The Greatest Nutritional And Pharmaceutical Swindle Of All Time…High Grain, Low Fat Diets Are Killing Us By The Millions

UPDATED. 11 May 2014, 1:39 PM CET

Off topic but for some readers this could be a real game-changer when it comes to your precious health.

I’ve been on a low-carb, high fat, lots of meat diet for about 6 weeks now. I’ve lost about 15 lbs. and my belt has moved to the last hole. I no longer get the bloated feeling and the trousers fit nicely again. My research on the best way to lose weight led me to the video below.

If even just half of what this doctor says is right, and I believe he is mostly right, then the population has been the victim of a huge nutritional and pharmaceutical scam of monumental proportions. It’s 90 minutes long but well worth listening…I couldn’t stop listening. THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The interview starts in earnest at the 7 min. mark.

Like the guy says at the end…what’s going on “is mind-blowing”. Like Dr. Davis says (like climate science) it’s going to take years to unravel the mess that the decades of disinformation has produced.

But wait, it all gets much much worse…the following presentation will blow your socks off!

Another expert, Dr. Sally Fallon, even calls it “genocide”. The tragedy is that millions have died horrible deaths at the hands of what I now believe to be a sinister industry…call it the abortion-of-adults industry. Again, all worth taking the time to watch.


33 responses to “The Greatest Nutritional And Pharmaceutical Swindle Of All Time…High Grain, Low Fat Diets Are Killing Us By The Millions”

  1. TimiBoy

    I lost 16 Kg in about 12 months doing the same. I have put on about 7 again, but seem to be pretty stable. I have FAR more energy, no bloating, and am generally just more well.

    One downside: I need to take Carb Soda quite often. The protein diet tends to make one acidic, and being a person who is subject to gout, I need to avoid that. It’s healthier anyway, so make sure you take care of your pH, Pierre!

  2. J Martin

    I haven’t viewed the videos yet, but will. The originator of the high fat / protein and low carb diet was a Doctor Richard Mackarness, an NHS doctor in the UK who emigrated to the USA. He had an article in the Lancet and a book the name of which eludes me, ‘Eat Fat Grow Thin’ perhaps. It was his medical article that inspired the American guy who made millions popularising an extreme form of the diet. Can’t remember his name either. Sadly Mackarness never got the credit or money he deserved for his seminal work.

    It was utterly contrary to perceived wisdom at the time and I was totally sceptical when my mother tried the diet, and yet it was the only diet that proved effective. I was so impressed that even though I was as skinny as a rake I read the book. I was interested in the description of the diet as really being just the healthy diet we evolved on, it was a diet for health, that overweight people lost weight on it was a mere side effect.

    So despite being as slim as could be I tried the diet. I found I was hungry on the diet, probably because I was not eating enough roughage and perhaps hadn’t quite got the diet quite right. But one side effect of the diet astounded me, and that was the feeling of well being that I experienced which I had never experienced before or since.

    I keep meaning to go back on the diet now that I have acquired middle aged spread and to see if i can recover that extraordinary feeling of well being.

    1. DirkH

      There are even older sources; 150 years ago:
      Letter On Corpulence

  3. Sean

    In the early 1990’s, the US Federal government came up with the food pyramid pushing grain and going to war on fat. The low fat craze saw saw oil and shortening removed and it was replaced with sugar, starch, high fructose corn syrup and salt. The rate of Type II diabetes shot up. The agenda driven folks in our government never admitted any mistakes, they just started new campaigns against the American diet.

    1. DirkH

      Bizarrely they now have this
      where meat is part of a group called “meat & beans”; so beans are not vegetables, which are their own group.
      Eggs and butter have vanished.
      A poster that goes with the MyPyramid also vanishes eggs and butter. Eggs do not exist; Butter appears once in the warning at the bottom under what you shouldn’t eat.
      It’s really funny – I already AUTOMATICALLY do the opposite of what governments want me to do.

  4. Layne

    I’m on the same diet as you right now Pierre. I’ve lost about 12 lbs. My life is presently quite sedentary, so I lost this by simply cutting out the carbs.

