Environmentalist Group BUND Releases Baby-Gassing Video…Shows Agriculture Gassing Field Of Babies With Chemical Pesticides!

Another tasteless, shock-effect promotion video has been released, this one produced by one of Germany’s most prominent environmental groups BUND – for fund-raising!

The video, dubbed “Pesticides – manufactured to kill“, shows hundreds of beautiful babies in an agricultural field who end up getting gassed with pesticides sprayed by a passing airplane.

Hat/tip: Reader DirkH

This is what passes as “protest” by environmental groups nowadays. The more shocking and remote from the truth, the better. Stop at nothing in the pursuit of donations. Scream as loud as you can, shock as much as you can.

This reminds us of the infamous and explosive 10:10 No Pressure video released in 2010 where climate skeptics were blown to bits and pieces for complacency in energy saving. The text at the end of the clip reads as follows:

Pesticides manufactured to kill.
Take action now.
For a future without poison.

I have nothing against challenging the use of pesticides, but this is way over the top and lacks all sense of decency. And it has nothing to do with the truth.

Criminalizing agriculture

The BUND’s target of course is to emotionally incite using methods from the bottom drawer. Today anyone who disagrees with these zealot environmentalist gets labeled a murderer, or accused of killing.

Emotionalization is always what desperate debaters wind up using when they lack the facts to convince. And if these planet rescuers are so concerned about babies, then why don’t we ever see them lift a finger to protest abortion? These scammers are only concerned about money, power and attention.

As was the case with the 10:10 No Pressure video, the BUND Baby-Gassing video is going to backfire as well.

Already reaction has been harsh. Germany’s flagship Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes:

On the BUND’s new campaign against pesticides, business associations and trade groups have sharply criticized the environmental organization on Thursday. The German Federation of Agriculture accuses the BUND of ‘incitement’, ‘a virtual crusade’ and ‘false propaganda’.


9 responses to “Environmentalist Group BUND Releases Baby-Gassing Video…Shows Agriculture Gassing Field Of Babies With Chemical Pesticides!”

  1. Ric Werme

    I’d think the idea of baby farms would cause a bit of a backlash itself!

    1. JP

      Read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

      1. DirkH

        Swift didn’t really mean it.

  2. DirkH

    Will drive the believers even nutsier; and produce more depressives for Transition Town Bielefeld to treat with Heidegger’s Deep Ecology philosophy.

  3. DICK R

    The ecolunatics will only be satisfied when we are back to living in mud huts!

    1. Tony Lear

      …actually they want us dead.

  4. Brian Johnson

    What utter rubbish! Typical Green Hysterical fund raising………

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Worth mentioning the BUND is the German branch for Friends of the Earth. (aka Enemy of Humanity)

    I find the video ludicrously absurd. Are they addressing adults? Doesn’t their audience know where babies come from? Do the film makers?

    What’s this “Pestizide” term? Don’t they like the proper German term “Schädlingsvernichtungsmittel“? Are they afraid that the reason for the poison might outweigh any support from people who speak/read German?

    The use of pesticides means that less land is used to produce food, leaving more area for nature. If pesticides are banned then either people will die/die early from lack of food or more land will be cultivated to grow food inefficiently; causing real environmental damage. It’s not hard to find places and times where/when inefficient land use leads to destruction of habitat and eventual, “natural” disasters.

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    […] BUND’s target of course is to emotionally incite using methods from the bottom drawer,” writes P. Gosselin for No Tricks Zone. “Today anyone who disagrees with these zealot environmentalist […]

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