Horrible Irony …Merkel Recently Said Germany Needed Immigrants: “Everywhere Truck Drivers Are Being Sought”

Germany is in shock after yesterday’s terrorist attack on a Berlin Christmas market, which is a stark symbol of German culture. The latest figures show 12 dead and 48 injured – some seriously. Also the Polish driver of the hijacked truck allegedly was killed.

Already accusations are flying back and forth, with some on the right claiming Merkel bears some responsibility for the attacks by allowing a tsunami of immigrants to flood across Germany uncontrolled in 2015. Meanwhile Merkel proponents and the media are accusing the right of exploiting the tragedy for political gains.


Influential U.S. conservative Drudge Report featured Tuesday Angela Merkel as having “blood on her hands”.

Amid the tragedy there’s the horrible irony that just some three months ago German national daily Die Welt here published a piece with the title:

Truck drivers wanted’ – Merkel gives refugees tips”

Die Welt reported that Merkel was working hard to “rapidly integrate the refugees” and called on industry to get involved. Merkel said that refugees would be able to trade in their driver’s licenses for a German one for 500 euros, but that of course loans need to be offered to help them finance it. Paying back the loan should be no problem, Merkel said:

When one earns, he can then pay this 500 euros back. Everywhere truck drivers are being sought.”

Merkel’s idea, it seems, is to give tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees driver licenses for semis.

The latest attacks is just the most recent in a series that have plagued the country since the recent wave of refugees.

Just two days ago, on Sunday, a Munich woman was raped and nearly beaten to death while jogging in the famous English Garden. The police were shocked by the sheer brutality of the attack. Currently there is no evidence linking the attack to a migrant.

In November, a 24-year old was attacked and raped in Munich as well.

Just weeks earlier the highly publicized case of the rape and murder of a 19-year-old medical student at the hands of a teenage Afghan refugee sparked outrage against the “open door” asylum policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The student was the daughter of EU parliamentarian and had done volunteer work for refugees.

Other terrorists attacks have occurred, with 4 being stabbed on a train earlier this year.

In one of Germany’s worst attacks, hundreds of women were sexually assaulted, attacked or robbed at New Year’s eve festivities in Cologne.

The UK tabloid “The Sun” here presents a summary of this year’s bloody attacks in the country.

Price for earlier policy negligence

The media, who are cozily in bed with Germany’s ruling grand coalition government, have been falling all over themselves praising the “calmness and professionality” of the authorities in dealing with the aftermath of the attack. Indeed they have done an excellent job. But one gets the sense that the praise is being used to distract the public’s attention from the government’s initial immigration policy failure and fiasco that led to the uncontrolled tsunami of “refugees” in the first place back in 2015.

Germany’s heightened security threat and overall anxiety would not exist today had it not been for the German government’s and EU’s border negligence.

Germany’s sense of security now violated

Germany’s sense of freedom and security have been violated. Citizen’s have had to change their habits and attitudes with respect to public safety. Citizens, especially women, no longer feel safe outside after dark and are opting to stay home. And those that wish to continue on as before now must summon up the courage to do so, knowing full well that public places and events are now targets. The carefree days are over, squandered by Merkel’s misguided do-gooding.

Increasingly Merkel is coming under massive fire for a string of policy failures over the past years that include the refugee crisis, renewable energy flop, Greece bailout, frayed relations with Russia and Turkey, European Union collapsing, and the slander of dissident views.


19 responses to “Horrible Irony …Merkel Recently Said Germany Needed Immigrants: “Everywhere Truck Drivers Are Being Sought””

  1. Peter

    The lorry incident was terrible, of course. You mention the renewable energy flop. It is the same in the UK, we are close to having insufficient energy to keep the lights on and the cost is in the hundreds of billions.

    Yet, the public are ignorant, silent and a long way from complaining. The same with the politicians. You are aware and I am aware but there is no sign that anyone else is bothered. Germany is more advanced with its renewables, are there signs of awakening to the problems? When will it become an issue with public outrage?

  2. Mark M

    Very sad, but predicted.
    Stay safe.

  3. sod

    Please watch the video.


