Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: 2013 North Pole Seeing “Coldest Summer Ever Recorded By DMI”

Blogging is on the light side, as I’m pinched for time right now. But here’s something short and sweet.

In this week’s Saturday Summary, meteorologist Joe Bastardi takes a look at the Arctic situation, among other interesting stuff.

Saturday summary

WeatherBELL’s Saturday Summary calls 2013 North Pole “the coldest ever recorded”.

Unlike last year, this year we’ll be hearing next to nothing about Arctic sea ice in the media. In fact the most recent NOAA report about the Arctic was about 2012! That’s how desperate they are.

In the Saturday Summary, Joe says at the 3:05 mark (my emphasis):

Speaking of cool, North Pole temperatures have fallen below freezing way in advance of where they normally do this year. This is the coldest summer ever recorded by the Danish Meteorological Institute; they started looking back at this in the 1950s. At the North Pole there’s only one or two days that actually reached normal and some of this propaganda that’s going on now – look I’m going to have to show you and debunk that whole situation.”


11 responses to “Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: 2013 North Pole Seeing “Coldest Summer Ever Recorded By DMI””

  1. mwhite

    “It wasn’t long ago that the Northwest Passage was sole domain of steel-hulled ice-breakers. We hope by making this traverse completely under human power in a row boat, without sail or motor, in a single season we will be able to demonstrate first-hand the profound affects climate change is having on our world.”

    I wonder how they’ll do

    1. John F. Hultquist

      I commented on this group a few days ago because they have been active a long time and only have 131 signatures on their petition.
      As for how well they’ll do – note the map provided and the small orange balloons.
      Zoom out. They are going the wrong direction to get to the Pole, but mostly they are doing nothing.
      Time for them to go home before they cause harm to themselves or someone else.

  2. Walter H. Schneider

    They are not trying to get to the Pole. They want to make it through the NW passage.

  3. ArndB

    There are still about four weeks to go until the Arctic summer melting season ends, but it looks promising today that ice extent will remain well above last year, see
    ___24. August 2012 :
    ___12. August 2013:

  4. Casper

    Subsidies, CO2-Taxes will be maintained, and it doesn’t really matter if global cooling/global warming takes place.

    1. DirkH

      Yes. Already in 1971 it was decided by Club Of Rome that CO2 would fit the bill. Later UNEP, later GLOBE. Up until the 80ies there were documentaries telling people that CO2 emissions would cause the new ice age. Only in 1988 Hansen switched it to warming.

      It is only the marketing campaign to get people to support renewable energy.

      It will be difficult for them to switch back to cooling. If they do, we will see HadCRUT4 and GISS revised relentlessly to show ever more cooling.

      1. Casper

        BTW, the cooling in the Arctic continues:
        In that case, the freezing may start 4 weeks earlier as usual.

  5. Jimbo

    Still plunging. Interesting to note that 1979 was warmer throughout the North Pole summer.

  6. Craig Thomas

    You say,
    “In fact the most recent NOAA report about the Arctic was about 2012! That’s how desperate they are.”

    The NOAA report is issued annually. It is issued after the end of the Arctic melt season, otherwise it would be a pretty silly report.

    Your implication is therefore wrong. No tricks.

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