. But it is people like you who are responsible for this. You and millions of others allowed yourselves to have the wool pulled over your eyes by the climate charlatans and renewable energy industry. “…….

    Bull$hit. Some of us have been fighting this for 7+ years and more. We never swallowed the lies, ever. Who are you to judge??

    You don’t even know the people involved. Back-handed insults are not necessary. You come off very arrogant and like a fundamentalist preacher.

  9. Andre

    Re: Removal of Eagles Nest


    For someone who runs a website seeking the truth, I find it ironic that your comments about having no sympathy for the protestors and that they are responsible for this incident was an assuption with no basis in fact. I agree with you that self proclaimed ‘environmentalists’ have been sucked into a scam called a ‘green’ agenda. But that’s the great hypocrisy here – none of these faux greens showed up here. The people there were locals who actually know their local environment and have been fighting this agenda that has been forced upon them by a draconion piece of legisalation call the ‘Green’ Energy Act. In fact since then the very greens you condemn have remained conspicously silent on this issue. I ran across this by accident of on the Friday when the notice was released by the MNR and forwarded it on to a number of people including known environmental activists, ENGOs and self descibed environmentalists I have known and followed up with the pictures the next day. So far, dare I say, not a peep out of one of them. You owe the people there an apology and some graditude for bringing the hypocrasy to light.

  10. Jim Wiegand

    The simple truth is that these turbines are mass killers of protected bird and bat species. Dozens of species across the world are destined to become extinct from this industry. No other source of energy today is exterminating species like wind energy. In fact no other energy source is even close. The horrific impacts from wind turbines have been kept hidden behind decades of bogus studies and with the help of the USFWS. The USFWS has given this industry ridiculous “voluntary guidelines” which allows them to lie,cheat and steal, about anything related to wildlife impacts. The AWEA is claiming they are only killing 2.9 birds per MW. It is not true. The real number is at least 10 – 50 times higher. I have been researching wind industry mortality studies for years and here a look at how the AWEA can claim they are only killing 2.9 birds per MW per year.

    I have read every mortality study conducted at Altamont Pass. I have also read mortality studies from all over the country. Here is what I have found. For hiding mortality impacts the manipulation of wind industry mortality studies are easily done in a number of ways. 1) By searching turbines that are not operational 2) By Searching for bodies in grossly undersized areas around wind turbines 3) By not searching turbines daily which allows more time for bodies to be consumed by predators, hidden by employees, and picked up by leaseholders wanting to protect their income 4) By not using trained dogs in searches which could quickly find virtually every carcasses in a large area around each turbine 5) By not allowing turbines that are known to be killing the most birds at bats at a wind farms to be included in mortality studies 6) By avoiding searches during periods of high usage by migrating birds. (7) By not counting mortality wounded birds that have wandered away from turbines. 8) By not counting birds taken to rehab centers which are later euthanized or permanently placed in captivity 9) By hiring industry shills to make sure that wind industry protocol is followed. 10) By not conducting mortality searches the first year of wind farm operation and 11) By outright lying about problematic data.

    So far every single wind industry mortality study I have read has been flawed and belongs in the dumpster except one. The McCrary study from 1986. None of the others even begins to tell the real story behind these turbines.

  11. Jim Wiegand

    It is good to see more articles like this one because there is a worldwide crises developing because of the wind industry.

    Over the last several years enough evidence has surfaced against the wind industry to shut down every one of their projects. At the very least a moratorium should in place until honest wind turbine research is conducted. The truth is that bogus research has been produced by the wind industry for over 28 years to hide their carnage.
    Both Congress and industry both know full well these turbines are not going to save us or even begin to solve our energy needs. They just want to sell turbines. They also know these wind turbines will also have no impact on CO2 emissions across the world. But all of this sounds good to the gullible fools that believe filtered stories put in the media.
    I remember one of the first big wind industry lies told to America. The one about how these turbines were going to help us get away from Middle East oil. The media, preying on our Nationalistic pride used this deflective argument to offset all the eagle and raptor deaths at Altamont Pass. Of course in America today we use much more Middle East oil now than in 1980 and sensible mileage standards for cars, which would have helped, were put off for over 35 years.
    The wind turbine still has nothing to do with the oil imported from the Middle East. But in the meantime, while the world is being lied to about this so called “Green Energy” these turbines are slaughtering off bird populations across the world.

    Even the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency entrusted by the people to protect wildlife, has been helping the wind industry to hide their bird and bat slaughter. They have been doing it for over 25 years. If anyone does believe any of this then look at how the USFWS is dealing with the rapidly declining and highly endangered whooping crane population.

    After decades of increasing a rate of about 4% per year, the Aransas-Wood Buffalo population has been declining. This population decline correlates with the explosion of wind turbines put along their 2500 mile migration route in recent years. Last year only 192 were actually counted. In an effort to conceal this decline, last year the USFWS changed their survey methodology so their true numbers could be concealed.

    Today the free flying whooping Crane population is in a very serious state of decline and over 200 of them have vanished in recent years. There have also been no reports about the wind industry’s golden eagle slaughter that has taken place in Texas. even though Texas was known to at one time to have more golden eagles than California. Topping off this massive industry and government cover-up are the USFWS “Voluntary Guidelines” bestowed upon the Wind industry. With these worthless regulations our own Government has given this industry the right to lie, cheat and steal. Looks like Canada has as well.

    What I just wrote about is typical of the industry’s deception that has been going on for decades. I can tell readers that virtually every wind industry document I have ever read has been written with deception or has had research methodology designed to hide the truth. I could provide dozens and dozens of similar examples from all over the country or the world.

    In a Democracy this outrage would be met with Congressional hearings. But we no longer have a Democracy in America and there will be no congressional hearings. We now have new political system which is basically the flip side of socialism. A Sort of Corporate Socialism has emerged. So instead of the means of production and distribution being controlled by the people, it is all controlled by industry.

    If people across the world watched the news in the last few weeks there was a lot of talk of a contrived crisis, the “fiscal cliff”. The fiscal cliff as Congress calls it, has always been their fiscal cliff. They spent the money and if one were to look close, most if not all this deficit was money siphoned off the treasury and given to corporations. The wind industry is only one of many benefactors.

    As I have been saying for weeks, only corruption could save the 12 billion dollar wind industry tax credit. Several days ago corruption played its hand again and American taxpayers were fleeced.

    Was I surprised? No, because when society is controlled by industry, this is exactly what one should expect to happen. I also expect America and Canada to be sold many more wind turbines that they don’t really need.

  12. Video of Wind Turbine Industry Demolishing Rare Bald Eagle Nest In Ontario

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