Late Summer Arctic Ice Volume Has Been Growing Since 2007…Contradicts Earlier Climate Predictions

By Kirye 

The media, alarmist scientists and many leading policymakers often tell the public “the Arctic is rapidly melting”. And if a poll were done today, a vast majority of the people in Japan and elsewhere would say this is true. Unfortunately they have become the victims of “fake news”.

Luckily we have some hard data from the Arctic. And if one looks at them, it is true that sea ice has seen a declining trend – if we go back 40 years.

Yet, if we look at the past 12 years, we see that the trend for minimum has stopped, and one could argue even reversed:

Chart: By Kirye

The above Arctic sea ice volume chart, which relies on data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), shows that there has even been a modest increase in the minimum sea ice volume recorded every late summer.  

Overall, Arctic volume has been stable, slightly on the rise over the past 12 years, as the full year data from the DMI show:

Yet, the media constantly falsely report that the Arctic sea ice is still melting away rapidly (it isn’t), and many have even made the alarms louder.

Sloppy, misleading media

Unfortunately the media have been sloppy, lazy and misleading in their reporting of what is really happening at the poles of the Earth. If they did their homework, they’d realize their shrill headlines are inappropriate and outdated.

In early September NoTricksZone’s author Kenneth Richard presented a number of papers, where he wrote:

An accumulating collection of “headlines” taken from the 2018 scientific literature is indicating the Arctic region is no longer experiencing accelerated mass ice sheet/glacier loss, warming, or sea ice declines.”

Disservice to the public

Why the media, IPCC and many policymakers ignore this remains a mystery. It’s a disservice to the public and taxpayers who have entrusted them to conduct policymaking responsibly and honestly.

P. Gosselin contributed to this article.

9 responses to “Late Summer Arctic Ice Volume Has Been Growing Since 2007…Contradicts Earlier Climate Predictions”

  1. Ron Clutz

    Thanks for pushing back on ice reporting well past their shelf life. FYI MASIE from NIC and SII from NOAA confirm your post above:

    1. Kirye

      Thank you, sir.

  2. sunsettommy

    It’s not a mystery to me, since the Media has long been misleading and dishonest over this climate stuff.

  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    WUWT had a recent post on a NCAA statement implying that sea ice grows as a result of Global Warming. I didn’t get a chance to read, but it may be a good read.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Many aspects of Earth’s physical systems are dynamic and exhibit “episodic” behavior, or occurring at irregular intervals. Temper tantrums of a young child come to mind.
    Arctic Ocean ice cover is one such thing that has episodes.
    Read this:

    Ice arches clog openings between two land points. The article is about the failing of arches at the north end of the Nares Strait in 2007.
    Somewhat like pulling the plug on a wash basin, the contents then drain out.
    When winds and currents pile up young ice and thicker and older ice stay in the Ocean, then the straits can clog. More ice stays, and grows older. Until strong storms cause the arches to fail, and the ice gets flushed out.
    Arctic Ocean ice is episodic, get comfortable with it.

  5. RickWill

    More sea ice means less heat loss globally. With global temperature static or cooling that means there is less heat in. Just maybe there is a solar magnetic influence in Earth’s atmosphere – I wonder how long it will be before climate models incorporate this influence.

  6. sasquatch

    When the sun rises on March 20th or so and then doesn’t set until September 20th, there will be warming of the Arctic region above the Arctic Circle.

    The entire Arctic Ocean will be ice-free by the end of the summer season up there according to the gospel of the anthropogenic climate changing global warming advocates all because humans burn through fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.

    Owl Gore said so, so it is going to happen.

    Sea ice extent says it didn’t happen.

    It’s gonna happen, the Arctic Ocean will melt to water all because people just won’t stop, there is no quitting the fossil fuel addiction and it is going to be another hell in the making. Just ask those global warming enthusiasts, they know.

    During the winter months, polar climate will reach down to Kansas, northern Texas, Florida will have a frost or maybe even a freeze.

    In another hundred thousand years, the Milankovitch cycle will apply and the earth will fling itself another million and a half miles further from the sun and you’ll have another ice age in full swing.

    Lake Missoula will empty another 80 times over and over again.

    It’ll take another hundred thousand years to get back to a melt and then to another 25 thousand years of warming periods.

    I dunno.

  7. dennisambler

    Nah, it’s melting fast, NOAA says so:

    “Global warming is heating the Arctic at a record pace, driving broad environmental changes across the planet, including extreme storms in the United States and Europe, a major US scientific report has said.

    Persistent heat records have assaulted the fragile Arctic for each of the past five years – a record-long warming streak, said the 2018 Arctic Report Card, released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).”

  8. tom0mason

    The big problem with all weather and climate reporting by the MSM is that they are political, they have a political view, a stance, an axe to grind.
    As many a scientist has found when wandering into the political arena and naively thinking “balanced” assessment is what all sides seek (or hear) had better learn fast how the advocacy system really functions. Climate science is, by a large measure, dictated by the purse strings of the advocates. That is why the peer view system and scientific reporting is in such a mess and so often gets it all wrong.

    History shows that currently the Arctic is not receding any faster than it has ever done. Man has not overthrown nature’s control on the climate, people who say otherwise are just ignorant or another advocate.

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