Now It’s “Global Stilling” …Researchers Amazed: Global Wind Speeds Have SLOWED DOWN Since 1960s!

German public radio DLF here  reports an astonishing finding by scientists: Global wind speeds globally are slowing down!

A number of European scientist groups and a European science magazine of the EU Commission just reported on this.

Global wind speeds are slowing down, European researchers believe. Image: anemometer, NOAA public domain photo.

According to the researchers, worldwide wind speeds have slowed down by about half a kilometer per hour since the 1960s.

The phenomenon is known as “stilling”, and scientists are not sure why it is happening. They speculate that it may have something to do with urbanization, climate change and cumulus clouds. But then the report admits: “Or it could be due to ageing wind speed instruments producing inaccurate results.

Normally this should come across as being good news amid the claims that “global warming” is leading to more powerful and destructive storms. With slower wind speeds, one would naturally assume less storm destruction.

But instead the researchers see only dark clouds ahead and warn that this could have “terrible consequences for things like agriculture” and that weak winds “also mean that smog over cities will stick around longer”. It adds:

And while it may sound deceptively calm, it could be a vital, missing piece of the climate change puzzle and a serious threat to our societies.”

We are damned no matter what happens.

Send more funding

Naturally there’s the thinly veiled call for MORE MONEY as University of Gothenburg climatologist Dr. Cesar Azorin-Molina “believes there is an urgent need to determine the causes of stilling in a changing climate“.

Ironically, another problem the report hints at is that wind farms may also see less output as a result. Now aren’t windfarms supposed to make the weather tamer in the first place? This is like blaming harsher winters for obstructing the fight against warming because people have to emit more CO2 to keep warm. maybe wind farms are a factor in slowing down winds as they extract energy from the wind.

Not surprisingly, the results of the researchers are getting only tiny blurbs of reporting in the media. For years people have been brainwashed into thinking man-made global warming is leading to stronger winds. But now they are supposed to believe the opposite is happening? The public must never hear that winds are calming down.

All the contradictions climate science has put out are starting to catch up and cast the field’s credibility into serious question.

The junk science never ceases to amaze us.


20 responses to “Now It’s “Global Stilling” …Researchers Amazed: Global Wind Speeds Have SLOWED DOWN Since 1960s!”

  1. John

    ” maybe wind farms are a factor in slowing down winds as they extract energy from the wind.”
    Its exactly that.
    The reason the wind is stronger at sea is because there are LESS or no obstacles. And now they are installing numerous wind farms at sea and land and are surprised the wind slows down?
    Less wind also means less cooling from wind so a warmer lower atmosphere.

  2. ClimateOtter

    I wonder what griff or seb will have to say about the FACT that all those wind turbines will become even more useless.

    1. toorightmate

      Maybe the wind has been over-farmed?

      1. Nigel S

        If only that were true of the subsidies that they are really farming.

  3. Newminster

    Is this not what “the science” tells us should happen? As the temperature gradient between equator and poles declines as the earth warms the air becomes calmer?

    They are so desperate to make everything so scary and bad they even lose sight of the basic scientific principles underlying their own research!

  4. Ric Werme

    One graph I’ve been watching for years is from the Blue Hill Observatory south of Boston. They have the longest uninterrupted set of weather records in the US.

    The average wind speed there has declined some 20% since the late 1970s. That means the wind energy (varies with the cube of speed) is only about half what it was.

    No one has come up with a satisfactory explanation. It doesn’t fit candidates like the AMO or solar cycles, and suggestions that its due to development or more trees at the summit just don’t fit either.

  5. TinyCO2

    If wind speeds are slowing down then heat mixing would also be reduced. Urban and coastal stations would be particularly affected.

  6. Bitter&twisted

    Oh the irony!
    Windmills slow down the wind, making them even more useless.

    1. wert

      ‘Windmills slow down the wind, making them even more useless.’

      Awesome idea. Windmills are the famous irreal fart of a fly in Sahara. They do not slow down wind at a scale large enough.

      How to measure average global wind? It is maybe even more difficult than temperature! It is also affected by land use, and for example, global greening. More foliage, less wind.

      Slowing wind has an effect on temperature at 2m, so some warming can be attributed to it.

  7. Green Sand

    OT but of interest? I am not too sure about the wording though:-

    ‘Global Warming Taxes – Or Just Another Excuse?’

    “Now that the German elections are finished, Merkel now comes with the tax hikes. This shows the contempt for the people assume that they are just stupid so do nothing before and election, then raise the taxes after. According to a report, Germans should not expect about a 50% tax increase on electricity. As the Bild newspaper reported on that the Federal Association of Energy Consumers will raise the taxes significantly all in the name of causing people to save the planet while government lines its pockets.”

  8. toorightmate

    I think wind is slowing due to the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.
    Please send me ample funds to research this topic (and to live to the standards which I am comfortable with).

  9. Derek Colman

    Of course the winds are slowing down. The more wind turbines that are installed, the more they slow the wind. Wind turbines remove energy from wind. Why is it a surprise?

  10. tom0mason

    From the above link to the piece comes this —

    The project’s worldwide hunt for historical weather records has unearthed Portuguese weather books from the Azores Islands, starting from 1907. It also has observations from the Blue Hill Observatory, in Milton, Massachusetts, USA, which date back to 1885.

    All of this data is being digitised and then homogenised through comparison to reference data series so that it is of a high enough quality to use in investigating stilling.

    ‘Together, it will give us new insights into wind variability in regions never analysed before,’ said Dr Azorin-Molina. With this data, he hopes it will be possible to unravel some of the possible causes that could be responsible for stilling — something vital in order to help nations make decisions about how to adapt to the social, economic and environmental impacts of any progressive stilling.

    So their are not using satellite data but archived record for the data which is then homogenized.

    Hoever they *hope* to have satellite data soon —

    They expect to use data from the European Space Agency’s Aeolus satellite when it launches next year.

    It will be the first ever orbiter to provide wind profiles from space, profiles which are particularly important for studying wind speeds over ocean areas.

    Once Aeolus has gathered a year’s worth of data, an aircraft from DLR, the German Space Agency, will fly below Aeolus with the exact same wind lidar equipment to check its accuracy.

    Ummm, I wonder if they will use a ‘Mannian style’ method of lumping modern instrumental records to other data (the old records) to emphasize the outcome they require?

  11. R2Dtoo

    Are they actually trying to tell me that they have enough long term global wind readings that are accurate enough to measure 1/2KM decrease over the last 50+ years? They are good!!!! That’s what? Oh 0.01kph/year. We’ll all be killed!

  12. Squidly

    Plant more trees!!!! … oh wait, that will slow the wind too… whoops!

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  14. Ed Caryl

    There are likely several factors involved: we know that there has been global greening. This increase in vegetation will obstruct the wind. The increase in population and economic well-being will result in more buildings and other infrastructure, obstructing winds. The small increase in temperature, mostly in the arctic, results in less temperature gradient, slowing wind speeds. Aging anemometer bearings and dirt buildup on blades, could also be a factor. Those things are not usually replaced until they fail.

  15. Miner49er

    Why do they wait until after hundreds of billions of OPM are invested in (subsidized) wind farms to ash whether wind energy can be depleted.

    Of course it can. And a world with no wind is a DEAD world.

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