LOL – A Snidey Heidi Tells Us What The USA’s Real Winter Climate Trend Is

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Using the old, worn out statistical trick of carefully selecting the start and end points of a data series, a blog site, run by a snidey Heidi Cullen, attempts to have readers believe that US winters are getting warmer. Steve Goddard explains how in just a few sentences.

Cullen, Heidi Twitter

Heidi’s blog site uses a cheap trick to pull warming out of her hat. Image cropped from Twitter

This is transparent even to a junior high school science student.

Cooking the weather data and weather witch-hunting: This is the level of bankruptcy that alarmist climate science has devolved to. Can it get any sadder?

An average household in northern USA only needs to look at the heating bills for the last 10 years to see that Heidi’s claim is nothing more than a big snow job.

1974: Odds of warming “at best 1 in 10,000”!

Moreover, everyone knows the USA has been keeping weather data more than 100 years, and so it’s a mystery why Ms Cullen would go back to 1972, a time that happens to be right smack in the middle of a cold phase – a time when the media and scientists were biting their nails over a coming ice age.

In fact “leading” climate scientists in 1974 were putting the odds of future warming: “at best 1 in 10,000”!


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