Climate Science Turns Comic – John Schellnhuber Now Depicted As Planet-Saving Comic Hero In Germany

Great Transformation comic bookFaster than a speeding bullet! Much smarter than anyone else! Able to stop global warming in a single bound! Quick Robin! To the PIK-cave!

It’s official. Hans-Joachim (John) Schellnhuber is effectively Germany’s latest comic action hero. His mission: to save the planet from the villains causing catastrophic global warming. Hat-tip:

Publishers Jacoby & Stuart, in cooperation with the German Ministry for Education and Research, headed by Dr. Annette Schavan (who is currently being stripped of her doctorate title because of plagiarism) will be releasing a 140-page comic book titled: “The Great Transformation – Environment – This Is How We Take The Curve”.

The book is targeted at children 14 years old and up, and can be pre-ordered at here. Here’s Amazon’s short description:

Top-class science in an easy to understand way! Climate change can not be denied any longer, and if our society is to still function in 50 years, then we have to learn sustainable and living and working. To do this, science, politics, and citizens have to learn to work together. A council of high-ranking scientists advises policymakers on how to do this. And in order for us to be involved, our book presents the scientific core principles in comic form in an easy-to-understand manner. With regards to climate change, species extinctions and shortage of natural resources, the view that we are no longer able to simply continue living as we are is become clear. We have to drastically reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and learn to do business sustainably. How this can be done is shown by nine independent scientists who make up the German government’s German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). In the form of comic interviews with each of them, it is depicted what is fact and what needs to be done. Geoscience, climate science, business and technology, politics and everyday culture must work with each other in order to achieve the essential Great Transformation.”

The book features the nine catastrophe-obsessed Germans sitting on the WBGU, which is calling for the Great Transformation of our society, as the planet saving heroes.

Yes, it seems they’ve gone absolutely bloody mad. Nine hand-wringing German academics are sure and convinced of what the rest of the world needs. And the government is actually stupid (dangerous) enough to believe them.

Excerpts of the book can be seen here in German. For example, on page 14, high-priest Schellnhuber tells readers what’s causing the global warming: agriculture and fossil fuels:

Schellnhuber comic here


Page 15 depicts Schellnhuber standing at the PIK (Einstein’s Tower), where he works, telling us:

Many areas of the environment are already showing crisis developments. Soil and fresh water resources, forests and seas are being overused or destroyed. Biological diversity is dwindling dramatically.”

Page 19 shows Schellnhuber telling us that the temperature must not rise more than 2°C. President Obama is on the phone saying:

I’m really worried that we haven’t made the international progress that is necessary.”

Squandering your first four years didn’t help.

The next frame shows patient earth in bed with a fever. Dr. Schellnhuber says:

As a comparison when your body temperature rises just 2°C, the we are talking about a fever. When the temperature climbs over 40°C (104°F), then the organs fail one after the other, and eventually the entire human body collapses.”

Great Transformation fever

Page 20 depicts Schellnhuber comparing our current course with that of the Titanic, and thus it is absolutely necessary to decarbonize while there’s still a chance.

And so go the book’s 140 pages. It probably would be funny were it not to be read and believed by Germany’s children. It’s a meisterwerk of propaganda, aimed at shaping the the minds of children.

This is not a cynical joke written solely by some fringe scientists – rather it was written in cooperation with the German federal government. The book is totally absent of any balance.

It will be officially presented by the WBGU, which in the book portrays itself as the redeemers of the planet, on March 1st.

I’d have to buy the book to find out more about who the rest of the bad guys are. So far the available excerpts show the fossil fuel industry, their customers and agriculture as the villains.

Graphics: Jacoby & Stuart Publishers, Berlin-Germany, via


12 responses to “Climate Science Turns Comic – John Schellnhuber Now Depicted As Planet-Saving Comic Hero In Germany”

  1. DirkH

    “It’s a meisterwerk of propaganda, aimed at shaping the the minds of children.”

    Ahem… no… it’s as would be expected total Dreck. I mean, where would they get a good comic artist in Germany.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Schelly has made himself a laughing stock in perpetuity while providing the young rebels with opportunity to creatively “re-text” the bubbles. Do I hear shrieks of laughter in school corridors as the green teachers encounter photocopies of the heresies taped to the doors or slipped under the wiper blades of their electric cars? Not that I’d encourage that sort of thing. 😉

    But: Die Gedanken sind frei.

    Somewhat in the neighbourhood; Thuringia is experiencing a solar boom of sorts. A demolition boom, perhaps (link to EIKE) where they are looking at tearing down the fresh concrete of buildings that hosted the now (officially) bankrupted solar companies that’d been launched with much fanfare and with the gift of enormous amounts of taxpayers’ money.

  3. Kevin R. Lohse

    I’m buying a copy of this book when published for my grandchildren. to demonstrate to them the folly of the Left.

  4. Ed Caryl

    All pretense of serious science has now been destroyed. Deposit in nearest dustbin.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    I have read that PhD students at CRU/UEA also were Climate Ambassadors. They had to indoctrinate children, apparently as part of their higher education.

  6. Brian H

    And who will save Germany from Schellnhuber?

    When the blind lead the blind …

  7. John Shade

    At a time when we really could do with more sensible books and other materials on climate for children, we see this pastiche of alarmism published! It will have a modest place in the annals of the infamy involved in this sustained assault on young minds. It may even serve to produce some good laughs in schools, because surely some children and some teachers will be smart enough to spot extremist propaganda when they see it. Shame on the German government that they are not smart enough to do the same.

  8. Michael Snow

    Aw, they are just jealous of this: (Al Gore’s Travel’n Gobal Warming Show)

  9. Juergen Uhlemann

    Synonyms for comic is laughable.

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