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Analysis Of 23 Top Quality US Surface Stations Shows Insignificant Warming...Only 0.16°C Rise - Per Century!

Analysis Of 23 Top Quality US Surface Stations Shows Insignificant Warming…Only 0.16°C Rise – Per Century!

Temperature Trends at First Class US Stations By Ron Clutz In a previous study of World Class station records, the effects of urban development could not be discounted since the 25 long service records come from European cities.  This is a study to see what the best sites in the US can tell us about […]

EU Enviro-Totalitarians Impose Restrictions On Woodstoves…Vacuum Cleaners Limited To 900 Watts In 2017!

Green totalitarian encroachment into people’s private lives in Europe is moving rapidly. Already this fall new measures aimed at private households go into effect. “Seasonal ban on wood burning stoves thinkable” First, soon humans will have to say good bye to one of their oldest friends: an open fire. Germany’s version of the EPA, the […]

Shock! Leading Climate Institute Just Discovers That Ice Age Climate Behaves Differently Than Today’s!

Germany’s once prestigious Alfred Wegener Institute has just issued a stunning press release informing the whole world about a new ground-breaking study showing that we do not need to expect the same climate change today that the earth saw during the last ICE AGE – because, you see, the pre-conditions back then were different. Really! […]

Panic Time! IPCC Climate Scientist Serves Up Litany Of Excuses For Warming Stop…Advocates Upward Temp Adjustments!

The online Swiss here reports on a new study just appearing in the latest Nature Geoscience, authored by devout warmist climate scientist Reto Knutti of the Zurich ETH. Knutti’s study and the article are in a panicked scramble to explain why there hasn’t been any warming in more than 15 years, insisting that […]

Spiegel: Numerous Animals Suffering “Excruciating Deaths” Each Year By The Rotor Blades Of Wind Turbines

Germany’s online Spiegel magazine published a story on how German wind parks are responsible for killing “numerous bats” each and every year – and not only domestic bats, but also migrating birds that are passing through. According to scientists of the Berlin-based Leibniz-Institute for Zoological and Wildlife Research  (IZW): Also animals from northeast Europe are killed by […]

Charismatic Meteorologist Kachelmann Expresses Skepticism Over Weather Alarmism, Slams Seasonal Forecasting

Charismatic Meteorologist Kachelmann Expresses Skepticism Over Weather Alarmism, Slams Seasonal Forecasting

In the German speaking part of Europe there is hardly a person who doesn’t know the name of Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann. Jörg Kachelmann. Image cropped from here. The famous German flagship public television meteorologist became even more famous when in 2009 he was held by German authorities for 132 days long on charges of […]

2008 Paper Demolished "Forest Die-Off" Scare: "None Of The Apocalyptic Prophecies Of That Time Fulfilled"

2008 Paper Demolished “Forest Die-Off” Scare: “None Of The Apocalyptic Prophecies Of That Time Fulfilled”

If you’re wondering about the long-term future of the climate doomsday scare, what follows is a clue. A reader brought my attention to a 2008 paper by Horeis that completely demolished the forest die-off scare of the 1980s. Here’s an excerpt from the abstract shown above (my emphasis), in case it’s difficult to read: The […]

"Urban Heat Island" Effect Appears To Be Far More Pronounced In Polar Regions Than You Might Think!

“Urban Heat Island” Effect Appears To Be Far More Pronounced In Polar Regions Than You Might Think!

+++++ Polar Islands Of Heat By Ed Caryl I would like to thank “John”, a commenter on my article on why the Antarctic sea ice is expanding, for inspiring this article. Other writers and researchers have noticed that temperature measurements in the polar regions are influenced by nearby heat sources, even the body heat of […]

Berlin Orchestra Now Donning Rubber Boots To Elevate Awareness Of Dangerous Climate Change

The seemingly climate doomsday-obsessed Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) tweeted a link to the Berlin Staatsoper (Berlin State Opera), which is announcing a benefit concert dubbed “Science Meets Music“, slated for 30 August 2014. The proceeds raised will go to the NaturTon Foundation. I just had to laugh at the new elitist level of […]

Swedish MP Declares "Climate Science Has Gone Awry...Resembles a Religion...Anything But Scientific"!

Swedish MP Declares “Climate Science Has Gone Awry…Resembles a Religion…Anything But Scientific”!

UPDATE: I’ve been getting e-mails, especially from skeptic Swedes, who warn of citing people like Fransson…saying that the origins of the SD and some of the planks in its political platform are questionable, and that in doing so it is damaging the skeptic position rather than helping it. Myself I’m not familiar with Swedish politics […]

Snow and Frost Forecast For Central Europe Later This Week! Europe’s Early End To Summer?

Looks like summer will be ending early this year. Once again parts of Central Europe will be getting hit by cold temperatures, frost, and even snow at elevations down to 2500 meters – in the middle of the summertime! Germany’s leading popular daily Bild here writes how ex-hurricane Bertha has ushered in cooler air across […]

German Update Points To Period Of Low Solar Activity, Cites “Non-Negligible Forcing On The Temperature”

The Sun In July 2014 And Arctic Sea In Mid Summer By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Last month the sun was variably active: The first ten days of the month were eventful, whereas the middle of the month solar activity was very calm with the negative high point occurring on July […]

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