Viner Warming Fears Disappearing! Scots Now Fear Brutal Ice-Age-Like Winter Conditions More Than Terrorism

Arctic Nasa photoThe Voice of Russia today has a report titled Scottish in fear of bad weather more than terrorism. At first I thought it was about just another twisted survey to give the impression that people fear global warming climate change and the extremes it’s supposedly brings.

But when you actually read the report, you quickly discover what Scots are really far more worried about: brutal winters!

The Voice of Russia writes (my emphasis):

Nearly half of Scottish people are afraid of being clobbered by an ‘extreme weather’ emergency this winter season… . Concern has been mounting over power and water cuts, and Scots are in fear of being stuck in vehicles or trains in blizzard-like conditions.”

Here we see that the report is talking about ice-age-like winter conditions! The kind that climate scientists, like David Viner, said we’d rarely ever see again in the future.

Today 49% of Scots fear the coming winter this year. Last year the figure was 38%. Alarm over cold winters is rising rapidly.

So why are Scots getting ever more scared of brutal winters in times of purported warming?

The answer is because it hasn’t been warming at all in Europe over the last years. If anything winters have been getting harsher, more dangerous and are completely the opposite of what Europeans were told to prepare for a few years ago.

The Voice of Russia writes that Scots have fresh memories of brutal, life-threatening winter conditions (again my emphasis):

‘Severe weather can strike quickly and at any time of year. In March, we saw the impact of severe snowstorms on communities in Arran, Kintyre and Dumfries and Galloway,’ Transport minister Keith Brown said and added, ‘So whether it is making your home energy efficient, protecting your pipes, packing an emergency kit for the car or looking out for vulnerable neighbors, we can all play our part in helping Scotland get ready for winter.'”

Does this sound like people getting ready for global warming?

It also appears that Scottish citizens are losing faith in their energy supply.

It has been estimated that 28 percent experienced some delay in their gas, water, or electricity in the past year. In rural areas the percentage was much higher, at 41 percent.”

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12 responses to “Viner Warming Fears Disappearing! Scots Now Fear Brutal Ice-Age-Like Winter Conditions More Than Terrorism”

  1. Mike

    They might be wising up to the dangers of cold rather than warm winters, but they are still canny enough to want to milk the green wash subsidies that are supposed to save us from burning up.

  2. DirkH

    You know what’s funny? The warmists who feared thermageddon so much are not celebrating. They should jump for joy; Heat death has been postponed. Why are they not celebrating in the streets?

    1. A.D. Everard

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. That should be pointed out to people. You’d think they’d be thrilled, what, with wanting to save us all and everything.

      I suppose they’ll claim it’s still coming, except it was supposed to have shown up by now, or at least be dropping hints. No snow, they said. No rain for Australia. The drought would never end. Years ago they said that.

      After 30 years of any-minute-now-we’re-gonna-fry, I think its time this stupid notion was thrown out once and for all. Billions wasted, and for what? Time to say no.

    2. Bernd Felsche

      Why are they not celebrating in the streets?

      They tried but slipped on the ice and broke their ankles. 😉

      1. Loodt Pretorius


        Not funny but true.

        A few years ago my daughter broke her femur in a slip on the ice in Edinburgh.

  3. Mike Heath

    Not only not rejoicing but crying!

    The head of the UN body tasked with delivering a global climate treaty broke down in tears at a meeting in London as she spoke about the impact of global warming on coming generations.

    Christiana Figueres told the BBC that the lack of an agreement was “condemning future generations before they are even born”.

    Ms Figueres said this was “completely unfair and immoral”.

    Taken from BBC News Website.

    1. DirkH

      Thanks. THe poor thing. Probably Pachauri hasn’t told her about the stop of Global Warming.
      Her brother is still tied up in all sorts of NGO’s including Branson’s The Carbon War Room.

      Daddy José María Figueres is also interesting. Amongst other things “Washington officials closely watched the Legion’s activities, especially after Figueres carried out a series of terrorist attacks inside Costa Rica during 1945 and 1946 that were supposed to climax in a general strike, but the people did not respond” (see wikipedia.)

      Ends-justify-the-means much?

  4. Galvanize

    On the subject of industry preparing for climate change, the CCGT I worked at until recently was spending a lot of money on mitigating the damage from the recent, harsh winters. Having had to shut down several times over the last four of five winters due to water freezing in secondary systems, the thaw would bring a huge cost in repairing burst condensate lines, alongside the cost of lost electricity generation.

    We had several projects on the go in operations and engineering involving operating regimes to prevent air cooled condensers from freezing, wind shielding and adding trace heating to vulnerable pipe work. I notice that UK airports have invested heavily in runway clearing equipment, too.

    Warmists can say what they like. They have the luxury of being wrong over a long period of time before they are found out. In industry, we have to get it right all the time or we lose money and go under. It is getting colder according to the economics of electricity generation.

  5. Casper

    It’s all hollow words…

  6. mwhite

    “The late Prof HH Lamb, a world renowned climatologist, investigated the impact of the Little Ice Age on Scotland for part of his book Climate History and the Modern World.”

    “He wrote of arctic ice expanding further south and of reports of Inuit people arriving on Orkney between 1690 and 1728. One was said to have paddled down the River Don in Aberdeen.”

    I can only assume that there were ice flows as far south as the north sea.

  7. El Sabio

    Viner’s original blather is still available here:

    I guess he’ll never live it down.

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