    I still have small amounts of the things I enjoy. I’ve just reduced them.

    Fortunately, I love the fatty stuff so this is something I can stick with.

    If you do have acid, apple juice or apples will do wonders for that. I have both every day.

  5. yonason

    erucic, sterculic, and malvalic acids

    These are fatty acids. Eruci is a constituant of Canola oil, and the other 2 are constituents of Cottonseed oil. All are highly toxic, and the last two are known carcinogens.

    Here’s the reference on “Toxic Fatty Acids”.

    It won’t give you epidemiologic data, because none exist. But the authors were honest enough to admit that no evidence of the safety of those oils exists, either.

    I was motivated to learn about this because I discovered years ago that anything containing Cottonseed oil makes me VERY ill, and foods with small amounts (concentrations insufficient for them to be listed on the lable) have a noticably negative effect on my health. Recently I found that removing Canola from my diet has resulted in considerably increased productivity and improved mood.

    So, yeah, I know that what we are being sold as “food” is often the opposite. And I can’t help but wonder had I known about this 40 years ago how much more I could have accomplished in my lifetime.

  6. Risto Kastarinen

    If you want more serious information, lot of links to latest clinical research, beginners guide and other tips I can recommend following blog: This blog is written by Swedish physician, Andreas Enfeld and this English version already has a lot of readers worldwide.
    When it comes to LCHF,low carb +high fat diet, or the way of living as most of us LCHF practicing says, Sweden is the front nation. There are thousands of people who has succeeded to loose weight back to normal and all that WITHOUT EVER GOING HUNGRY. If you have weight problems why don’t try. I personally didn’t have any weight problems but was curious about information that you could either cut your blood pressure medicine so I started 2 years ago. After 2 months I cut the medicine to 1/4 and after a year to 1/8. My doctor says I have perfect blood pressure now. I also lost about 10 kl weight and has not on 40 years felt so good as today. So there are lot of other positive side effects. Most of the diabetes 2 patients can either totally quit their medicine or minimize it.

  7. DirkH

    Dr. William Davis talks about salt and Omega 3 fatty acids near the end of the interview.

    For years I made sure to eat fatty fish once a week. As I switched to a more protein and fat rich diet myself, maybe starting a year ago, I ramped that up to 4 times a week – cans of Mackerel and herring. I make burgers with that; now I’m considering leaving out the bun, given Dr. Davis damning verdict on wheat.

    Re salt: For years I had cramps in the lower legs, occasionally, especially after long bicycle tours. So, it’s said Magnesium helps against muscle cramps so I took that but to no avail. During my switch to ignoring conventional advice I started taking liberal doses of salt to my meals. The cramps vanished. It was simply a sodium deficiency caused by sweating in my case.

  8. joletaxi

    tiens, il a sucré mon commentaire

    belle mentalité de sceptique

  9. Lou

    Yup. I pointed this out back in the early 2000s (Maybe late 1990s) about this. They looked at me like I was crazy. Turns out I was right after all.

    You should look at sun scare too that led to a wide spread vitamin D deficiency.

    Just as bad if not worse as saturated fat scare.

  10. betapug

    Eerie parallels and contrasts with “Climate Science”.
    The divergence in the treatment of “settled, consensus science” by the New York Times which published Gary Taube, (a physics grad, curious about scientific error cascades) highly controversial article, “What if it has all been a Big Fat Lie?” in 2002, while hewing to the straight and narrow on the theory formerly known as Global Warming. Fashion rules the news business.

    I love the irony of the villian, “Big VEGETABLE Oil” lurking in the background. The text version of “The Oiling of America” quotes a Mark Twain reconstruction of an 1860’s Mississipi riverboat incident in which a promoter explains how he will drive the dairy industry to the wall by making margarine from cottonseed oil, which is considered an industrial waste.

    1. yonason

      I read that one. Remember how Twain says American cotton growers where bottling cottonseed oil and selling it as olive oil? And after Congress told them they couldn’t do that, they started shipping it to Italy to blend it with olive oil so they then could to that? And they are still doing it.

