Germany’s Fake Heat: Media Calling A Few Hours Of 30+°C Weather ‘A Heat Wave’!

This weekend Germany is getting its first summerlike weather (after having seen snow earlier in the month), with temperatures forecast to reach 30°C or more in some parts of Germany.

And already a number of media outlets and WetterOnline, for example, have announced that a “heat wave” will roll across the country over the coming days.

But as Schneefan at climate and weather site points out, you really have got to wonder what the media and some weather outlets are thinking here. This all borders on real comedy.

Wetter wrote:

Perfect timing: Precisely during what will be for many a long holiday weekend, the first heat wave of the year is rolling in. Already on Saturday along the Rhine area temperatures of 30°C are in the works. On Saturday and Monday it’ll be around 30°C hot everywhere...“

“Around 30°C hot”…, on Saturday and Monday? This is a heat wave?

“Meteorological nonsense”

Schneefan thinks it’s ridiculous, and calls it “meteorological nonsense” when one looks at the definition of a heat wave, provided by Wetteronline no less:

It is considered a heat wave when the high temperature reaches 30°C or more over five or more consecutive days.”

“That certainly isn’t going to happen in Germany at the end of May 2017,” Schneefan comments. “Two days of heat don’t make a heat wave, but they do cause waves from the media.”

30°C temperatures in fact spotty, short-lived

Looking at major cities across Germany, we see in fact that temperatures will be 30°C or higher only over a few hours during the “heat wave”. Berlin will see only about 5 hours of 30°C. Frankfurt will see some three days with temps reaching 30°C or higher, for a total of roughly 15 hours.

Munich and Hamburg aren’t going to see the 30°C mark at all during the year’s first “heat wave”. Hanover will see one day (Monday) with 30°C – for about a whopping whole 3 hours!

The 7-day outlook for the 2m temperature shows in fact rather substantial cooling across much of Europe:

The 7-day forecast shows cooling across much of Europe (blue color). Source:

56 responses to “Germany’s Fake Heat: Media Calling A Few Hours Of 30+°C Weather ‘A Heat Wave’!”

  1. sod

    just returning from the swimming pool. hundreds of people there have fully confirmed: hot weather in Germany is fake news. Believe me!

    1. clipe


      Please stop acting like being a petulant child

  2. sod

    current forecast here is 33°C (remember, it is still May!)

    but hey, there was some tiny amount of snow in April, which you folks thought was a huge story…

    So would an actual temperature record matter?

    1. Josh

      European Springs have been known to produce the odd warm day or two and the odd snowy day or two. What’s important here is whether or not they are unprecedented or will matter in the grand scheme of things. The answer to both these points/questions is ‘no’.

  3. sod

    watch out for solar results:

    it is weekend, best month for solar and it will be pretty hot.

  4. Craig T

    I’m “shocked, shocked” that weathermen might overhype a warm or cold spell. Wetter forecasts parts of Germany 30C or over from today to Tuesday, almost the official mark of a heat wave.

    The Daily Star headline was “Hotter than MAGALUF! UK to bake in 32C heatwave starting TOMORROW – with NO END in sight.” Then again they love drama. January 7 the Star wrote “The arctic freeze across Europe: and its on its way HERE!” and they ran a story May 7 titled “ICE AGE BRITAIN: River Thames will FREEZE OVER on ‘this date’.”

  5. AndyG55
    1. Josh

      Coal lives on and remains an important energy source

    2. sod

      “Pakistan’s new coal project to provide power for 200 years”

      the idea that we could still use coal in 200 years is plain out stupid. Pakistan is a country with perfect solar sources. This coal mine will run into huge problems in 20 years.

      “But many people have concerns about being uprooted from their ancestral land.”

      a sentence from the article that “sceptics” totally ignore. you folks do understand that the huge machinery working that land will SHREDDER what ever animals it hits?!?

      1. AndyG55

        Pakistan ARE NOT STUPID.

        They KNOW that solar is a pointless unreliable EXPENSIVE

        waste of time and money.

        Eventually even YOU may realise this FACT !!

      2. tom0mason


        You said “This coal mine will run into huge problems in 20 years.”

        Are you a specialist in mines? Do you have some other knowledge the rest do not have, or are you just making this up?

        Where’s the facts? How much coal is there around the world and but today’s usage how long is that likely to last? 10years? 100years? 200years? 400years 1,000 year? Come cough-up so likely numbers!

