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Rossi's E-Cat Verified, But Mystifies Independent Reviewers...The Dawn Of An Energy Revolution?

Rossi’s E-Cat Verified, But Mystifies Independent Reviewers…The Dawn Of An Energy Revolution?

Share this… Facebook TwitterBy Ric Werme Many have been watching the gradual development of Andreas Rossi’s “E-Cat,” a device Rossi claimed to produce heat from fusing nickel and hydrogen at commonly used temperatures, as opposed to those in core of a star. Photo: NASA The next big event, the release of a paper reporting on […]

German Federal Analysis Sees “Massive Threats To Security And Reliability Of Electric Power Supply System”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterSo much for Germany’s transformation to “green” energies. Germany’s Bun­desnet­za­gen­tur (Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway) is the federal authority overseeing and regulating the German electrical power grid, among other networks. At its site it has a link to an expert assessment report that analyzes the needs of and risks […]

Undeniable Mood Change With Regards To Quality Of Modelling Grips Climate Science…Trust Gone!

Share this… Facebook TwitterMood change in climate modeling: Trust in the scientific community is disappearing By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) In the last few days we wrote two posts on the shocking deficits seen in the current climate models (see here and here). In our last part today we […]

World’s Largest Re-Insurer “Munich Re” $ponsors 2014 “Extreme Weather Congress” In Hamburg!

Share this… Facebook TwitterToday parts of the German mainstream media have begun reporting on the 9th Extreme Weather Conference in Hamburg, which began today and is slated to end on Friday. The direct link to the program-pdf here. Of course the focus of the Congress will be on the claimed “increasing frequency of extreme weather […]

Vienna Is Actually Now Cooling...And Not Warming As Media And Some Scientists Are Claiming

Vienna Is Actually Now Cooling…And Not Warming As Media And Some Scientists Are Claiming

Share this… Facebook TwitterVienna Climate Waltz More Data By Ed Caryl This is my comment on the Vienna Climate Waltz article Pierre just posted. I found the Vienna temperature data from GISS. It is listed under Wien/Hohe War, whatever that is. My map application drops the pin nearly in the center of downtown from the […]

Viennese Climate Waltz...Austrian Media/State Officials Still Using Faulty Models, Misleading The Public

Viennese Climate Waltz…Austrian Media/State Officials Still Using Faulty Models, Misleading The Public

Share this… Facebook TwitterUPDATE: Ed Caryl provided the following: Based on GISS data ======================================== Even though IPCC climate models and expected climate trends have proven themselves to be completely false and useless, see here and here, parts of the Austrian media and state sector have no qualms using them, and in doing so they are misleading the […]

Review: Yet More Expert Peer-Reviewed Papers Tell Us Why Climate Models Should Land In The Dustbin

Share this… Facebook TwitterIf you weren’t convinced by Lüning’s and Vahrenholt’s essay on the failures of climate models posted here two days ago, then here’s more! ======================================= More fun with climate models: Nowhere do they fit reality By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) In March 2013 journalist Joachim Müller-Jung put it […]

Extreme Stupidity: Bremen’s ‘Weser Kurier’ Daily Now Claiming Climate Change Is Damaging Church Organs

Share this… Facebook TwitterThis story is a perfect illustration of how today’s journalists will print anything they told by swindling climate scientists. ========================================== Bremen’s Weser Kurier daily is very sure: “Climate change is damaging organs” By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) The newspaper of the German port city of Bremen, […]

2 German Scientists Calling For Climate Modelling Moratorium: So Far Only “Failures, Flops And Fumbles”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterTwo German scientists describe what many western governments have been basing their energy and environmental policies on. It’s not pretty. What follows is an excellent review of climate modeling so far. ======================================= Fun with Climate Models: Flops, Failures and Fumbles By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated, edited by P […]

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