DiCaprio’s Disease: Survey Initiated By Munich Greens Show They’re The Biggest Abusers Of Airline Travel!

Georg Etscheit at the climate alarmist Klimaretter here whines about the Greens in Munich setting a poor example when it comes to (ab)using jet-fuel burning commercial airlines.

This reminds us of serial private jet flier Leonardo DiCaprio, who took his private jet 12,000 kilometers and burned 30,000 liters of jet fuel to pick up an environment award.

Contrail_fourengined_arpMunich Green official took airliner to attend “bicycle traffic conference”. Public domain photo.

It turns out that in the Bavarian capital city of Munich the opposition Greens were looking for a way to create an issue with which to put the ruling socialist-conservative coalition administration on the defensive, and so they sent a query to the city government demanding to know who abused (ab)used commercial flights the most. They hoped to place the blame for damaging to the environment squarely on those responsible. Before 2014, Munich was governed by a SPD socialist/Green coalition. Since then it has been governed by an SPD (socialist)/CSU (Christian conservative) coalition.

Surely the recent government must be abusing air travel and irresponsibly damaging the environment.

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne.

Fliegen für mich, nicht für dich

It turns out the opposition Greens should have never posed the question. The answer came back from the Munich city administration, and it is truly embarrassing for them. According to Etscheit:

It’s the Greens. By a wide margin who fly the most often, more often than members of the other political fractions. According to the SZ [Süddeutscheteitung] 23 flights were logged by the Greens, while the members of the SPD party, which is twice the size, flew half the number [12], the CSU even less [6].”

Etscheit bemoans that this is in line with a 2014 survey conducted by news weekly Der Spiegel, which found that greens are “passionate fliers”. I wrote on this here, whereby a reliable survey found that:

…Green Party voters fly the most: 49% have flown at least once in the past 12 months. They were followed by the communist Die Linke (42%), the conservatives CDU (36%) and lastly by the socialists SPD (32%).”

That’s remarkable behavior given that the Greens are the most vocal when it comes to protesting airport expansions or nighttime landings and takeoffs. They loudly protest such projects, but then end up being the ones using them the most.

Air travel to a “bicycle traffic conference”

The Munich Greens write here that they were surprised to discover that they are the biggest abusers of air travel, despite being a comparatively small party.

But they had good reasons, blaming: “inconvenient connections”, and official business such as being the only party to send an official to attend “Kiev Pride”, or to participate at a “bicycle traffic conference” in Rostock, or to visit a day-conference in Venice.

So why is it that Greens in general are most often involved in widespread (ab)use of the commercial airlines? Etscheit writes it is because they tend to be high income earners.


23 responses to “DiCaprio’s Disease: Survey Initiated By Munich Greens Show They’re The Biggest Abusers Of Airline Travel!”

  1. Moose

    With Al Gore as their Guru and great leader its typical green behavior, do as I say not as I do.
    Tar and feathers are sitting in my shed, waiting for the right time.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    Etscheit writes it is because they tend to be high income earners.

    Or perhaps they are spending other people’s money (OPM).
    Noble cause corruption
    Stupendously stupid
    Low IQ (logically challenged)
    . . . long list . . .
    Enjoy flying

  3. Doug Proctor

    New England Birkenstockers: the educated idealists with a SmartForTwo – in addition to an SUV to take the kids to athletic events and music lessons.

    You have to have a lot of money to enjoy the good First World life of suburbia AND have the accessories – like eating organic and local – that demonstrate your committment to the Environment (whatever that truly means).

    Robert Kennedy was caught on-camera during the New York parade for the environment several years ago, saying he didn’t believe you had to reduce your lifestyle to achieve the environmental goals he espoused. The inability of the world to have 7 billion living the Kennedy lifestyle doesn’t seem to have hit him. Or he is saying that population control and reduced consumption FOR THE NON-SUPER RICH is an integral part of The Program they haven’t gotten around to talking about yet.

    I’m bucking for the second explanation. We can all fly if there are only a few of us.

  4. A.D. Everard

    I guess they (the greens) won’t be making a big song and dance about it then, but will they change their ways to be environmentally more responsible? No!

  5. yonason

    “…they sent a query to the city government demanding to know who abused (ab)used commercial flights the most.” – Article

    Their response could be “none of us came anywhere near your ‘green’ heroes.” Take them to task first, and when they clean up their act, then we’ll talk.

    But are they smart enough to not fall for the activist trap? I wouldn’t want to risk a wager that they are.

  6. Jamie

    This demonstrates what the elites really want. They want to make travel and even lighting or heating your house so expensive that only the rich will be able to afford it. This will be accomplished through cap and trade.

