Climate Dissenting EIKE Files Defamation Suit… Worst Assault On Scientific Dissent In Germany In Decades

Massive German public media, institutions move to brutally squash scientific dissent. Modest German organization EIKE now target of full-scale defamation in bid to ruin and silence climate dissent.

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The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) was set up years ago with the mission of offering counter arguments against the continuously made claims of a man-made climate catastrophe coming from climate doomsday theorists and alarmists.

The Germany based, shoe-string-funded, anti-climate-alarmism organization comprises mainly of retired scientists and experts from the energy field.

Small but formidable

It hosts climate conferences annually which include renowned speakers such as astrophysicists Dr. Nir Shaviv, Dr. Henrik Svensmark, former Harvard physicist Dr. Willie Soon and renowned oceanographer Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner.

This year EIKE will be holding its 12th Climate and Energy Conference in Munich on November 23 and 24. Once again the conference will feature prominent experts from the field. These experts of course agree that man is contributing, to varying degrees, to climate warming.

One reader (Kurt) said: “What makes them dangerous to mainstream climate activism is that they offer a credible, scientifically rigorous refutation of the confirmation bias-laden viewpoint espoused by the IPCC that humans can somehow ‘steer’ future earth climate to a benign future by drastically reducing human CO2 emissions.”

Worst of all, they are highly skeptical of the alarmist claims, which dominate the discourse.

Major attack with aim to silence

For the mainstream, alarmist media and climate activists this sensible dissent has become too much to take, and so now they are fully into Phase 3 of Gandhi’s “Ignore, ridicule, fight and win” playbook against climate science dissent.

EIKE determined to fight back

In a post here, EIKE Vice President Michael Limburg yesterday described the increasingly vicious media attacks on his modest organization, and announced that EIKE will fight back with a defamation suit against German ARD public television, which over the past 12 months EIKE has been “defamed” on 4 separate occasions, and others.

German public television weaponizing Holocaust language

According to EIKE:

The dubious programs were broadcast by Hessischer Rundfunk called Klimareport in November 2017; a January 2018 broadcast by RBB from its Contrasts series titled ‘From the Fringes in the Bundestag,’, a broadcast by NDR under the name ‘The Producer of Lies‘ on July 23, 2018 and a broadcast from WDR from its Monitor series with the title ‘Climate Change and Summer Heat: Opponents Mobilize’ on August 16, 2018.

EIKE is defamed in a manner that can only be achieved  by camera and microphone and editing techniques. This is done using obscure allegations to put EIKE or the persons involved on the media pillory by accusing them of dishonesty or deception, and marginalizing them as ‘climate deniers’ almost equating to Holocaust deniers, or twisting and distorting statements using clever cutting techniques.”

The aim of the media assault using half truths and distortions, according to EIKE, is to “destroy the reputation of EIKE as a serious institute.” Media and activists continuously use world like “Leugner” (deniers) to describe alarmist climate science dissenters.

Long shadow of the Stasi

Limburg even compares the media’s tactics to those used by earlier totalitarian German regimes of the 20th century, writing that the aim of the German media and activists is use tactics that STASI taught its employees. For example:

In Guideline 1/76 of the Ministry of State Security [Stasi], degradation includes among others

Proven forms of degradation are:

– systematic discrediting of public reputation, image and the prestige on the basis of interrelated, verifiable, discrediting and untrue credible, non disprovable and thus also discrediting claims.”

Abuse of institutional authority

Limburg writes that EIKE is taking action against a host of public broadcasting outlets, such as WDR and NDR, but also against the director of the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Prof. Dr. Jochem Marotzke for making false statements about the quality of the scientific work of EIKE contributing scientist Prof. Dr. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke.

Prof. Marotzke claimed through media outlets that Prof. Lüdecke’s work “did not meet the minimum scientific standards”, a claim that EIKE believes is “untrue and legally wrong.”

Holocaust language as a weapon

EIKE also points out that one source often cited by the German media is the German Wikipedia, whose recently added entry involves a “pseudoscientific portrayal” about “climate change deniers”, EIKE says.

According to EIKE: “In it, the inglorious tradition of defamation and slander continues on a broad front, and is often self referencing.”

David versus Goliath

When it comes to the chances of a successful outcome, EIKE remains sober and the small organization is aware that it’s David versus Goliath. Donations will be sorely needed, EIKE laments.

