Spiegel Describes COP 19 … “UN Conference Descends Into A Climate Circus” … NGOs Fume And Boycott … Every Single Issue In Dispute…

Spiegel today describes a COP 19 UN climate conference that has descended into a stunning chaos. NGOs are fuming that governments are no longer taking IPCC science seriously, and are now boycotting in anger.

The situation is so bad that environmental activist groups have had enough and are walking out. According to Spiegel, Oxfam, Greenpeace, WWF, Nabu, BUND, Friends of the Earth and others are now boycotting the conference.

German environmental organization BUND-chairman Hubert Weiger says, “The governments of the industrial countries and also the German government in the end are allowing themselves to be directed almost exclusively by the interests of the large fossil energy companies.”

I wonder if the seemingly clueless activists have ever stopped to think about where governments get most of their revenue, let alone the power and energy they and we need for survival. Maybe it’s, errr, industry?

One thing that should be becoming clear to them: The countries are no longer impressed by the doomsday projections issued by a seemingly desperate climate science. Countries aren’t taking it seriously anymore. The sham is over. As a result, COP 19 is shaping up to be a debacle of grand dimensions.

“Climate circus”

According to Spiegel much anger is being directed at host country Poland. Denise Loga of the WWF says the UN conference “has descended into a climate circus“.

The environmental activist groups are also angry that rich industrial countries are refusing to pony up billions for “climate protection” for poor countries, and that industrial China is pretending to be a developing country in need of handouts. Spiegel writes that Australia and Japan are also targets of activist fury.

Spiegel writes that the activists are also seething over emerging countries like China, India and Brazil who “in a few years will surpass the entire historical output of CO2 western industrial countries.” My oh my – it’s just terrible that emerging countries are finally pulling themselves out of the decades-long, grinding poverty.

“Not a single issue that’s not in dispute”

According to the German delegation, there isn’t a single issue that is not in dispute, and it’s been like that since Day 1. There have been lots of declarations, which are nothing more than “repeats of old declarations“.



17 responses to “Spiegel Describes COP 19 … “UN Conference Descends Into A Climate Circus” … NGOs Fume And Boycott … Every Single Issue In Dispute…”

  1. mwhite

    “Oxfam, Greenpeace, WWF, Nabu, BUND, Friends of the Earth”

    Perhaps they have an eye on future income?

  2. RC


    Reading this has just made my day!




    This may be a good sign of governments Wake up??

  4. Dr. Doug L. Hoffman

    It has taken long enough. Finally, those who have been crying “global warming” are seen for what they are–overly excited climate scientists who tried to turn spotty data and an ill-formed theory into a crisis. Green activists, who seized upon climate change as a lever to get what they want, are now upset that the scam has gone bust. In the wake of typhoon Haiyan, not realizing that the hoax had been revealed, avaricious groups have banded together at the UN climate conference to demand that “reparations” be paid by rich nations for damage done as a result of climate change. The saddest thing about this misguided move is that it changes charity into liability. Helping the victims of a storm or earthquake is no longer an act of compassion, but an obligation. They do not seem to understand that charity, forcibly extracted, becomes robbery, and the targets of such theft will soon tire of being victimized. If adopted, climate change reparations mark the death of charity.

    1. Bone idle

      One of the sad things for the U.N. is their oiwn Chief (Ban Ki Moon) getting onto the Typhoon Haiyan caused by Climate Change bandwagon. Even his own scientists are dismissing this nonsense.

      The U.N. needs some serious re organising or be defunded.

  5. clive

    Seems we here in Austalia are in the Sh.t with the UN and theGreen Nazis,for not taking these meetings seriously.Our delgates turned up in shorts and tee shirts.They don’t seem to know that is our national dress!We also don’t believe in CAGW.It’s for Entertainment isn’t it?

  6. Dwight E. Howell

    Not dear leader Obama. He’s off in Lala land. He’s determined to save the world from the warming that isn’t happening. China already has passed the US in CO2 production so why the gurk should anybody give them a hand out?

  7. Casper

    More reading as well as there:

    Greenpeace and WWF are leaving disappointed the COP19 in Warsaw. They think that the global consensus won’t be achieved by the next meeting in Paris (2015).,211928_1_0_0.html

  8. DirkH

    “I wonder if the seemingly clueless activists have ever stopped to think about where governments get most of their revenue, let alone the power and energy they and we need for survival. Maybe it’s, errr, industry?”

    The NGO’s are to 70 to 95% paid by the EU commission themselves. They are the extremist sockpuppet voice of the EU commission. The EU commission and its subcontractor territorial managements use thugs like the Green NGO’s or the German Black Bloc to do and say the things they want to do and say but cannot do and say due to their own official rules.

    Ok. So what does the sockpuppet do.
    a) criticize Poland. A warning to the subcontractor that controls the Polish sector.
    b) criticize Japan, Oz, China, India. This is the EU commission saying we hate you, we hate you, we hate you. Because you won’t be subdued by the Kyoto stranglehold anymore. Meaning tougher competition for a EU economy that’s already hitting the rocks.

    Kyoto was a weapon designed by the Bundestag and promoted by the EU to strangle the entire world. This has failed. Bunker mentality in Brussels. Der Untergang.

  9. John F. Hultquist

    “. . . emerging countries are finally pulling themselves out of the decades-long, grinding poverty. ”

    While I agree with you, I would have expressed this a bit differently. Back in the late 1950s and through the mid-60s our church pastor would invite 2 missionaries per year to speak on their need for funds for the people they were helping in one of these “emerging” countries. Always money was given – this was charity and our parents believed in it. One had to believe that someone someplace was being helped. However, overall the countries never seemed to get better. There have been massive infusions of “foreign aid” from governments also – but let’s not go there.

    My point is that these countries are and have been benefitting from the countries from whom they now demand compensation. In many cases very little has been done about the poverty because of the autocratic leaders. Yes, a few are “emerging” but there is little to show within most for the 70 years of charity and aid. I prefer to give directly to people I know (or know of) that need help. I dislike funding the life style of dictators and highly paid heads of “charitable” organizations.

    1. Olaf Koenders

      Agreed John. For too long tin-pot dictatorships have sponged off their own poor people and the world’s charity.

      They keep their people poor on purpose: so their people can’t take them down. If enough money flowed to those who needed it, there’d be regime changes.

      Seeing the money simply can’t get to those in need, there’s no point handing them any more.

  10. Pethefin

    The party is over and they are leaving the sinking ship. Thank you Australian government for calling them out in clear language. Hopefully we can now have some realism in the environmental debates before the EU green ideologists suffocate the European economies with their green CO2-obsession.

  11. stan stendera

    I am filled with joy.

  12. Sheffield Chris

    Thanks for the list of NGO’s. Helps when deciding who not to contribute to.

  13. Casper
  14. Casper
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