“WORLD WAR III Has Broken Out” Shrill German Climate Conference Declares…Enemy Man “Against Nature”

This week the 6th Klimawoche (Climate Week) has been taking place in the German northern port city of Hamburg. The aim of the Climate Week Conference is to urge Germans to accelerate the implementation of green energies in order to curb the rapidly approaching dangerous climate warming. It is viewed as a “communication” event.

Hat-tip: The alarmist klimaretter.de.

For those organizing and participating in the conference, the science has long been settled and the planet is certainly on a dangerous, accelerated path to destruction by the end of the century, that is unless man drastically alters his way of life.

The conference was opened at a Christian mass last Sunday by renowned journalist Franz Alt. In his opening remarks Alt made the shrill declaration:

We are in the middle of a Third World War against nature.”

Alt: The sun and wind don’t send bills

Earlier this year in an interview Alt aimed sharp criticism at the German government for dragging its feet with the implementation of renewable energies. In the interview Alt appeared completely unaware of extreme renewable energy costs that German consumers have had to endure so far, even reiterating the slogan: “Wind and sun don’t send bills“.

He also asked why Germany’s Economics Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, kept talking about the problems and costs involved with renewable energy: “Why doesn’t he speak about the advantages?

Alt also said he cannot understand why Germany imports 100 billion euros worth of oil and gas from the Middles East and from Putin’s Russia instead of investing that money in renewable energy at home, once again reiterating, “The sun and wind don’t send electric bills“.

Sun’s always shining, wind always blowing!

Alt is also convinced fossil fuel energies are dinosaurs that are right on the verge of running out, and that the future is wind and sun: “The sun is always shining! The wind is always blowing!

The week-long Hamburg Climate Week event features education events for schoolchildren, and workshops on sustainable living and climate friendly nutrition. Also scheduled to appear at the conference were climate scientists Mojib Latif, Hartmut Graßl and Claudia Schmitt.


28 responses to ““WORLD WAR III Has Broken Out” Shrill German Climate Conference Declares…Enemy Man “Against Nature””

  1. Kevin R. Lohse

    ” The sun is always shining, the wind is always blowing”,
    In Camelot, In Camelot!

    1. DirkH

      +10 😀

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    One of the most ironic articles I’ve seen from the Gnauriad in a while:


    The final sentence sums it up well:

    “While we may hold incredibly strong personal convictions, reality doesn’t care one iota for what we believe. If we persist in choosing ideology over evidence, this endangers us all.”

    Amen to that.

    1. DirkH

      Libertarian reality-ignoring ideologues have somehow managed to freeze over the NW passage so that the adventurers who tried to pass it this year are still stuck…
      (The guys we follow there even have a real boat with sails and a motor; not some loons with a rowboat like the ones that failed last year. Yet still they can’t make it.)

  3. Bernd Felsche

    People like Alt should be made to live and work in conditions of energy dearth under which they would condemn others to live. And without access to product with embedded energy concentrated above that which is available from wind and solar.

    Without refined metals, plastics, glass, fine-woven natural fibres, etc.; without even *fire* because burning wood is unsustainable; the gentleman would enjoy the fulness of his dreams on a cold, calm winter’s night.

    BTW: He’s obviously ignorant that without the burning of carbon fuels, that neither wind or solar power are even possible on a scale to supply even a lone man in the forest; trying to cut wood with a stone axe.

  4. Mindert Eiting

    And more is coming. This mail I got today from the AVAAZ club.

    ‘Dear friends,

    The last ice age happened in 6 months. 6 months for the planet to unleash a giant wall of ice across central Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. This is what happens when we hit a climate ‘tipping point’, and right now we’re rushing towards 3 more of these catastrophic reactions.

    It’s our “holy shit” climate moment according to a leading NASA scientist, and only a holy shit massive coordinated day of action response, right now, can change the future we’re facing.

    One agreement with common sense steps to end dirty energy can save us. That’s why the UN has called an urgent climate meeting next month with all major world leaders — if we greet them on September 21st with the largest ever global climate mobilisation in history, we can break through the walls of mega coal, oil, and business that prevent even the best politicians from doing what is right.

    There’s no way to get around how big a task this is. But together, each small action will add up into a millions-strong movement that literally drowns out the opposition and gives our leaders the best reason to break free and build a hopeful, clean and green future.’ Etc.

    1. DirkH

      I got a great idea, how about we start by boycoting Putin’s gas?
      Oh – I think that was NATO’s plan all along.

  5. PeterK

    Well technically, he is right when he says:

    ” The sun is always shining, the wind is always blowing”

    he just didn’t mention that it happens 24 / 7/ 365 somewhere on this great big world of ours.

  6. Pointman

    “The conference was opened at a Christian mass last Sunday”

    Strange days or perhaps end of days. Won’t that get them in trouble with the Church of Climatology?


