June 12, 1987: “A Question Of Freedom For All Mankind…Mr. Gorbachov, Tear Down This Wall”

UPDATE: http://www.thelocal.de/20150612/reagan-to-gorbachev-tear-down-this-wall

Sorry for the interruption in blogging and comment moderation over the past 24 or so hours – I was a bit swamped by other things. But now things are back on track. I’ll be posting back at normal speed tomorrow.

Though I missed the anniversary date by two days, The following video is a nice flashback … to 28 years ago:


I don’t know about you, but I get goose bumps every time I hear that last sentence.

I’m glad to say that during a recent visit to Berlin, President Reagan was prominently featured at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, a must-see if you’re visiting the German capital. If you go, I suggest starting the visit at the top of the museum and working backwards.

Reagan’s (spineless) advisors actually crossed out the “Tear down this wall” sentence, deeming it too provocative. But Reagan ignored it. Less two and a half years later the wall came crashing down.


21 responses to “June 12, 1987: “A Question Of Freedom For All Mankind…Mr. Gorbachov, Tear Down This Wall””

  1. sod

    I agree with everything in this post 🙂


    There also is a “tatort” (most famous german crime series, 90 minutes, each sunday ) about wind power today.

    1. DirkH

      “There also is a “tatort” (most famous german crime series”

      …produced by the state media who get 8 billion EUR a year, forcibly extracted, a robbery one third as big as the electricity surcharges. The most expensive propaganda network on the planet so it must be good!

      So here’s the plot. Idealistic Green world-saver gets conned by evil Capitalists who refuse to pay taxes.

      There I saved you 90 minutes of your time. I didn’t watch it.

    2. AndyG55

      “most famous german crime series, about wind power today”

      Yep, wind power a crime against the German people and economy. !

    3. Stephen Richards

      Careful SOD you are progressing to the dark side, being eaten by the forces of good.

  2. Stephen Richards

    Big contrast with the gutless immigrant currently in charge

  3. Ronald Henry

    Thank you, Mr. Gosselin for remembering and reminding us.

    He was a man. Take him for all in all.
    I shall not look upon his like again.

    -Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2.

  4. AndyG55

    “Sorry for the interruption in blogging and comment moderation over the past 24 or so hours – I was a bit swamped by other things. ”

    Ha, any old excuse ! 😉

    Seriously though… Thanks heaps for putting in the huge time and effort required to make such sites as your available for ripping climate alarmism apart. 🙂

  5. David Johnson

    Now he was a great leader! Though the illiberal liberal Western media called him a simpleton.

  6. Patrick Collins

    How sad it is that since then the USA has sunk to being ruled by a criminal gang of warmongers.
    And how ironic that today the leaders of Russia are the true champions of peace and international law – while US politicians are the paid supporters of the AGW fraud as well as the fraudulent TTIP, TISA, TPP and other fraudulent plans to destroy democracy!

    1. DirkH

      Given that the bolsheviks were installed in Russia with money from Warburg, Wall Street banker, Trotski and friends being shipped over from NYC, the role of the USA hasn’t changed; but Russia has managed to purge the influence.

    2. Mike Heath

      I once saw an experiment to find out how many people it needed to start a Mexican wave at a football match. The experimental answer was 7. Perhaps 0.1% or less.

      What percentage of the population needs to understand what is going on in the world in order for it to get changed?

      1. DirkH

        About 3%. That’s the estimate we have from the toppling of the East German regime. Most people go along when the few outspoken ones have flipped. Remember, the movement grew so fast in the end that the regime didn’t even try to use violence but hastily opened the border.

        1. DirkH

          …Warmunism is at the end of its shelve life. I’m not meeting any more dyed in the wool warmunists, I’m finding the occasional outspoken skeptic. As I’m hopping from project to project I have a good overview. The eco-warmunists have fallen silent in German engineer circles. Still some renewables and recycling fanatics. Well, and the state TV propaganda cooks warmunism on a very tiny flame these days compared to the glory days of 2007.

  7. Hank de Carbonel

    Thank you for the reminder. Just one thing, it was not his speech writer who wanted to delete the line. It was the majority of his advisors, and cabinet members. They thought the line was too provocative, and they believed they had prevailed. In the Limo ride to deliver the speech the author and Pres Regan did the deed. That’s how history is made.

  8. Stephen Richards

    Still sends shivers down my spine.

  9. Patrick Collins

    Very well put.
    I guess the equivalent today would be to say to the heads of the EU and USA: “Nationalise These Banks” . . that is, the so-called “too big to fail” banks which have brought nothing but poverty, degeneracy and wars to the people of the world (for centuries).

  10. Mervyn

    If only today we had a a world leader to do to the UN and its climate change deception, what Ronald Reagan did to communism!

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