Calling Dr. Mark Serreze! Antarctic Open Sea Water In A Death Spiral…Soon Penguins Won’t Know What Sea Water Is!

Remember a few years ago when Dr. Mark Serreze, Director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center,, talked about the Arctic being in a death spiral because of sea ice was disappearing due to man-made global warming? Well, I’ve found another one of his death spirals…this one in Antarctica, which has been breaking sea ice records daily.

Death Spiral

Antarctic Sea Ice chart – inverted so that even alarmist scientists can read it.

Call it the Antarctic open sea water death spiral.

Remember that alarmist scientists normally only see warming death spirals, and not cooling ones. So to help them out, I’ve turned the Antarctic sea ice chart upside down. When you do that, the sea Antarctic ice chart looks like the summer Arctic ice melt. Now we can clearly see the Antarctic open-sea-water death spiral.

Soon penguins won’t know what open sea water is!

Of course, now we should all worry about albedo reflecting the heat back into space instead of getting absorbed by the dark sea water. This lack of heat will then cause accelerated ice growth. By 2050 the entire south pole may be covered with sea ice year round.


13 responses to “Calling Dr. Mark Serreze! Antarctic Open Sea Water In A Death Spiral…Soon Penguins Won’t Know What Sea Water Is!”

  1. Ric Werme

    No Tricks Zone? Pierre’s NSIDC trick?

    Some of those penguins already have a long walk, how much more can these poor birds take?

    Maybe if we move some of the excess Polar Bears to Antarctica….

  2. Richard111

    Those penguins have a long walk to reach open water and then go looking for food. They must then bring food back to their mates who are protecting the egg or young from the cold. The longer the walk the higher the stress level. Penguins don’t walk too well.

    That never seems to bother people. They are more interested in the fact polar bears in the Arctic have to swim further to catch their food on remote ice bergs. Polar bears swim extremely well.

    My only comfort is these strange people will be completely unprepared for what is coming and go the way of species that fail to adapt.

  3. Ralf

    SEA ice – or water – at the South Pole — that’d require the continent below the pole to drift away from that spot. We’d only have to wait some, say, 200 million years …

    The /magnetic/ South Pole is not on the continent, though.

  4. DirkH

    Remember the insane EU commissioner who wanted to reduce the flow of water taps across the EU? Looks like he’s got another great idea: Limits for toilet water usage.
    “You can follow the progress of the study through this website. Stakeholder involvement is a crucial part of this study. By registering as a stakeholder, you can stay informed of latest additions to this site and engage in the consultation. You can always contact us directly. ”

    Remember, stakeholder is communitarian slang for the NGO’s in the pay of the EU commission.

    1. DirkH

      “Please use the feedback form to send us your comments.”
      gives a “404 not found”.
      Always the responsive dictatorship.

    2. Bernd Felsche

      Meanwhile, those responsible for keeping the sewerage lines flowing are making more frequent visits to the sewers; flushing them out with (unmetered) water from nearby fire hydrants.

      Insufficient water in some older “canals” is resulting in rapid corrosion of steel reinforcing and access ladders due to high concentrations of sulphuric acid; a direct result of insufficient water. High levels of H2S (aka sewer gas) create their own problems for maintenance crews and for people in the vicinity of covers that are opened. (H2S is “explosive” and really, really stinks.) Such corrosion, especially of the reinforcing, will result in more frequent collapses of sewerage mains; or very much higher costs to replace the compromised infrastructure. Money that bankrupts governments don’t have; even after raiding savings accounts in banks; apparently because those savers have saved too much money…

      1. _Jim


        Do you have more or perhaps a source on that? It is interesting for me from a forensic standpoint when the un-trained non-scientific pols begin to impose their ‘beliefs’ on a populace in contradiction to prescribed operation of ‘facilities’ e.g. a sewer system in this case.


        1. Bernd Felsche

          Sorry about the delay… just saw your reply today.

          I’ll look into the sources. I saw the matter dealt with in a couple of (German) TV programmes via YouTube. Give me a little while longer and I’ll provide links.

          1. Bernd Felsche

            3sat has a couple of items in their synopses
            Verfall im Untergrund (Underground Decay) and Korrosion und ihre Folgen (Corrosion and its Consequences)

  5. Manfred

    This is serious !

    British Antarctic Survey

    They [Emperor penguins] have a high survival rate compared to other penguins, with an average of 95% surviving the year. However, if it is a harsh sea-ice year, many chicks will die of starvation.

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