World’s 6th Largest Newspaper Displays DiCaprio’s Hypocrisy…”Private Jets” and “Luxury Mega-Yachts”

Online German daily Bild, the world’s sixth largest daily in print by circulation, reported on the climate demonstration in New York and on the stars who appeared, foremost Leonardo DiCaprio.

At first Bild describes the event as the “largest climate demonstration of all time” and how the event drew more than 300,000 in New York, making it sound impressive.

But then Bild pours cold water on the noble planet rescue attempt and made it look like one hijacked by big Hollywood publicity seekers, and making star Di Caprio look like a hypocrite for demanding climate action while living a lavish life of luxury, mega-yachts, private jets and limousines.

Bild writes:

DiCaprio’s dedication however drew derisive comments. US news site “The Daily Caller“ accused the actor of hypocrisy.

At Twitter critics ridiculed how the star flew over to New York for the demonstration with his private jet. Others pointed out with outrage that the actor was a guest on the giant yacht of an Arabian multi-billionaire earlier this summer.”

Reactions/comments by Bild readers are practically unanimous, with the underlying message: Climate science is a farce and DiCaprio is behaving like a hypocrite. What follows are just a random few I’ve translated:

Reader Liliia Lilianenko comments:

Leonardo di Caprio should refrain from his luxury yacht if he doesn’t want climate change.”

Flecha Rota wrote:

In the meantime lots of scientists are recognizing that solar activity influences the climate one hundred times more than man ever will! But it just doesn’t register in the heads of climate fanatics. As is the case with all fanatics, facts that counter their nonsense are simply blocked out.”

Carlos Hathcock writes:

The great climate lies – and (almost) everyone is fooled by it!”

Stephen Putt:

Climate swindler Al Gore: In 2013 Arctic will be ice-free, but the ice sheet of the Arctic compared to a year earlier has grown by more than 50%.”

Robert Robson:

Photos of Leo spending his holidays on some luxury yacht is what first impressed me along with the headline…Likely he also rides in an SUV to the organic food store three blocks away :)”

And so is the tenor of almost every single reader comment at Bild on the Hollywood star led demo.

6 responses to “World’s 6th Largest Newspaper Displays DiCaprio’s Hypocrisy…”Private Jets” and “Luxury Mega-Yachts””

  1. Edward.

    London had a climate rally, lots of left wing loons turned up and one called……..

    Emma Thompson, a minor film star and Hollywood ‘C’ listed – took the biscuit in London, interviewed on BBC and telling us that [paraphrasing], “if you don’t believe in the global warming fairy – you’re a nutter” or something and then averring something to the effect of, “97% of climate scientists tells it.”

    Obviously that very same morning Mz Thompson, she must have missed taking her meds.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    Actors are folks that speak lines written for them by other people. They are knowledge voids with minds like concrete – all mixed up and set hard.

  3. Graeme No.3

    There is much discussion here on how big the demonstrations in Australia were. It was claimed that 30,000 marched in Melbourne ( 0.7% of the population). The Age newspaper (very warmist) showed a packed street in one photo, but the photo of the park at the end of the march showed a lot less.
    The police estimated 20,000 but then years ago in Sydney the police claimed a crowd of 250,000 at one event (gay mardi gras) but as one numerate reporter pointed out, any more than 32,000 and they would have to have stood in layers, on each others shoulders.

    Adelaide supposedly 500, on a day when 36,000 went on a fun run, and 25,000 football fans travelled to Melbourne. Perth supposedly 1500, but there was a rain storm and someone posted on JoNova (with linked photo) that only 36 remained at the end.

    Brisbane claimed 1500, with a photo of a packed street like that in the Melbourne Age, which again raises doubts about how many there really were parading in Melbourne.

    Looks like 99% of the population ignored the demonstrations.

  4. Edward.

    I heard a comment from one Aussie climate change warmist zealot telling it, “more bush fires will be caused by man made warming”…..

    And here’s me thinking that the greens and their wrong headed ideas about the environment – save the creepy crawlies – well they would wouldn’t they? Inevitably the greens won the day and halted the small but measured burning of the outback [yer know like the aboriginal tribesman knew it – to keep fires in check]. IE, managing the landscape was a good idea to keep bush fires down to a minimum but the Australian green lobby wanted it stopped – so stopped it was Circa 70’s-80’s and now large bush fires are far more common because the undergrowth and scrub is left in place and because it acts like kindling – big blazes abound.

    Go figure.

  5. DirkH

    It is officially Climate Disruption now; according to the UN boss.
    So – 18 years of unchanging temperatures are “disruptive” according to the UN.

    1. DirkH

      Disappointed by the blockwarts. Wikipedia has no page called Climate Disruption. Even though it is an offical term used by Ban Ki-Moon himself. Connolley, waddayawaitingfor?

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