Belgian Scientist / Organic Chemistry Professor Calls IPCC Theories “Sordid” …”Failed Again”

At Facebook here Belgian organic chemistry professor Istvan Marko responded to Kenneth Richard’s post from yesterday citing very recent literature showing that glacier melting today is actually happening much more slowly than over much of the past 10,000 years.

MarkoProf. Istvan Marko, photo source: Facebook

The literature thus refute the often heard media claims that glaciers and ice caps are “melting faster than ever“.

In his comment Prof. Marko, a native of Hungary, wondered that the studies cited by Richard were even able “to pass through the meshwork of pro-anthropogenic warming peer reviewers“.

Summarizing the results of the papers, Marko writes that the observations once again “contradict the sordid theories of the IPCC” and that atmospheric CO2 concentrations “absolutely do not correlate with the fluctuations of the levels of the oceans and the movements of advances and withdrawals of glaciers“. He writes that the IPCC science “failed again”.

Marko has been a harsh critic of the man-made climate change theory, appearing in a number of interviews.

In a recent English-language interview he blasted COP 21, claiming that it essentially resulted in nothing … “The result of COP 21 is no result” … “because there is nothing binding in this particular treaty“.  He adds the only thing to motivate CO2 reductions is “shame”, adding: “To my knowledge no politician knows what shame is at all. They are totally not subject to shame.”

In the interview he reminds listeners that the long-term temperature trend over the Holocene has been downward, and that today’s temperatures were exceeded by a number of other periods over the past 10,000 years. He dismisses the claim that CO2 plays a major role and believes that other far more powerful natural factors and cycles are at work.

Clearly the papers presented by Richard are just the latest evidence on a mountain of literature, which sadly the government-funded IPCC refuses to acknowledge.


5 responses to “Belgian Scientist / Organic Chemistry Professor Calls IPCC Theories “Sordid” …”Failed Again””

  1. Oblong

    But at each meeting, they form new bureaucracies that grow bigger and bigger. These folks are intent on usurping money and power, using a feeble excuse that they have to keep promoting, like religious mantras. This has all the hallmarks of a well thought out plan, coinciding with open borders and terrorism attacks. Agenda 21 or whatever they want to call it now, is being built up, right under our noses and the media seem to be in cahoots. Climate changes. Stuff happens. Stop whining and prepare for inclement weather – as we have done since the beginning of history. Those who adapt, survive.

    1. DirkH

      Oblong 25. March 2016 at 5:47 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “But at each meeting, they form new bureaucracies that grow bigger and bigger. ”

      They have to find sustencance for their offspring and their relatives.

      1. DirkH


  2. Analitik

    The facebook link no longer works. Professor Marko’s post may have been “disappeared”

    What facebook page was it on? It would be interesting to know who controls the page.

  3. Duke Silver

    Prostitutes follow money.

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