The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called “Unsafe Site” By Microsoft Germany

UPDATE: Now working!


If you’re like me, you drop by Marc Morano’s Climate Depot daily to get the latest on what is happening within the climate science and politics scene. But today, at least here in Germany, I’ve been getting the following message after being on the site for about 10 seconds:

Climate Depot unsafe

In English:

This website has been reported as unsafe.

It is recommended that you do not switch over to this website.

Instead you should change to your own start page

This page has been reported to Microsoft as an unsafe site that

possibly publicizes personal or financial information.

More information”

Clicking the “more information” link we get:

For this website, the following threats were reported:

Threat of malware: This site contains links to viruses or other software programs through which personal information that is stored on your computer or which you enter, are made public to unauthorized persons.”

Likely it’s just a temporary technical glitch. I don’t know enough about this to speculate what could trigger this. Are other German readers having problems accessing Climate Depot?


8 responses to “The Start Of Censorship? Climate Depot Gets Called “Unsafe Site” By Microsoft Germany”

  1. mwhite

    No problem in England. Not my little bit anyway.

  2. Georg Thomas

    No problems at all, here in the south west of Germany.

  3. Peter Whale

    No problem in France.

  4. DirkH

    google search does not reveal what upsheliner is, and I won’t risk going there.
    Morano has banner ads; so it must be a scammer currently running an ad campaign to lure victims to his site.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    Did a quick scan with Superantispyware on my computer (Windows XP) and removed thirty Adware tracking cookies. Went immediately to Climate Depot. Stayed there for a while and clicked randomly on items within the site (not on advertisements). Left internet and did the quick scan again. Five Adware tracking cookies on board. Without my directories,

    @adform[1].txt [ /adform ]
    @ads.pubmatic[2].txt [ /ads.pubmatic ]
    @doubleclick[1].txt [ /doubleclick ]
    @legolas-media[2].txt [ /legolas-media ]
    @track.adform[2].txt [ /track.adform ]

  6. Forester126

    I have stopped using the app WOT because it has been taken over by the “Green Lobby” and any sites like this one are given bad marks.

  7. Rex Burr

    I experienced this problem yesterday the 8th April here in England.
    It happened a couple of times then stopped.

  8. Ulrich Elkmann

    Climate Depot showed up as alien word salad yesterday; works fine now.
    But Bing can no longer locate NoTricksZone; Google still does.

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