Unusual, Cold Weather Causing Slow Sales For Retailers In France – Summer Frost Coming To Germany

The English language The Local from France reports here that clothing retailers have been hard hit by the economic crisis and exacerbated by unusually cold weather so far this summer.

Europe 7-day forecast

Temp Anomaly

Cold conditions persist over western Europe. Temperature anomaly forecast next 7 days. Source: wxmaps.org/pix/temp4.html

Some weather agencies have been trying for months to convince the public that the recent cool temperatures are actually normal and that the coolness is just in our heads. However, consumer behavior is telling us something completely different: It really is cool outside.

The Local writes that “French retailers have started this year’s summer sales early, offering drastic reductions to bargain hunters.”

Among the reasons, The Local cites one retailer (my emphasis):

‘Because of the bad weather, customers have been looking in particular for winter stuff,’ one young shoe vendor in the capital told French daily Le Parisien on Monday. … Which is bad news for apparel and accessories stores who have stockpiled their shorts, swimwear and t-shirts for the summer season.
‘We still have at least 50 percent more stock than usual,’ the vendor added.”

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Meanwhile the weather forecast is warning that some areas of Germany may see surface frost in the nights ahead as an early summer cold spell once again grips the country in the days ahead. Read here.

In the days ahead there is indeed once again the risk of surface frost, according to meteorologist Dominik Jung of www.wetter.net. […] During the nights especially in the south there may be surface frost at some locations.”

Recent long-term forecasts circulating in the German media have projected a normal temperature summer with a mixed bag of sun and rain. The big question right now is whether a high pressure system located near the Azores will be able to expand to central Europe and bring summerlike conditions. The weather models are undecided on this.

The rule of thumb is that the weather pattern that establishes itself over Germany during the end of June and early July often (up to 70% chance) persists through much of the summer. This is a phenomenon known as Siebenschläfer in Germany. Right now things could be looking better.


12 responses to “Unusual, Cold Weather Causing Slow Sales For Retailers In France – Summer Frost Coming To Germany”

  1. Emka

    If that forecast for the next 7 days holds true then we’ll have 6 consecutive months below the 30 year normal here in The Netherlands. Right now it is exactly on the norm (15.6 °C), but with this forecast it will go below.

  2. Stephen Richards

    Same for Uk and France but I’m sure they will change they A.S.A.P

  3. Ric Werme

    Getting to be Tour de France time. How’s the snow in the Alps?

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      We’re supposed to get snow down to 1700 m here in Suisse this w/e.
      Downright inconvenient, that (not just for the bicycle racers).

      Kurt in Switzerland

  4. Thinker

    Let’s consider some facts. Is the Arctic warming? Yes, like everywhere else, with a long-term trend for 500 years rising out of the Little Ice Age at the rate of about half a degree per century, due to turn to cooling at least within 200 years. But is there a hockey stick? No.


    In fact the Arctic is no hotter than it was in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.


    Is there a super-imposed 60 year natural cycle that caused all the alarm during the 30 years of rising prior to 1998? Yes.


    But it’s all natural – every bit of it. And it’s nothing whatsoever to do with carbon dioxide, radiative forcing, back radiation, greenhouse effects or any such travesties of physics.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland


      Could you supply your data source for the third link?
      Note that your first link doesn’t work.

      Kurt in Switzerland

      1. DirkH

        For me they all work. A problem on your side maybe?

        1. Kurt in Switzerland

          Dirk, for me #2 and #3 both work, just #1 doesn’t. “Server isn’t responding.”

          Maybe you could just cut and past your link for #1 below.

          Vielen Dank im Voraus,

          Kurt in Switzerland

          1. DirkH

            But it looks the same.

            Try clearing your browser cache.

          2. DirkH

            The same chart can be found as fig. 1 in this page:

          3. Kurt in Switzerland

            Thank you.

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