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Spiegel: Germany's Failed 'Energiewende' Dissuades Abbott And Australia From Pursuing Green Energies

Spiegel: Germany’s Failed ‘Energiewende’ Dissuades Abbott And Australia From Pursuing Green Energies

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany’s much ballyhooed Energiewende (transition to renewable energy) was supposed to show the whole world how switching over to green energy sources could reduce CO2 emissions, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, provide cheap electricity to citizens, and heroically rescue the planet. Australia’s Tony Abbott says the hell with market-distorted, expensive, […]

Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre: “Oxburgh Panel…Did Not Provide The Wide-Ranging ‘Exoneration’ Asserted In Mann’s Pleadings”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe air may be getting thin for Michael Mann and his what some consider “dubious” lawsuit against journalist Mark Steyn. Steve McIntyre here looks at the so-called Oxburgh Panel’s “exoneration”. In his conclusion McIntyre writes (my emphasis): However, it is evident that the Oxburgh panel did not interview Mann or carry out […]

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