14 responses to “Climate Dissenting EIKE Files Defamation Suit… Worst Assault On Scientific Dissent In Germany In Decades”

  1. posa

    I say: give the people what they want… High prices, intermittent power, scarred landscapes… this all serves as an object lesson fr the rest of the world. The Germans need to learn the hard way.

  2. dennisambler

    “These experts of course agree that man is contributing, to varying degrees, to climate warming.”

    Unfortunately! Alan Carlin picks up on the topic here:
    “There is simply no basis for believing that increasing atmospheric CO2 has had any significant effect in the real world on temperatures and skeptics need to raise this point at every opportunity. The issue is not whether there may be theoretical effects of CO2 on temperatures, but rather whether any significant such effects actually occur in the real world.”

  3. Kurt in Switzerland


    You wrote:

    “What makes them controversial, however, is that they offer an authoritive alternative viewpoint on what’s really behind climate change and the potential consequences we face.”

    I disagree. Better:

    “What makes them dangerous to Mainstream Climate Activism is that they offer a credible, scientifically rigorous refutation of the confirmation bias-laden viewpoint espoused by the IPCC that humans can somehow ‘steer’ future earth climate to a benign future by drastically reducing human CO2 emissions.”

    The appeal to authority is wrong. Scientific rigor doesn’t give a hoot about titles, professorships or organizations.

  4. sasquatch

    Who do the nutjobs at EIKE think they are, the Pope?

    Europe needs a new Inquisition and a brand new Grand Inquisitor. It has to be done. Heretics like Galileo never cease their chicanery.

    Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for thinking for himself. Thinking for yourself, the freedom to think, needs to stop or you could be in big trouble.

    Vie have our vays. Recant or die. lol

    1. Yonason


      You have said the magic words, Giordano Bruno, so here’s your prize.

      Poor fellow. So misunderstood.

      I imagine you will find some of those articles, or at least parts thereof, amusing and informative.

  5. Penelope

    So many of the decisions of the German govt are so obviously against German interests that one wonders whether they are freely taken. Vast immigration, giving up the deutchemark, sanctions against an important industrial partner, idiotic energy policy– and now, an extension of censorship, albeit indirectly.

    Germany’s sovereignty is limited in several ways:

    –Major-General Gerd-Helmut Komossa, former head of German Military Intelligence , wrote a book “Die Deutsche Karte”. In it, he confirms what others have reported: that as a condition of reunification, there was an understandably secret treaty ceding to the US until 2099 the control of German media.

    –Germany is still under the UN’s “enemy state” status, which affects its powers.

    –It must also “consult” w Allied Command (the US & the UK) in taking all important decisions. (Perhaps this was only temporary & has been withdrawn? I’m unable to find any evidence of it. Does someone on the site know?)

    In understanding Germany’s actions– even this one against a truth-teller– we must regret that once again politics trumps science.

  6. Mikky

    Pierre, I’d like to donate to EIKE but my German is not up to the task, maybe you could suggest to them an English language version of their website donation page?

    In the UK the MSM (such as the BBC) has gone beyond attacks on sceptics, they simply ignore sceptical viewpoints entirely, and suspend journalistic scepticism entirely, proving that they are no longer journalists in this area.

  7. Scott drysdale

    Watchout 4 DESMOGBLOG, Desmogcanada, desmoguk……dangerous smear sites that bully, denigrate,slander, viciously attack anyone and any organizTion that attempts to go against their xtreme green agendas….they are funded by suzuki foundation which was investigated by CRA for misreprestjng itself as a charity organization to minimize taxation…

    1. Penelope

      Scott, here are two methods chronically used to fake “charitable” status:

      “Public charities attempt to provide the maximum amount of control to their donors through fiscal sponsorships, which are a legally suspect innovation unique to the left,
      whereby the charity actually sells its nonprofit status to a group for a fee. (Pg. 12)”

      •” Nearly all of the public charities discussed in this report have an affiliated 501(c)(4) that engages in activities designed to influence elections and have no restrictions on their lobbying efforts. The funding of a 501(c)(4) by a 501(c)(3) affiliates is provocative in
      light of the legal restrictions on public charities from participating in political campaigning, either directly or indirectly, while permitting a 501(c)(4) to significantly
      engage in campaign activities. (Pg. 14)”

      These are taken from a Senate report “Chain of Environmental Command”

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