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“100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!”

That’s the title Die Achse Des Guten here bears at its website. Few countries have spent as much as Germany on measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Today German website Die Achse Des Guten here links to a blurb appearing in German “intellectual” weekly Die Zeit here which unwittingly tells readers what Germany has gained for its 100-billion-euro […]

The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called "Unsafe Site" By Microsoft Germany

The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called “Unsafe Site” By Microsoft Germany

UPDATE: Now working! ============================ If you’re like me, you drop by Marc Morano’s Climate Depot daily to get the latest on what is happening within the climate science and politics scene. But today, at least here in Germany, I’ve been getting the following message after being on the site for about 10 seconds: In English: […]

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