2008 Paper Demolished “Forest Die-Off” Scare: “None Of The Apocalyptic Prophecies Of That Time Fulfilled”

If you’re wondering about the long-term future of the climate doomsday scare, what follows is a clue.

A reader brought my attention to a 2008 paper by Horeis that completely demolished the forest die-off scare of the 1980s.

Here’s an excerpt from the abstract shown above (my emphasis), in case it’s difficult to read:

The starting point were local damages to certain tree species which scientists, journalists and politicians eagerly interpreted as a global threat to all forests. Man-made emissions were seen as the cause of the Waldsterben which was expected to thoroughly deforest the country within a few years. However, none of the apocalyptic prophecies of that time fulfilled. Seen in retrospect, Waldsterben spared the trees. It only seized the minds of the people.”

Expect the same in a couple decades time for the current global warming scare…


3 responses to “2008 Paper Demolished “Forest Die-Off” Scare: “None Of The Apocalyptic Prophecies Of That Time Fulfilled””

  1. stan stendera

    In an Australian newspaper the warmists all but admitted they were crazy. WUWT has a thing on it. Well worth reading.

  2. John Silver

    It’ll be faster than a couple of decades, the coming cooling will take care of it. Don’t worry.

  3. Joe

    Before the do-gooders were horrified by plastic bags, they were horrified by… PAPER bags! The argument went that people were cutting down old growth trees for paper mills.

    Think about this: you and your ancestors have been cultivating hardwoods to a mature age. The tree can sell for up to $100000, and an activist thinks you’re going to lop it down for the $200 the pulp mill will give you.

    It’s a wonder that the world doesn’t give those geniuses more credence and responsibility.

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