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The Real Motivation Behind PRP Journal Shutdown Exposed: It Challenged IPCC Science!

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe original motivation behind Copernicus Publishing director Martin Rasmussen’s decision to shut down the new journal Pattern Recognition Physics (see here, here and here) had nothing to do with the alleged “nepotistic” behavior among editors and peer-reviewers, but appears to have had everything to do with politically incorrect questioning of IPCC orthodoxy. You can see […]

A Climate Changer? Indonesian Volcano Erupts! “Huge Plume Of Ash 17 Km Into The Air.”

Share this…FacebookTwitterI don’t have any solid information on the Kelud volcano’s explosivity index, but preliminary indications show it may have a VEI of 3, possibly 4. The plume has reached 17 km. This would have very little impact on climate. But still, look for desperate warmists to seize upon it and to blame it for cooling […]

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