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From “Jewish Science” To “Denier Science”: Copernicus Charade Is Latest Example Of German Intolerance To Alternative Climate Science Explanations

Share this… Facebook TwitterA number of websites have thoroughly and deservedly thrashed Germany-based Copernicus Publications for terminating one of its scientific journals: Pattern Recognition in Physics. Read here, here and here. The reason for terminating the entire publication was an IPCC skeptical paper titled: General conclusions regarding the planetary–solar–terrestrial interaction, authored by an impressive roster of […]

Watershed! BBC Now Sees Sun Developing Into A Potent 21st Century Climate Factor As A Real Possibility!

Share this… Facebook TwitterSlowly, almost imperceptibly, but surely, the once diehard the-science-is-settled mainstream media are conceding that the climate debate isn’t over after all – and likely not by a long shot. And if you pay attention, you can see them quietly opening that back door for the quick exit. The cracking started long ago, […]

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