Lancet Medical Journal: Comprehensive Study Shows Cold Waves 20 TIMES MORE LETHAL Than Heat Waves!

Here’s another compelling reason why we should all be hoping that the earth will warm and not cool over the coming decades. (After all, there is no way the temperature is going to stay stagnant).

The print edition of yesterday’s UK Daily Mail has a short report on an international study on the effects of temperature on death rates. The comprehensive study was conducted by the Dr. Antonio Gasparrini of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It examined 74 million deaths in 13 countries.

Also read it at Science Daily (Can’t link because I’m writing from a mobile device – just Google it).

The result, The Daily Mail writes:

7.71 per cent of the deaths were caused by non-optimal temperatures. Cold was responsible for 7.29 per cent of deaths, while 0.42% were attributable to heat, according to the study, published by the Lancet medical journal.”

In other words, deaths from cold were some 20 times than those from heat.

What is interesting is that the study found that most of the deaths occurred when the temperatures were “moderately hot and cold”. This may be due to people underestimating the “moderate” anomalies, and thus failing to take the corresponding precautions. On extremely hot or cold days, on the other hand, the level of awareness is heightened due to media hype, and so people tend to behave accordingly, i.e. drink more fluids, or really bundle up.

Cold is the last thing we need

The study tells us one thing: Cold is the last thing we want to see, and any warming needs to be welcome. Unfortunately recent temperature data and climate trends bode ill, as a number of distinguished scientists are forecasting cooling over the coming decades due to ocean and solar cycles swinging into their cool modes.

Given the results of the study, which are obvious to most normal thinking people, one would need to be a total moron, or just plain mean-spirited,  to be rooting for cooling.

22 responses to “Lancet Medical Journal: Comprehensive Study Shows Cold Waves 20 TIMES MORE LETHAL Than Heat Waves!”

  1. DirkH

    Poetic warmunism from German government: Report about “The CONSEQUENCES of Global Warming” says “Germans WILL experience more heat waves (and the usual other terrible things)”

    The website is a warmunist propaganda site that reports it, I think it belongs to the “conservative” Springer conglomerate, so of course the article does neither NOTICE nor comment on the linguistic contortions of the government report.

    Stupid or evil, anyone’s guess…

  2. DirkH

    I think it was this 3 card Monte sod referred to when he mentioned the Solar revolution in China.

  3. David Appell

    How about, instead of cooking the entire planet, we just make sure that people have adequate heating and cooling?

    Your argument is akin to saying we should drastically cool down the planet so our milk won’t spoil…when there’s this perfectly adequate tool called a “refrigerator.”

    1. AndyG55

      “of cooking the entire planet”

      What load of absolute tripe. !!

      We are only just above the coldest part of this whole interglacial. We ain’t cooking anything,

      We are THAWING it !!

  4. AndyG55

    Actually , no. It has THAWED naturally…

    We aren’t doing anything except releasing carbon back into the short-term carbon cycle, thus expanding the planets biosphere..

    Finally giving it a chance to take deep breathe instead of the starvation rations its been on for such a long time…. and its loving it 🙂

    Why do you HATE nature so much , David, that you want to starve it of its prime building block ?

    Warming would be MUCH more preferable to the probable cooling the Earth is about to experience. Maybe a few more of the frozen regions could be thawed out and become productive for the world’s fauna and flora.

    Imagine if the Arctic was navigable for a reasonable part of the year, the benefits would be enormous. 🙂

  5. sod

    Well, then it is very good, that the next cold place got a stable 100% renewable power supply which turns out to be CHEAPER than the oil they bought before.

    Some people here will be shouting that renewables don t work, when half of the planet is approaching 100% of it.


    On the Lancet story (i am actually a big fan of that paper), i would like to take a look at it before i start drawing conclusions.

  6. sod

    This pdf at least gives a few unfiltered informations:

    Do we have access to more parts of the article?

  7. sod

    Full article seems to be here:

    “Mortality risk attributable to high and low ambient
    temperature: a multicountry observational study”

    1. DirkH

      Are you desparately hoping that warmth kills, against all common sense, more people than cold?

      Well, sod, that’s not needed in your religion: All you have to do is claim that rising CO2 sets in motion the dreaded, fabled water vaport feedback, which in turn will turn Earth into Venus, and find enough followers gullible enough to believe that – just like any other Medicine Show.

      1. sod

        “Are you desparately hoping that warmth kills, against all common sense, more people than cold?”

        Please read the report:

        It is an interesting scientific debate, but it does not say what you are trying to make out of it.

        Looking at direct kills, heat waves are the thing to look at. But they consider deaths caused by cold, that happen 4 weeks after the cold day.

        The range of “cold” is much bigger in their analysis than the range of hot. So it is no big surprise, that this “cold” kills more people.

        The effect of extreme events is pretty equal. and the study does not show, what happens when we warm the planet by 2 or 3°C, as the effect is very different in different countries.

        Again, interesting paper, but the conclusions drawn from it are a little bit far fetched.

        1. AndyG55

          “The range of “cold” is much bigger in their analysis than the range of hot.”

          That’s because the climate temperature is limited at the upper end, and there is a LOT more “cold” than there is “hot”. Shows that the Earth needs to warm up a bit, at least to the “optimum” of the Holcene.

          Or would you prefer we drop back down into the “icecube” Earth state again?

          If so, then move to North Alaska, and get a taste of it first, I dare you… bet you live somewhere warm, where it gets above zero C most of the time.

    2. AndyG55

      Hydro and wind, providing enough energy for ….. well …. not doing anything.

      Even adding a small dock crane was going to dump the system.


      Get serious.

      You have just proven that wind is nothing but a tiny, niche toy.

      1. sod

        “Hydro and wind, providing enough energy for ….. well …. not doing anything.”

        What part of 100% do you not understand?

        This is just another small place that has already achieved 00% and is expanding on it (by offering “green” products”, which will require even more renewable energy in the future)

        And you are ignoring the par that said, that say are saving money by switching to renewables.

        This is a win-win situation.

        1. AndyG55

          “What part of 100% do you not understand?”

          What part of 100% of basically NOTHING don’t you understand !!

          1. AndyG55

            oh, and it looks like the major industry is fishing..

            What do the boats use, wind or hydro ?

        2. AndyG55

          Yes, its good that they are able to generate 80%+ from hydro.

          It will hopefully make up for the unreliability of the wind turbines.

          But 6400 people, with basically zero industry..

          whoopppeeeee !!

  8. DirkH

    See sod, your ignorance is of such breathtaking proportions I come here only to marvel at you. For your information – the ENTIRETY of Canada and Siberia is UNINHABITABLE due to COLD for humans without tons of technical equipment. Permafrost means that 20cm below the surface the ground is frozen even in summer; rendering a huge part of the Earths land surface unsuitable for agriculture.

    IF there were Global Warming humanity would THRIVE. BTW your charlatan prophets claim that Global Warming is FASTER in the frozen North than at the Equator (which is a trivial consequence of the SB Law); so IF it existed it would mean no harm for the hot areas and a boon to the cold ones.

    And there you wallow in panic because allegedly some ice melts. As if ice had any value for life on Earth. It is the enemy of life.

    1. AndyG55

      During the rest of the Holcene, apart from the short period of the LIA and the small climb out of the LIA, it was much warmer up around the Arctic.

      You can bet the Arctic area was navigable for at least part of the year, with good opportunities for fishing and commerce.

      The LIA killed all that, make the whole area basically useless and impassable for all but a very short period of time.

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