    2. yonason

      Sorry, I can’t find that specific reference in the Twain on-line, but I was able to find this item.
      “Cotton-seed was comparatively valueless in my time; but it is worth $12 or $13 a ton now, and none of it is thrown away. The oil made from it is colorless, tasteless, and almost if not entirely odorless. It is claimed that it can, by proper manipulation, be made to resemble and perform the office of any and all oils, and be produced at a cheaper rate than the cheapest of the originals. Sagacious people shipped it to Italy, doctored it, labeled it, and brought it back as olive oil. This trade grew to be so formidable that Italy was obliged to put a prohibitory impost upon it to keep it from working serious injury to her oil industry.”
      As long ago as I read it, perhaps I’m confusing a couple of different articles, but the above from Twain does convey the magnitude of the problem.

  11. Marcus

    Yes, same here. Started eating a good approximation of paleo/primal about two years ago. Lost 10Kg in seven months without going hungry and without raising my level of exercise.

    I’m 51 and have more or less the same body I had with 25 (a very expensive suit I bought at the time fits perfectly again).

    Did not have the two to four days feverish cold I had once or twice a year since.

    The parallels between mainstream theories of nutrition and the global warming scam are really mindboggling.

    My levels of skepticism regarding any kind of Science handling extremely complex systems (planet Earth, the human body) have only gone one direction in the last 8 years: up. I’m really thankful to Michael Mann and Steve McIntyre for getting me into this higher level of enlightenment 🙂



  12. Max Erwengh

    Because we all know the healthiest people on earth eat only fat and proteins…
    Too much carbs will make you fat and that’s the, eh let’s say the “consensus”. But what about health? Nobody knows. Come on, please stick to climate related topics.

    1. DirkH

      Max, please just don’t read the nutrition related posts.

      Pierre, please continue them. CO2AGW looks pretty played out anyway.

      Though, they still bring out the occasional cringeworthy lunacy:
      Muslim writer at the Guardian says, girls in Nigeria got kidnapped because of Climate Change.

  13. George Lloyd

    These guys (William Davis MD and his interviewer) are more from the global warming school of alarmism than the other side.

    Davis diet is no more than the well and truly de-bunked Atkins diet – long term it is dangerous. The interviewer sounds like a disease (or anxiety about disease) – ridden person – he finally found the answer to his health problems by seeing some obscure witch doctor in Peru, no wonder he signs on to Davis’ proposals.

    Just like with the AGW alarmist industry we hear how others (e.g Bg Oil, but in this case Big Food, Big Pharmaceuticals) are conspiring to kill millions of people by promoting something that tastes great but will ultimately make lots of money for them and kill millions of people. While plenty of the practices of the above groups might be distasteful (e.g. over promotion of statins, foods laced with sugar etc.) to ascribe the characteristics of the devil to them is a step too far.

    Just try a good balanced diet, cut out sugar and manufactured cooking oils, and you will feel great, live for a long time, lose the right amount of weight and enjoy life without worrying about killing yourself with every mouthful you take.

    1. Lou

      Umm. You’re clearly clueless on this stuff. I know a lot more about nutrition than I do about global change and Dr Davis is correct and BACKED by clinical trials and scientific papers.

      I learned a lot about cholesterol from Dr Davis that no other places offer.

      Opened my eyes on how things really work…

  14. John F. Hultquist

    Pierre, post as you please – we can select to not read if so desired.

    However, all should try to stay current and check out claims. For example, above ‘yonason’ wrote that Erucic is a constituent of Canola oil. That is true of Rapeseed, a parent of the plant now called Canola – the oil is known as low erucic acid rapeseed (LEAR) oil.

    Also, see page 8 of this report and look for #14 of 190 uses of the search term erucic:

    Someone might not handle Canola, or Peanuts, well but most folks do fine with both. Skeptics slam “climate scientists” for playing fast and loose with the facts. There are many statements on the web on many subjects that deserve a skeptical look.

