German (Real) Environmentalists Outraged Over Killed Protected Red Kites, Move To Have Wind Park Shut Down!

When it comes to protecting endangered species and the environment, civil projects have to take a back seat, and often rightfully so.

However, if there’s the chance or hope that the climate could be rescued by industrial wind turbines from a change that exists only in climate models, then for climate activists it’s okay to wipe out natural habitats to install them.

Recently WDR German Public Broadcasting showed a report “Dead Birds Due To Wind Turbines”.

Film image of endangered red kite killed by German wind turbine. Image/footage by WDR.

The widespread environmental damage that wind parks have on Germany’s wildlife and natural landscape is a most inconvenient topic and reality that German fake greens and climate activists refuse to acknowledge.

Dead birds under turbines

Recently in June in southern North Rhine Westphalia, an endangered red kite predatory bird was found dead under a wind turbine. A tragic incident, as June is the period when adult birds raise their young ones in nests. With the mother dead, the young simply die, according to game warden and resident, Reinhold Knippschild.

The WDR report also reports of another killed red kite found under a wind turbine on August 6. Now police are investigating.

Excessive deforestation

One reason the red kites are getting killed by turbines is because of the extremely large areas around the turbines that have been deforested. The red kites have their gaze fixed downward in their search for prey and so get struck by the turbine blades. Critics say the amount of deforestation around the wind parks is excessive and so violates the regulations.

They are now suing in court to have the turbines shut down.

However, wind park investor Brilon GmbH & Co. disputes this claim, and say the area complies to the requirements. Wind energy proponents then even accused anti-wind activists of placing the dead red kite under the turbine in question. The accusation has sparked a huge backlash from the wind energy opponents.

The wind parks do comply to regulations

The real point, the activists say, is that the species protection regulations simply were not adhered to, birds are being killed, and so the turbines must be shut down. The activists say they’ve already succeeded in getting another wind park shut down due to non-compliance to the regulations.

The WDR reporter states that the Brilon wind park opponents are dead serious in their effort to get the park shut down.

With two dead endangered red kites in 2 months, shutting down the wind park should be just a formality.

Another turbine goes up in flames

Meanwhile in northwestern Germany, another wind turbine has been destroyed by fire arising from a technical fault. Good thing it was not located in the middle of one of Germany’s tinderbox dry forests we’ve seen this year.


26 responses to “German (Real) Environmentalists Outraged Over Killed Protected Red Kites, Move To Have Wind Park Shut Down!”

  1. Paul Aubrin

    Not a comment on this post, but on the access to the web site:
    I get a dialog box which asks me the username and password to access the Adminbereich.
    I don’t want to access it.

  2. Bitter&twisted

    The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has done nothing to stop these obscene bat-bursting, bird-bashing, eco-crucifixes being built.
    They have been subverted by the “unreliables” lobby.

    1. spike55

      You have to understand, that when talking about the environment,

      AGW cultists..

      JUST DON’T CARE !!

      Its not, and has never been, about the world environment.

      Were it not the weekend, we would have clear proof of that as our resident troll tried to discount/downplay the horrendous, massive environmental damage done by wind turbines and their installation.

      1. spike55

        I told you the resident troll would be along to try to discount /downplay the environmental damage down by these horrendous bird and bat munching industrial machines.

        And right on cue.

        So predictably irksome.

        So seb.

        They JUST DON’T CARE about what is happening.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    I have not seen a proper study of bird kills by turbines.
    It would take a long term, multi-site, independent monitoring effort to make a rigorous study.
    Such incidents likely follow a statistical “power law” (Pareto distribution) of some sort.
    Here is an abstract (full paper $50) that provides some information.
    Pareto distribution

    My math instructor, 50 years ago, used lightening strikes as an example of an infrequent event that can be studied. The math and statistics are available.
    What isn’t available is the long term, multi-site, independent monitoring effort.

