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Analysts: Peak Oil Crisis Postponed Again! More Reserves Being Discovered…Oil Consumption To Continue Rising

Share this… Facebook TwitterHistory is chock full with doomsday scenarios, peddled by profiteering charlatans, scenarios that time and again keep getting postponed decades into the future. Man running out of oil in 20 years has been around for a century. The claim still keeps getting made even by people who really should know better. And […]

Roger Tattersall Responds To “Grubby Accusations”…”Mother Nature Will Be Our Judge”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAn attempt by a group of climate science skeptics to perhaps bypass climate-science gate-keeping and marginalization used against their scientific hypotheses has taken a turn for the worse, with accusations of “nepotism” within the peer-review process at the PRP journal. Jo Nova has a new post on the situation, implying that peer-review […]

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