      3. AndyG55

        So sob-sob accuses the Pakistanis of being stupid. Racist prat.

        Yet it is his country that has decimated their country-side with wind turdines.

        DOH !!!

      4. AndyG55

        “land will SHREDDER what ever animals it hits”

        Again the moronic hallucinogenics that sob-sob takes kick in.

        They will remove the overburden, carefully, one hopes, giving animals plenty of time to vacate the area. Most animals in that region are extremely fleet of foot, or they would be alive.

        That overburden will be used to create habitats for creature, maybe even depressions that will collect water.

        Once the animals have vacated what will be nothing but a tiny pin-prick of land, they will not come anywhere near the area.

        Its not like wind turdines that are deliberately put in the flight regions of large birds.

        Coal miners care….

        .. inner-city pseudo-greens, like you..

        … don’t give a stuff.

        1. AndyG55

          typo fix

          “or they wouldn’t be alive”

  6. John F. Hultquist

    Where we live in Washington State the temp hit 30°C today — Saturday. Each of the next 3 days will be about the same or a bit warmer. On Wednesday they say the top will be 24°C.
    At that rate of decline, by the end of June we will have a glacier in the back yard.

    In any case, it is Memorial Day Weekend in the USA. 30°C is considered nicely warm weather for a holiday, parades, fishing, boating and an all around good time.
    I’ve not found even a single mention of a heat wave.

    1. AndyG55

      Gradually heading towards winter down here.

      Expecting just under 20°C maximums for next week or so, dropping down to around 10°C.

      Maybe a bit of wet weather mid week.

      10°C diurnal swings.. how do we ever cope !!!!

      but a modelled plus 0.3°C over the next 80 or years…

      … disaster, calamity !!!!!

  7. AndyG55
    1. sod

      If Trump moves out of the Paris agreement (which is think is likely: trump does not have any opinion of his own and is simply parroting whoever spoke last to him), we will see very little real effect.

      the exit will be slow (2020) and the reality in the USA will not change (coal can no longer compete, gas will replace it and solar and wind are on the rise.

      Trump will unite the world against him. Another stupid move from the most stupid president ever.

      1. AndyG55

        “we will see very little real effect.”

        WRONG again, sob-sob.

        Its the Paris FARCE that would have very little effect

        except totalitarian socialist agenda scamming

      2. sunsettommy

        Sod,who thinks Trump is stupid, fails to notice that the stupid President was able to get China on his side concerning the N. Korea missile behavior. No other president since 1950, was able to do that.

        He also plays the media so well that they waste enormous amounts of time chasing unicorns horses called the Russia-Trump connection. He was able to expose Comey,by exposing his investigative flaws without even saying what they were,because he got the media to do that for him.

        Then he brokers a deal with Saudi Arabia to fight Islamic terrorism,even got Israel a nice reaction from other Arab nation about Israels right to exist as a nation.

        On and on it goes…..

        Yeah he is really is a stupid guy!


        1. sod

          the position of china has not changed.

          the russian connection is real. There is an investigation and Cushner is involved.

          Saudi arabia is sponsoring terrorists, not helping in the fight against them.

          On Israel, Trump has changed positions so often, that nobody knows what he is up to (apart from spilling their military secrets).

          1. AndyG55

            sob-sob’s been getting his news from far-left propaganda junk media.. as usual.

            They anti-truth machine that he so worships.

    2. tom0mason

      Hopefully Trump and all his advisors get to informed when they read —

      A meteorologist and an analytical chemist teamed up explore the claims that CO2 levels drive climate. (They also mention the role of underwater volcanoes, a drum that I have been beating for more than 20 years.)

      In their newly published paper, ‘Role of atmospheric carbon dioxide in climate change‘( ), meteorologist Dr Martin Hertzberg and analytical chemist Hans Schreuder cite a plethora of data concerning what is known – and currently accepted – about the role of carbon dioxide in climate change (global warming).

      The data examined includes:

      (a) Vostok (Antarctica) ice-core measurements;

      (b) rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere;

      (c) temperature changes that precede CO2 changes;

      (d) global temperature trends;

      (e) satellite data;

      (f) effect of solar activity.

      The two highly qualified scientists found that:

      “Nothing in the data supports the supposition that atmospheric CO2 is a driver of weather or climate, or that human emissions control atmospheric CO2.”

      Any changes in CO2 levels are “overwhelmingly natural.”

      Looking at the relationship between CO2 and climate over the past 400,000 years, the data indicate that human-caused CO2 emissions had no influence on the Earth’s temperature.