    1. Jeff

      What it should have been was a burial mass for the AGW movement… they’ll need to be praying that Bárðarbunga doesn’t go off, as it’ll be a long cold winter without enough gas to go around.

      (What was that forecast from “Groundhog Day” – “It’s gonna be cold. It’s gonna be gray. And it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”)

      1. DirkH

        Only if it becomes a big eruption. Eyafjallayökull 2010 was too small.

  7. Maurizio


    Well, these morons seem to have a level of cognitive ability us mere mortals can only aspire to… NOT!

  8. James Strait
  9. Billy

    The planet never sends a bill for oil, gas or coal either.
    It’s all free energy.

    1. Ed Caryl

      That’s correct. It is only the harvesting that’s expensive, and wind and solar are the most expensive of all.

  10. L Michael Hohmann

    Since I only know what I read, I suggest a direct read of this newly arrived book:
    Best currently available reality check IMHO

  11. mwhite


    Further to the great vacuum cleaner debarkle

    “That’s because the EU is planning a ban on high-powered devices like hair dryers, lawn mowers and kettles in a bid to become more eco-friendly. The ban will also extend to smartphones and wi-fi routers.”

    1. mwhite

      If this is true the addition of the kettle just shows how stupid they are.

  12. Paul Vaughan

    The time for negotiation has passed.
    Climate delusion is theory-based.
    Observations show CO2’s role is ~0%.


    Sun & Southern Annular Mode

    Curry’s recent “50:50” BS assures me (once-and-for-all, finally, & conclusively) that she’s a scientific write-off (lack of integrity? or just hopeless quantitative perception & judgement?) with political ambitions. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the US Senate is willing to accept testimony from so-called “experts” pushing narratives so egregiously divorced from observation.

    Some are suggesting the CAGW illusion has all along been a NATO military strategy. If that’s the case, perhaps one thing we need is renewed, more sober military leadership, because such a naked display of naivety at the level of military leadership doesn’t inspire public trust.

    WTF is really going on with all the politics is anyone’s guess. What the observations show, on the other hand, is quite simple.

    1. DirkH

      I have held for some time that it is Germany’s attempt to build up resilience against future blockades; in such a scenario it is about survival, not about a high standard of living. German mentality is deeply influenced by two devastating sea blockades and one hyperinflation in the last century – and rightly so. These are our weak spots, together with a generally instable geopolitical position between the Eastern and the Western empire.

      Also, Kyoto treaty was designed by German Bundestag; the parameters were such that Germany had to do nothing but shut down obsolete industry in Eastern Germany – while everyone else who was stupid enough to ratify it had to cut something essential.

      So CO2AGW is proven to be the subject of hardball Realpolitik.

  13. Henning Nielsen

    Mr. Alt should be honest enough to undertake to have all the energy needed for his work and home life supplied by wind and solar power, without any possibility of help from backup sources. Why should he need that? The sun always shines on his wind-blown happy planet-saving smile.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    “The sun and wind don’t send electric bills“.

    Unless, of course, you are a bird or a bat. The bills they get are quite steep.

    I agree we are in a 3rd world war with nature: the environmentalists are using windmills and thermal solar power plants to either smash or burn any flying creature out of the sky.

    Then there is the war on the poor, who sit in the cold and dark because they can’t afford energy, or starve because they can’t afford food because of biofuel policies which cause it to be burnt in green progressives diesel SUV’s.

  15. Graeme No.3

    Alt also asked why Germany’s Economics Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, kept talking about the problems and costs involved with renewable energy: “Why doesn’t he speak about the advantages?”

    WHAT ADVANTAGES? Higher costs, less reliability?

    Alt also said he cannot understand why Germany imports 100 billion euros worth of oil and gas from the Middles East and from Putin’s Russia instead of investing that money in renewable energy at home

    SIMPLE: you get more energy out of those than you do from “renewables”.
    All the claims for renewable sources are inflated by including hydroelectricity, power from burning rubbish and biofuel. Even if these are classified as non-CO2 emitting they still have a problem as nuclear is shut down and is replaced by an equal capacity of brown coal fired stations. You have to do that because renewables cannot be relied on. The net effect of pushing renewables is and will be an INCREASE in CO2 emissions.

    There is also the small problem of building & operating wind farms in the Baltic and somehow getting the electricity to the customers in southern Germany. I suppose you can cut down forests to make way for transmission lines, but I would hardly call that “saving the environment”.
    – See more at: https://notrickszone.com/2014/08/29/world-war-iii-has-broken-out-german-climate-conference-declares-enemy-man-against-nature/#comments.

  16. L Michael Hohmann

    Because I only know what I have read, I suggest you read this newly arrived book yourselves:

    Best currently available Reality Check IMHO

  17. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #143 | Watts Up With That?
  18. Walter H. Schneider

    Re: “[Franz Alt:] Alt: The sun and wind don’t send bills.”


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