    Any warmist who doesn’t give up their private jet, obviously isn’t worried sufficiently about carbon emissions, and does not deserve to be taken seriously when they preach the oxymoron of ‘settled science.’

    I wish these liberal jackasses would, at least, practice what they preach.

  7. sod

    If anyone is interested in the facts, he should read this article:


    three important points to consider:

    1) the greens did not ask for a table of flights now. Instead this was a demand from 2010. Since then, flights are summed up in a statistic, which is a good thing.

    2) Number of flights is decreasing (possibly because they get registered?). There are also rules (like avoiding flights inside Germany…) which look very much like a “green” idea.

    3) For every km flown, the town pays into green projects.

    In total, we see a common theme here: Greens have to defend their behaviour, while conservatives do not. Strange world.

    1. AndyG55

      and sob supports HYPOCRISY..

      now why would that be, I wonder.

    2. DirkH

      “2) Number of flights is decreasing (possibly because they get registered?).”

      Like cockroaches running into the shadows – when light is shone upon the behaviour of the Green, he scurries into the cracks.

      “3) For every km flown, the town pays into green projects.”

      Oh! Indulgences! Wenn das Geld im Kasten klingt, die Seele in den Himmel springt!

      “In total, we see a common theme here: Greens have to defend their behaviour, while conservatives do not. Strange world.”

      ???? Conservatives reject the refuted theory of CO2-caused Global Warming because THERE IS NO THREAT IN THE TINY OBSERVED WARMING.

      BTW – FYI – The Conservatives are the ones FLYING THE LEAST!!!!!
      We don’t HAVE to defend anything!

      And I’ll tell you the secret WHY we fly so little: BECAUSE WE ARE SPENDTHRIFTS.

      And I’ll tell you one thing more: When you don’t consume – you don’t produce ANY waste!!!!

      The constant incapability of the Green brain to grasp the simplest facts points to a genetic factor.

  8. sod

    Just look at Donald Trump:


    He is dismissing climate change. Apart from, when it affects his property.

    1. AndyG55

      roflmao. you poor gullible little s.o.b…

      So Trump knows how to play the enviro-game.

      Its always fun to use your enemies weapons against them.

      Well done Mr Trump 🙂

      1. sod

        “Its always fun to use your enemies weapons against them.”

        That is exactly what the Greens do, when they fly.

        But you demonstrated my point. No rules for your side, strictest rules for my side. Cool.

        1. AndyG55

          “No rules for your side, strictest rules for my side.”

          Only those rules the Green elite would want to force on others.

          You still don’t understand the meaning of hypocrisy, do you, little sob. !

          1. sod

            “You still don’t understand the meaning of hypocrisy, do you, little sob. !”

            I actually do. But you do not. As i pointed out, the Greens did a lot to prevent flights.

            I am critical of greens flying. you are totally uncritical about your own side.

      2. sod

        We had a discussion about a “real scientist” leading the CSIRO now some days ago.


        It turns out, that his “science” never gets cited. and that on science, he is a big step back for the CSIRO.


        1. AndyG55

          smh…… you HAVE to be joking !!

          Ultra far-left, propaganda rag, soon to go out of production because it sales are dropping so quickly.

          1. sod

            either you can contradict those citation facts or you accept them. Where are your links?

    2. Robert Folkerts

      Hey sod, out of interest, what form of energy do you consume to gain access to the ski fields that you clearly enjoy visiting? I guess you don’t travel on a wooden bicycle! Do You?

  9. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    A long time ago I did some checking and found that Green voters tend to be AB class people – so highest earners. The other characteristic I learnt when I was in the green party is that they have no real interest in facts and figures.

    For example, I once saw one project where the “green” spent about £10,000 building the infrastructure for a small dam to power a hydro-power plant of around 200W. And when we got there – it wasn’t working!

    The typical green is a high earning – engineering illiterate.

  10. Oswald Thake

    Of course Greens fly a lot. They’re saving the planet, aren’t they? You don’t think they enjoy it, do you? And, don’t forget, like all genuine ‘religeuses’ they do penance for it afterwards.

  11. Henning Nielsen

    So, one “must” travel from Munich to Rostock by air? I would think there are quite good train connections, can’t be very many hours to save, but of course, when one’s aim is to save the planet, time is money!

  12. Agent76

    May 17, 2016 RICOgate emails reveal new climate scandal

    We’ve briefed you before on the outrageous efforts by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, state attorneys general and climate campaigners to use the RICO statute to investigate and intimidate people who correct the errors in what we are told about global warming.


  13. nightspore

    This looks like another example of the “Do As I Say” syndrome (as described by Peter Schweitzer in a book of that name). There’s a genuine (and general) disconnect here that is quite telling.

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