    3. SebastianH

      Can’t stop laughing … a blog full of illusional right-wing commenters appraising their lord and saviour Donald Trump. Let’s hope those people are just art projects of some kind … in fact Donald Trump could still surprise the world by declaring his presidency an art project, just trying to show the world how far you can still come with the way he acts … in the year 2017! Something like the novel “The Wave”.

      1. AndyG55

        Giggling like a cis-child in panic, more likely.

        You can see the AGW scam that you are so brain-washed into coming crashing down.

  8. sod
    1. AndyG55

      sob-sob.. stop crying and whimpering…

      If you don’t like the occasional warm day, them get out of your inner city UHI ghetto and move to northern Russia.

      Or get granny to install a fossil fuel powered air-conditioner for you.

      1. sod

        The heat wave is so early, that plenty of outdoor swimming pools are still closed#, for example in Berlin:

        But hey, ignore the facts and keep hurling insults.

        1. Kenneth Richard

          “But hey, ignore the facts and keep hurling insults.”

          At what point did it become a “fact” that heat waves aren’t natural, but instead they’re caused by humans?

        2. AndyG55

          One or two days is NOT a heat wave.

          You wouldn’t know FACTS if they bit you on the ****

          And where did I insult you?

          It was constructive criticism to help you get over yourself.

        3. AndyG55

          Doubt you would even know what a real heat wave is.
          30ºC the 29ºC in Berlin over two days……

          roflmao. !

          Oh wait, were you the dope yapping that the Arctic was hot when it was -10ºC or something?

  9. sod

    As i sort of predicted above (and i was pretty cautious, and still are somewhat, as the data is preliminary), the “fake” heat wave has produced a real record of solar PV output:

    first time above 30GW for a full hour, solar PV hit 42% of demand at that time.

    as you can see here (27.05.2017) that still is a pretty bad below 75% capacity factor, about what gas plants get. Horrible!

    anyway, if you plug your ears and close your eyes, the event did not happen. Happy christmas this easter folks!

    1. AndyG55

      Quite bizzare,

      Sob-sob cries about a couple of warm days, but needs them for solar to actually do anything worthwhile for a few hours a day.

      DOH !!!

      Make up your idiotic mind, sob-sob.

      1. sod

        the facts are simple. This was hot. Keep ignoring the facts.

  10. sod

    The “fake” heat wave also broke multiple temperature records for the month of May, and multiple 10 days records.

    but again, that is just facts. Monday was pretty hot also, so it is not two hot days, but at least 3 (friday was also warm and we will see about tomorrow…).

  11. sod

    The “fake heat” just was the cause of an explosion of ammunition:

    Facts do not matter though.

  12. sod

    Austria just had its hottest day in the month of May on record:

    Could someone please change the fake headline of this article? Truth matters?

    1. Kenneth Richard

      Could you explain why you believe heat waves are human-caused?

      1. sod

        because it is the warmest in 100 years and humans recently started to change the climate.

        Could you explain to me, why the headline of this article talks about a “fake heat wave” even though it is obviously breaking records?

        1. Kenneth Richard

          “because it is the warmest in 100 years” “and humans recently started to change the climate.”

          The warmest 100 years…since Medieval times? Or since what other 100-year period? As recently as the late1970s to mid-’80s, scientists were still saying that it was premature to assume that we had emerged from the Little Ice Age, and that there had effectively been no increase in temperature in the last 100 years.

          Denton and Karlén, 1977

          Here, the ages of Little Ice Age moraines suggest fluctuating glacier expansion between AD 1500 and the early 20th century. Much of the 20th century has experienced glacier recession, but probably it would be premature to declare the Little Ice Age over. The complex moraine systems of the older expansion interval lie immediately downvalley from Little Ice Age moraines, suggesting that the two expansion intervals represent similar events in the Holocene, and hence that the Little Ice Age is not unique.

          Sanchez and Kutzbach, 1974

          A review of selected literature on latitudinal climatic shifts and atmosphere-ocean interaction suggests some similarities between the patterns of climate in the 1960s and the climate of the Little Ice Age.

          Hoffert and Flannery, 1985

          Introduction: As described m ore fully in the accompanying state-of-the-art report on the Detecting the Climatic Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide (see Chapter 4 by Wigley et al. 1985), there is no clear indication of a monotonic warming over this period [1880-1980], as would be anticipated from the observed build up of CO2 in the atmosphere.

