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Massive UN Global Survey Of World's Priorities Puts Taking Action Against Climate Change Dead Last!

Massive UN Global Survey Of World’s Priorities Puts Taking Action Against Climate Change Dead Last!

Share this…FacebookTwitterIf anything shows that climate change is mainly the worry of rich western neurotics in search of a meaning in life, it’s the latest survey by the UN on what are the world’s most pressing problems. Surveyed so far are 625,000 people. Vote here:   Economics/statistics professor Bjorn Lomborg writes at FaceBook the […]

German Survey Produces Misleading View Of Skeptics…Designed To Skew Results/ Marginalize Climate Dissenters

Share this…FacebookTwitterSpiegel here reports on the results of a new recently published survey on how Germans view climate change. The cooked study (yes, I think the survey is very dubious) was conducted by Engels et al.  The dressed-up as science survey comes from the cabal of usual warmist suspects. According to Spiegel, based on a telephone survey […]

Reader Jeff Glassman Comments On Murry Salby And CO2 Climate Forcing

Share this…FacebookTwitterReader Jeff Glassman of left a comment about Murry Salby, which regrettably got held up in the spam filter. Because he devoted much time to writing it, I’ve upgraded his comment to a post. ============================================ On 4/18/2013, Ferdinand Engelbeen misunderstands Henry’s Law and its dominance over atmospheric CO2 to the exclusion of human emissions. […]

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