Fritz Vahrenholt Labels IPCC “Doomsday, Panic-Spreaders…Alarmists”…”Will Have To Bear Ethical Responsibility”

Skeptic site Die kalte Sonne here features a video with leading German IPCC critic Fritz Vahrenholt taking part in a heated podium discussion last month. The event was held by the Steiermark Chamber of Commerce (WKO) in Graz, Austria. The topic: “Climate change under scrutiny”.

The video can be seen at the WKO-website and at Youtube:

In his presentation Vahrenholt starts by showing how the IPCC is needlessly spreading panic and how they under-estimate the impacts of natural factors. He reminds the audience of 200 that global temperatures have not risen since 1998.

As Europe and Germany hastily attempt to barrel ahead in switching to renewable energy, Vahrenholt warns that the switch “is not sensible” and is “threatening prosperity“. To underscore the absurdity of Europe’s trillion-euro green-energy project, Vahrenholt tells the audience:

Everything we do, at great cost, to reduce CO2 over the next 15 years, up to 2030, will be wiped out in China in just 6 weeks.”

Vahrenholt’s presentation was then rebutted by climate scientist Gottfried Kirchengast of the Wegener Institute, who claimed IPCC science is well-founded and that the planet is facing “weather extremes, ocean-acidification and mass human migration”, which he supported using colorful models and charts.

Vahrenholt foresees cooler world in 10 years

Near the end of the discussion, Vahrenholt reminds that those who destroy society and jobs in their rush to implement green energies will have to bear the ethical responsibility and answer in the future.

Vahrenholt also foresees a cooler world in 10 years, claiming it’s going to happen because of the natural forcings.

Kirchengast countered, accusing Vahrenholt of spreading false information and indirectly compared skeptics to flat-earthers. “There are some people who still think the earth is flat.”

The narrator then summed up by saying that “audience’s opinion at the end of the evening was divided“.

Unsurprisingly the format overall was stacked against Vahrenholt as the other podium participants were all warmists…the usual attempted ambush.


7 responses to “Fritz Vahrenholt Labels IPCC “Doomsday, Panic-Spreaders…Alarmists”…”Will Have To Bear Ethical Responsibility””

  1. Recovering Lutheran

    Off-topic (just a bit) – the kidnapping of over 200 girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram was caused by … wait for it … global warming.

  2. BobW in NC

    “IPCC science is well-founded…” Really?

    “…the planet is facing “weather extremes, ocean-acidification and mass human migration” Really?

    One can only hope that when the dying gasp of AGW/Climate Change finally arrives that individuals such as Gottfried Kirchengast will slink away disgraced into the shadows after having to recant their assertions.

    And he had the gall to accuse (Dr.?) Vahrenholt of “spreading false information…”


  3. Graeme No.3

    From your summary it appears that Gottfried Kirchengast didn’t mention temperature as a consequence of rising CO2. Very wise.

    I have been looking at the GISS data and the Global temperature has gone up 0.81℃ in 162 years, indicating that the worst we can expect by 2100 is a rise of 0.3℃. OK, that’s linear projection but their is little sign of CO2 having much effect.
    From 1850 to 1878 NASA indicates a rise of 0.43℃ for 5 ppm. CO2.
    From 1878 to 1911 NASA indicates a drop of 0.59℃ for 11 ppm CO2.
    From 1911 to 1944 NASA indicates a rise of 0.65℃ for 10 ppm. CO2
    From 1944 to 1964 NASA says there was a drop of 0.40℃ for 9 ppm rise in CO2, and from 1964 to 2012 the rise is 0.72℃ for a 74 ppm rise in CO2.

    There is some variation possible, e.g. in 1981 the temperature was 0.15℃ BELOW that of 1940, but since then it has warmed to 0.09℃ WARMER. Take out that adjustment and we might have to put up with a rise of 0.09℃ by 2100.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    “weather extremes, ocean-acidification and mass human migration”, [Kirchengast, 2014]

    As the next glacial advance begins I can understand weather extremes and migrations. Most Canadians will have to move. A bit of warming will be good.
    The acid thing is an epic Fail! Gottfried apparently missed the chemistry classes on the way to becoming a “climate scientist.”

  5. DirkH

    German FAZ spreads a little panic over collapsing modeled antarctic glaciers.
    Nothing remarkable but funny bit:
    “Zusammen umfassen die sechs Gletscher an die 393 Millionen Quadratkilometer.”

    translation: “the modeled six glaciers have a size of 393 million square kilometers”, the FAZ writer thinks.
    One commenter points out that they have in fact a size of 393 square kilometers or 393 million square meters…

    …German system media. Quality journalism.

  6. Scott Basinger

    Since they’re measuring the glaciers in square units, I assume that these are flatland models?

    1. DirkH

      Yeah, that’s somewhat stupid; interestingly the journalist didn’t say “Flaeche” (engl. area)… maybe he wasn’t sure what he was talking about but had a faint notion that area and volume are different things.

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