          Heat waves are weather patterns, not “climate” patterns. Anomalies. Or do you now believe humans cause daily temperatures too?

          Earth recorded its lowest temperature a few years ago. Should we call that “climate” of the last “100 years” too, or do we call that “weather”?

          Earth has set a new record for coldest temperature ever recorded: -94.7C (-135.8F). It happened in August 2010 when it hit -94.7C (-135.8F). Then on 31 July of this year, it came close again: -92.9C (-135.3F). The old record had been -89.2C (-128.6F).

          1. sod

            the warmest IN 100 years. Austria just broke a new temperature record for the month of May, during the “fake” heat wave.

            but the main problem here is the term fake.

            I was able to forecast the solar PV record:

            “sod 27. May 2017 at 7:57 PM | Permalink | Reply

            watch out for solar results:


            it is weekend, best month for solar and it will be pretty hot.”

            Heat waves are weather. but hotter and hotter heat waves are climate. It is this simple.

            PS: The cold record of course is fake news, while the heat wave is not. The guardian article also gives the information:

            “Waleed Abdalati, an ice scientist at the University of Colorado and Nasa’s former chief scientist, and Scambos said this is likely an unusual random reading in a place that hasn’t been measured much before and could have been colder or hotter in the past and we wouldn’t know.”

          2. Kenneth Richard

            So what if scientists don’t agree with you that heat waves are human-caused, sod? Are they wrong?

            Several studies show that the anomalous long-lasting Russian heat wave during the summer of 2010, linked to a long-persistent blocking high, appears mainly as a result of natural atmospheric variability.

            A close synoptic relationship has been found, on the one hand, between the sector structure of the solar and interplanetary magnetic fields and, on the other hand, the structure of tropospheric parameters (the near-Earth pressure and temperature) in Central Russia during an anomalously hot anticyclonic weather [heat waves] in June–August 2010. It has been stated that the Earth crossed the magnetic sector boundaries in full agreement with the boundaries of meteorological parameters, structuring the formation, stabilization, and decay dynamics of anticyclones according to observations performed at IZMIRAN (Troitsk, φ = 55°, λ = 37°).

            Several lines of evidence strongly implicate natural variations as the primary cause for the extreme heat wave] event. The 2012 temperature anomalies had a close analog in an exceptionally warm U.S. March occurring over 100 years earlier, providing observational evidence that an extreme event similar to March 2012 could be produced through natural variability alone. In addition, forcing associated with a strong Madden–Julian oscillation further increased the probability for extreme U.S. warmth and provided important additional predictive information on the timing and spatial pattern of temperature anomalies. The results indicate that the superposition of a strong natural variation similar to March 1910 on longterm warming of the magnitude observed would be sufficient to account for the record warm March 2012 U.S. temperatures. We conclude that the extreme warmth over the central and eastern United States in March 2012 resulted primarily from natural climate and weather variability— a substantial fraction of which was predictable.

          3. sod

            “So what if scientists don’t agree with you that heat waves are human-caused, sod? Are they wrong?”

            according to you and according to the headline of this article, this was NOT a heat wave.

            But the “NOT-a-heatwave” event still broke temperature records.

            Now, a random heatwave randomly breaking a temperature record would not be a special event. That is, how temperature records get broken (for example when we consider climate to do a “random walk”…)

            But a NOT-a-heatwave breaking a record is a strange event: It demonstrates, that suddenly “normal” warm days break heat records. This would seriously support a climate change hypothesis.

          4. Kenneth Richard

            I didn’t call it a “NOT-a-heatwave”. I just correctly pointed out to you that daily temperature anomalies are not climate, nor are they 100-year trends.

            The coldest temperature recorded on Earth (-94 C) occurred in 2010, almost matched again in 2013 (-92 C). Now both temperatures are #1 and #2 coldest on record. Does these cold snaps (for lack of a better descriptor) have anything to do with climate? You say that of course it doesn’t. But turn it around and make it a hot record, and, of course, you’re calling it climate and claiming humans caused it. You do this so habitually you don’t even realize the inconsistency here.

          5. AndyG55

            “This would seriously support a climate change hypothesis.”

            Only if you “imagined”‘ it to be, because of a brain-washed mantra.

            Otherwise, just an indication a NATURAL WEATHER variability after a long period of a Grand Solar Maximum.

  13. Idioten

    lol did you guys just piss yourself because of the weather…

    lmao, who ever wrote that “article” is an idiot

    so sad xS

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