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German Survey Shows People Concerned About Climate, But Not Enough To Really Do Anything About It

The German online FOCUS news magazine has a short article on the results of a climate survey conducted by the ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research of people in the German financial capital of Frankfurt. The institute surveyed 1000 people on climate and facets of their day-to-day lifestyles like mobility and eating. Although 90% said the climate […]

Happy Second Advent…Tired Of All The Christmas Tackiness? A Video Of Christmas In Germany…

When it comes to Christmas, you have to hand it to the Germans. No one celebrates it like they do. Many of the old Christmas traditions we so very much cherish today originate in Germany. Here’s a video of Christmas market activity. (Don’t worry, it’s not superimposed with “Last Christmas” by Wham). Perhaps a few of […]

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