USA’s Monster “Climate-Catastrophe”…Of 1936 (When CO2 Was At “Safe” Level of 310 PPM)!

Swindlers are out there trying to sell us that bad weather is something new and happening because atmospheric CO2 concentration are “too high”. If only we paid carbon taxes and gave them more regulatory power, then we could prevent bad weather from happening and return to a Garden of Eden.

To some us all this sounds silly, of course. But many dimwitted people actually believe it.

Steve Goddard at Twitter brought my attention to the following newspaper clipping (I’ve cut and pasted piecemeal below) from the Perth Australia Daily News, dated 1936. As you will read, the scale of the disaster and the extremes are beyond anything we have ever witnessed today.





Weather like we had back when CO2 was only 310 ppm? No thanks!


Also read Europe’s disaster of 1540 here.


4 responses to “USA’s Monster “Climate-Catastrophe”…Of 1936 (When CO2 Was At “Safe” Level of 310 PPM)!”

  1. A C Osborn

    Steve has a lot of data showing that each time the Pundits, Politicians, Superstars, Newspaper reporters etc make a “Hottest”, “Strongest”, “Most Powerful”, “Unprecedented” statement that they are lying either through ignorance (no excuse) or deliberately.

    Unfortunately the MSM just ignores the lying.

    1. DirkH

      Well, they can’t come out with a headline saying Breaking! We got caught lying!, can they.

  2. Ric Werme

    1936 was a weird year in the States, with several all time record high and low temperatures recorded. The years around then were pretty extreme too. I mentioned 1936 and others in my WUWT post on the Hurricane of 1938 that I wrote for its 75th anniversary, see

    How was 1936 in Europe?

  3. Kevin Marshall

    People have a propensity to believe that a current disaster is the worst ever. For the small proportion of the population affected by an extreme natural event, it could very well be the worst experience of their lives – and an experience shared with neighbors. Current methods of reporting – interviewing those most seriously affected – change this to a general perception that natural disasters are getting worse. It makes for sensational news reporting. To have someone say in the immediate aftermath that it is not as bad as decades ago would appear callous. But to have climate “experts” falsely proclaiming a disaster for a few is a portent of worse to come, is to create unnecessary alarm and anxiety.
    Proper scientists should put a particular disaster, or extreme weather event, in context. If climate catastrophism was a valid scientific hypothesis, after less than a degree of warming the vast majority of climate disasters or anomalous events would still be natural. In general, most events would be a false positives of what is to come. But, given that true catastrophic global warming would be decades away, use of false positives are necessary to focus minds. That is a dilemma for believers. Rather than having outright lying, you have a coded language and ignoring the past and most of the world where there have not been infrequent events.
    There is a further problem for believers if CAGW is true. It is like a business that fiddles the accounts to avoid tax. If you fail to keep a second set of books that have the true situation, it is easy to become unstuck as you lose site of reality.

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