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Sanity In Scotland...Country Shoots Down Plans To Build Three Major Windparks In Highlands

Sanity In Scotland…Country Shoots Down Plans To Build Three Major Windparks In Highlands

While Vermonters in my homestate aren’t proud enough of their beautiful mountains to preserve them, and so have decided to install wind-parks on ridgelines, see here and here, Scotland has decided they want no part of such lunacy. Must be the fine whisky Scots produce and drink there. They ought to send some of those spirits over […]

Malicious Web Attack Shuts Down The European Institute For Climate And Energy (EIKE)

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has been the target of an Internet attack. The German climate science skeptic site was shut down earlier this morning by a “bot attack”. EIKE has issued the following statement: Dear Readers, Our website has been shut down since this morning by a very specialized Internet attack. The breach […]

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