    1. DirkH

      I do use Canola – or rapeseed – oil – for the Omega 3 content; one of the videos talked about how highly processed it is though – including thermal treatment. That can’t be good; so that oil looks like it loses its place in my kitchen. We know from Olive Oil that purely mechanical cold treatment is to be preferred – no junk science there.

      1. John F. Hultquist

        Wine, especially fine German white wine, is produced at cool cellar temperature.
        Then there is Brandy, about which wiki says “Brandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn, “burnt wine”) …
        Some find burnt wine and attractive product.
        For cooking I have never had a problem with Canola and, in the USA, it is much cheaper than Olive Oil. In a chocolate cake I don’t taste the flavor profile of the oil. I also use real butter. Below, Pierre says “no one size fits all.” That’s good sense.

  15. Richard

    Pierre, I seem to have assumed correctly that your recent excursions into problems of nutrition were personal to you. But please remember the biblical adage,”Beware of false prophets”. This surely applies to the medical arena even more than it does to the climate industry. Those climate sceptics among us should ensure we apply our forensic skills to diet as well as to climate.

    The idea of a high protein, low fat, low carbs, fresh vegetable and fruit diet does work from personal experience. I followed such a diet system espoused no other than by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) and managed to lose 15 kg and to keep it off. Sounds good, although it did not prevent me from requiring a stent recently. But I do not complain as I am an octogenarian well beyond my use-by date.

    The big, big problem with the diet dilemma is exactly that of climate science: do we have believable statistics, not anecdotal opinions? That is where the conversation should move. So far, I have not found a dietitionary equivalent of Steve McIntyre. One is sorely needed.

    1. DirkH

      Richard; it is sure that the heart attack epidemic in the USA only started in the 1940ies, leading to Ansel Keys’ saturated fat hypothesis in the 50ies.
      Some say this epidemic was a delayed consequence of mass uptake of cigarette smoking in the 1920ies (caused largely by Eddie Bernays’ PR genius). That’s a much better hypothesis than Keys’ hypothesis, as Keys can’t explain the relative absence of heart attacks before the 1940ies.

  16. yonason

    One last comment. Twain also had observations regarding the improper application of science extrapolating to either past or future from chapter 17 of L.O.T.M., e.g.,…

    “Therefore, the Mississippi between Cairo and New Orleans was twelve hundred and fifteen miles long one hundred and seventy-six years ago. It was eleven hundred and eighty after the cut-off of 1722. It was one thousand and forty after the American Bend cut-off. It has lost sixty-seven miles since. Consequently its length is only nine hundred and seventy-three miles at present.

    Now, if I wanted to be one of those ponderous scientific people, and ‘let on’ to prove what had occurred in the remote past by what had occurred in a given time in the recent past, or what will occur in the far future by what has occurred in late years, what an opportunity is here! Geology never had such a chance, nor such exact data to argue from! Nor ‘development of species,’ either! Glacial epochs are great things, but they are vague—vague. Please observe:—

    In the space of one hundred and seventy-six years the Lower Mississippi has shortened itself two hundred and forty-two miles. That is an average of a trifle over one mile and a third per year. Therefore, any calm person, who is not blind or idiotic, can see that in the Old Oolitic Silurian Period,’ just a million years ago next November, the Lower Mississippi River was upwards of one million three hundred thousand miles long, and stuck out over the Gulf of Mexico like a fishing-rod. And by the same token any person can see that seven hundred and forty-two years from now the Lower Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long, and Cairo and New Orleans will have joined their streets together, and be plodding comfortably along under a single mayor and a mutual board of aldermen. There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

  17. Jonathan Barber

    I read this blog because it is one of the best on the global warming scam. I have not yet formed an opinion on how similar or how serious the ‘wheat scam’ is. I do however think that it was a misjudgement to post on this subject here, irrespective of the validity of the material presented. To put it simply, this is a gift on a plate for the Lewandowsky’s of this world.

  18. Joe

    Hey, man… give peas a chance!

  19. Joe

    This is reminiscent of a scene from Sleeper, AKA the last time Woody Allen was actually funny:

    1. DirkH

      Thought of that one as well. Nicotin acid aka Niacin is vitamin B3…

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