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Stinging Criticism: Belgian Prof Calls COP21 A “Resounding Failure” …”A Grand Illusion” Based On “Delirium”!

The Belgian online Le Peuple here interviewed István Marko, Professor of Chemistry at the UCL, and a so-called climate non-alarmist, on what he thought of the results of the highly ballyhooed Paris COP21 climate summit and agreement. Photo: Unrealistic and laughable His assessment is devastating. He calls the COP21 agreement a “grand illusion“, a “resounding failure” […]

German Wildlife Foundation Calls For Wind Park Moratorium, Cites “Increase In Criminal Activity” By Wind Park Builders

The German Wildlife Foundation has put out a press release: =================================== Chainsaws rip birdlife protection The German Wildlife Foundation sees an increase in criminal activity in the construction of wind parks Bird killed by wind turbine. Photo: German Wildlife Foundation As delegates congregated in Paris, chainsaws were busily cutting down forests in Germany to make way […]

November 2015 Solar Report: Sunspot Activity Remains The Weakest Since Dalton Minimum Of Early 1800s

The Sun in November 2015 By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) In November our sun was once again below normal in activity. The 84th month since the current solar cycle started in December 2008 saw a solar sunspot number (SSN) of 63.2, which was 72% of what is the mean for month […]

Experts Blast “Voluntary” Paris Treaty: “Extraordinarily Costly…Will Do Nothing”…”Meaningless Gesture”…

As expected, we are now finding out the Paris climate climate agreement has been spectacularly oversold to the public as a success for climate protection. Now that the text has been examined, it is clear that the agreement, which cannot even be called a treaty, and which has yet to be “ratified”, is turning out to be an […]

Mounting Resistance: Vermont Democrat Announces "Wind Turbines Do Not Belong In Vermont, Period:"

Mounting Resistance: Vermont Democrat Announces “Wind Turbines Do Not Belong In Vermont, Period:”

The online Vermont news site Vermont Digger here presents a commentary by Vermont state Senator John Rodgers who represents my childhood home county of Orleans, and Essex county as well. Photo: Industrializing Vermont’s idyllic landscape. Cropped from video by Green Mountain Power Corp. Senator Rodgers has had it with industrial wind energy ruining his state’s […]

New "Historical Draft" Is Delusional ...Will Go Down In History As Certificate Of Madness And Hysteria

New “Historical Draft” Is Delusional …Will Go Down In History As Certificate Of Madness And Hysteria

UPDATE: No surprise, but sadly, all countries signed the dumb treaty, which we know will be meaningless in curbing global CO2 emissions. The treaty is useless, vaguely binding and will not have any impact whatsoever. In a few days we will start hearing a chorus of dissatisfaction from reductions proponents about the treaty’s ineffectiveness. ====================== Here’s […]

Spiegel Writes Of A Climate Treaty “On The Brink” …”Harsh Threats” …China Feels “Provoked – Unwilling To Compromise”

Spiegel has the latest analysis of the climate haggling going on at COP21. It looks pretty heated. From science journalist Axel Bojanowski‘s perspective, the representatives have encountered some major obstacles. He writes of a “huge clamor” and reports that the treaty is on the brink. He writes, citing delegates, the negotiations have been charged with “harsh […]

German ‘Die Zeit’ Describes COP21 Climate Of Discord, Watered-Down Drafts…”Almost Every Country Has Objections Against Draft Treaty”

Before COP21 assembled in Paris last month, there was a sense of optimism that a new climate treaty to replace the long-expired 1997 Kyoto Protocol for reducing “greenhouse gas” emissions would be hammered out. But now that COP 21 is approaching its scheduled end, we are finding out from the media that representatives are a […]

Resurging Sea Ice: Antarctica Above Average Over Past 20 Years - Arctic Gaining Over Past 5 Years!

Resurging Sea Ice: Antarctica Above Average Over Past 20 Years – Arctic Gaining Over Past 5 Years!

Examining the hard data on sea ice extent at the Earth’s poles, it would be very tough to argue that the globe is warming. Melting has stopped in the Arctic In the Arctic sea ice extent has indeed on average dropped a million square kilometers. But a look at the plotted sea ice anomaly data we […]

Online Spiegel Survey Reveals 60% Of Germans Say Cheap Diesel Fuel Is Good, Or Needs To Be Even Cheaper!

In Europe, especially Germany, diesel engines are quite popular. The oil-burning combustion motors get far better fuel mileage and the price of fuel in the country is some 20% cheaper than gasoline – thanks to lower taxes. With fuel prices today at the lowest level they’ve been in quite some time, German motorists are once again […]

“Horror Scenarios Already On Shaky Ground” …Leading Geo-Archeologist Slams Climate Hysteria!

The online German FOCUS here reports that the climate conferences and overall movement have turned more into hysteria and increasingly are becoming remote of fact. Good to see that the German media is finally backing off from all the hysteria and lending a bit of coverage to more moderate, non-hysterical voices. Tol: “Very limited impact” […]

French L’Express On Huge Impact by Climate Skeptics…”Have Caused Us To Lose Time We Will Never Get Back”!

The online French L’Express here reports how climate science skepticism is gaining momentum in France: “COP 21: the climate skeptics are heating up the Web.” L’Express writes that the recent rise in French skepticism has been especially fuelled by former France 2 television meteorologist Philippe Verdier. who was sacked weeks ago by France 2 television for […]

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