Bastardi: Detroit Sets All-Time Record Snowy Winter! … 5 Of The Snowiest Winters Occurred In Last 11 Years!

Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi tweeted here a chart showing Detroit not only has been struggling with a brutal, cold and snowy winter this year, but has been doing so for the last decade. Soon people won’t know what bare ground in the springtime is!

Bastardi_Detriot winters BlW9pDnCYAAiZmJ

Joe also adds that 6 of the top 15 snowy winters have occurred in the last 15 years.

No wonder the title of the fairy tale has been changed from global warming (a lie) to climate change. For meteorologist Joe Bastardi, it’s clear: “People around Detroit and everywhere (most snowy winters are also colder than normal) dont believe their lies.”


7 responses to “Bastardi: Detroit Sets All-Time Record Snowy Winter! … 5 Of The Snowiest Winters Occurred In Last 11 Years!”

  1. Ed Caryl

    It was the two inches yesterday that put us over the top.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      Since technically it’s now springtime, should snowfall post-equinox get applied to the winter season?

      But the multiple exercises carried out to “prove” this or that based on some record being met or exceeded are meaningless.

      We’d need a robust and accurate “non-anthropogenic record” in order to be able to parse out an anthro-influenced one.

      And that applies to local/regional weather as well as to spatial and temporal averages for the planet (whatever that should mean).

      Kurt in Switzerland

      1. DirkH

        “But the multiple exercises carried out to “prove” this or that based on some record being met or exceeded are meaningless.”

        I disagree. Under the Global Warming scenario we should see all time highs all the time; not all time lows. (Where all time = for the instrumental record)

        That’s what makes cold records significant.

        1. Kurt in Switzerland

          Dirk –

          Point taken — for a rational individual, continuous warming (due to human GHG or whatever) should cease to produce record lows after a certain time (say a century)… or so one would think.

          But since it does not, the AGW / carbon tax enthusiasts claim that record lows (as well as record highs) confirm that the climate is on steroids. Whatever.

          My contention is that records were made to be broken. Besides, we know the climate fluctuations DURING the Holocene have been massive. Far more so when transitioning between an ice age and an interglacial.

          Those claiming that current records necessarily prove something suffer from wishful thinking.

          Kurt in Switzerland

  2. Recovering Lutheran

    Record cold, record snowfall.

    Global warming: is there anything it can’t do?

  3. DICK R

    Nothing anyone can say will convince the ecolunatics,just remember the comments of the idiots who who got themselves frozen into Antarctica at the time of the year when the ice on that continent should have been receding .
    If they were to be cast adrift on an ice floe in mid January off Greenland ,stripped down to their underpants they would die still bleating about global warming , if they were not first torn to pieces and snacked upon by one of the famously almost extinct polar bears.

  4. DirkH

    Found an interesting old lunacy; Peter the Great wanted his people to be clean shaven so he made full beard wearers pay a tax; and had non-payers be forcibly shaven at control posts.
    The tax lasted for 80 years. As it was in conflict with the old orthodox belief, some believers left the country, as described here in German.

    Very much like the cow flatulence tax today in Denmark; 110 USD per cow.

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