    Refugees working and learning German fast. It is a good thing.

    “Germany’s sense of freedom and security have been violated. Citizen’s have had to change their habits and attitudes with respect to public safety. Citizens, especially women, no longer feel safe outside after dark and are opting to stay home”

    are there any sources for this? My impression today was, that basically everyone was very rational about the attack. I strongly doubt that terrorists will reach their target of causing fear in this way.

    Terrorists will really like the pictures with Merkel and the bloody hands …

    1. clipe
    2. AndyG55

      “was very rational about the attack”

      Waiting for the day it is you or yours that gets attacked.

      We will all look at that very rationally.

    3. John

      It’s only a good thing when the refugees are going back to the country they fled. None of them should stay after ISIS has been defeated.

  4. DirkH

    I have been expecting massacres like now in Berlin from day #1 of the border abolition by the SPD-CDU. Everybody sane mailed the CDU about what was to be expected, yet to this day the self-proclaimed “conservative” members of the CDU vote 90% pro Merkel and pro eternal border abolition for unlimited numbers of asylum-seeking Muslim men from ALL islamic countries around the world.

    So how can we explain this, and who are the SPD-CDU? They are the Globalist Bloc with members like Clinton, the CIA, the NeoCons, the oligarchs, and the German Bundestag parties (and the Obamas).

    Are they crazy?

    YES. All the small members and supporters of the Globalist movement are CRAZY: They have been warned about the consequences yet they fanatically went on implementing their crazy policies.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    … basically everyone was very rational about the attack.[sod, 2016]

    Especially the dead. Not one had anything nasty to say about refugees learning German.

    Seriously, most refugees are likely good people. However, if you have 1 million and 0.001 % are such believers in Jihad that they will kill a truck driver and then run that truck into a crowd …

    … they will be “… causing fear in this way.”

    People will be looking at trucks suspiciously and any odd truck driver is apt to be pulled from the cab and beaten.
    Will the New Year’s eve festivities in Cologne this year be without fear?
    Will the festive part of it be more or less what it was, say, 15 years ago?

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Just for the balance: the fraction of violent psychopaths among the general population is more than 0.001 percent (one in the hundred thousand). With this estimate no immigrant from whatever country should be admitted. The issue is crime prevention. In the Netherlands a few hundred of violent psychopaths live in asylums and they are not allowed to emigrate. The problem is here that Jihad-psychopaths do not live in asylums and are allowed to transgress borders without any check.

  6. Mervyn

    Every leader has his or her “Use By” date. Angela Merkel has gone beyond her “Use By” date. She has lot the plot in her old age. She has caused an alien invasion of Germany. The only way to resolve the problem is giving these people ‘temporary protection visas’ so that when things calm down in Syria, and Trump creates safe areas in Syria, all these people can be sent back to Syria or from wherever else they came.

    1. DirkH

      The only thing that ever spoke for Merkel was that she was not a social democrat. Today we know that she is. There is no difference anymore between SPD and CDU: Both want limitless mass immigration.

  7. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    I spoke to someone who was all in favour of open borders and called me racist for saying there should be controls on immigration, and then I asked “why don’t you leave your front open” she then stopped the conversation.

    This open ideas utopia is a huge social experiment which has gone badly wrong. No one ever democratically agreed to it, the only way to stop it appears to be to throw out the traditional parties & media that push the policies AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE PUBLIC. And in the end, the immigrants themselves will suffer most because, unlike the safely-behind-locked-doors politicians, those most affected are in day to day contact with immigrants.

  8. yonason

    It’s not just Merkel. All the Leftists worldwide who support this have blood on their hands.

    Sadly, it’s not over yet. But while Merkel may be destroying Germany with an influx of jihadis, don’t forget that it was her evil twin Hillary Clinton who made it possible.

  9. Dave Ward

    And when Nigel Farage says what many are thinking he is threatened with legal action:


    Typical lefty response – attempt to silence any dissenting views…

  10. David Appell

    What kind of person takes advantage of a tragedy to disparage his own country and its leaders?

    Who looks immediately to score political points insteading of looking at the human tragedies and asking how his world can find peace and understanding?

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