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Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists' Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming "Just Really Despicable"

Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming “Just Really Despicable”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAt his Saturday Summary (12/28 here) veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi comments on how humiliated global warming alarmist scientists are trying to save face by claiming that all the new polar sea ice proves global warming. Antarctic sea ice has been approaching record highs and embarrassed alarmist scientists are scrambling to explain why. After presenting his […]

Global Warming Expedition Remains Trapped…”No Guarantee” Australian Icebreaker Will Get Through “3-Meter Thick Ice”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe online Spiegel here has a new clip on the ongoing rescue attempts of the “Akademik Shokalskiy” research vessel. Both a French and Chinese icebreaker have given up trying to reach the trapped 74 persons on board the vessel. Spiegel writes “The polar ice is too thick.” Currently Antarctic sea ice is […]

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