    Still, I’m on the side of the birds, and say “Shut the d— things down.”

    1. Yonason

      Here’s some info on methodology, and how the wind industry approach conceals the actual numbers.

      They knew the dangers from the start, and conspired to hide what would and has occurred, and to evade any responsibility for it. But instead of suing Big Wind for damage actually caused, corrupt attorneys are trying to shake down Big Oil for the imagined crime of causing the climate to change. Why? Because there’s a lot more money in a profitable industry than in a con game they are probably in some way a part of.

      1. SebastianH

        Is this like this study that claimed that cats kill 1 million birds per day in Australia?

        Or billions of birds per year in the United States?

        Let’s ban cats, we knew they would kill all the birds and still we adopt them into our homes. Disgusting!

        1. sunsettommy

          Cats is a product of Nature, so are the Birds, but Wind Towers and Wind Parks are NOT.

          They are artificial constructs that kills birds, man made versus nature.

          That enough for you?

          1. SebastianH

            Cats are a product of nature? They are bred for human companionship. They don’t exist in large amounts of households because of nature doing its thing. They exist just like you refrigerator exists. You decided you need one, that’s why you have one.

          2. Yonason

            Yes, of course, and also…

            We are not talking about tweety bird here, of which there are millions, but raptors that Sylvester wouldn’t dream of even trying to catch…

            The loss of many dozens of starlings isn’t going to diminish their numbers significantly, but the loss of individual raptors brings them closer to the extinction the chatbot so often blames on fictitious catastrophic warming.

            The trolls know that, but with activists the narrative must always take precedence over the truth.

            They are the heartless ones, who care nothing for the environment, not it’s flora and fauna, and least of all for humanity.

          3. Yonason


            Estimated 70,000,000,000 feral cats in USA.

            You know, so if you need “companionship” when you’re wondering around in the woods. (I’m still looking for those refrigerators, though. One can get pretty thirsty tromping around in the wild.)

            Never an honest comment from the chatbot.

          4. spike55

            Cats are raptor food ! 🙂

            And I would not want to be a local cat during magpie swoop season.

          5. Yonason

            oops, that should have been 70,000,000. Still a lot of Feral cats. Not quote as many as are snug in homes (80 million), but still a lot.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Regarding posting:
    When I click on “post comment”
    … the screen flicks off and throws me to the very top of the site. Nothing appears that shows I visited or posted a comment. Several hours or many hours later my comment appears.

    You do have interesting posts, and I appreciate them. Thanks.
    I don’t have time to go back-and-forth with others, thus this doesn’t really upset me.

  5. spike55

    OT. UAH released. +0.19ºC

    The El Nino effect is GONE

    Cooling in all regions since July

    9th Warmest August since 1979

  6. spike55

    Arctic: 19th warmest August (out of 40)

    USA48: 13th warmest August

    Australia: 16th warmest August

    Tropics: =15th warmest August

    (early Sunday morning here, someone should check these)

  7. Yonason

    Apart from the link I posted to John Hultquist, addressing his “What isn’t available is the long term, multi-site, independent monitoring effort.” (thought it was obvious, but probably should have written that in my comment)…

    …I have a few more on the subject. Here are a few.

  8. spike55

    OMG, I wonder how more MINDNUMBINGLY STUPID and IDIOTIC the AGW cult can get. (from WUWT)

    “Imagine if aliens….”… roflmao…

    Straight from seb-world !!

  9. SebastianH

    a change that exists only in climate models

    Going full climate denial again? Just asking for a friend who thought you were on some kind of Vegan crusade these days instead of denying that climate change is real 😉

    1. spike55


      In what way has climate changed in the last 40 years that can be scientifically linked to human CO2 ??

      Why is it that the planet is only a small amount above the COLDEST period in 10,000 years,

      Or are you going to continue being a rabid CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER ??

      The ONLY person here DENYING natural climate change IS YOU !!!

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