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Surprise! EU Vote A “Major Blow” To Carbon Emission Trading Scheme! Greenpeace: “Historic Failure”

This is a big victory for European consumers. Looks like the big foolish rain dance for a better climate is off, at least for the time being. The Wall Street Journal reports: The European Union’s flagship program to fight global warming suffered a major blow Tuesday when lawmakers rejected a proposal aimed at shoring up the […]

Renewable Energy Investment In Obama's Once Ballyhooed Spain Evaporates - Plummeting 96%!

Renewable Energy Investment In Obama’s Once Ballyhooed Spain Evaporates – Plummeting 96%!

Global investment in renewable energies in the first quarter of this year plummeted a whopping 22%, falling to $40 billion, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance here. The consequences for many companies and their employees of course will be calamitous to say the least. So many employees had been given the false promise of green […]

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