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Expedition Fiasco Leader Professor Chris Turney Fibs Yet Again: Now Claims Akademik Shokalskiy Is An “Icebreaker”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterJournal Nature can no longer be bothered to check facts anymore. Bad enough that they rarely subject global warming climate papers to real, rigorous peer-review, and so now even the most obvious rubbish gets by. In a Nature comment, Professor Turney seems to be responding in part to harsh articles published by […]

Cooling Grips Worldwide: England And Germany Have Seen No Warming In 25 Years, Now At 1980s Level!

Share this… Facebook TwitterIce breakers getting trapped in near record high sea ice around Antarctica, Arctic sea ice seeing a whopping 50% gain last summer, record killer cold and snow gripping Canada and the USA, rare snowfalls in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The string of cold weather events just doesn’t end. And all […]

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