The Faked Crisis: Polar Bear Expert’s Book Poised To Become Hot Seller, Expose Polar Alarmism Community

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A newly released book is bad news for global warming alarmists who are desperately seeking bad news for fueling their fear-based, non-scientific movement.

Polar bear expert and veteran zoologist Dr. Susan J. Crockford has just released her latest book titled: “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened“.

As the title says: there never was a polar bear crisis due to global warming. It was made up to scare the public. The numbers back it up.

The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened“.

The polar bear, an icon used by climate alarmists for symbolizing dangerous climate change, in fact has seen its population rise strongly over the recent decades and has shown its ability to thrive in the Arctic as sea ice levels fluctuate.

Book on failed predictions and “backlash”

In her book Dr. Crockford explains how activist researchers tried to create a polar bear crisis using shoddy computer simulations, bad science and hiding inconvenient facts. But now their failed predictions have led to a total loss of scientific credibility, which Crockford says “they entirely deserve”.

Arctic sea ice stable over past 12 years

For example just 10 years ago a number of “experts” predicted that the Arctic sea ice would disappear in late summer by now. Today we see that Arctic sea ice has since stabilized and there has been no decrease in 12 years.

No catastrophic decline in polar bears

In her book, the Canadian zoologist also explains the tale of why the catastrophic decline in polar bear numbers we were promised in 2007 “failed to materialise”. She adds: “It is also, in part, the story of my role in bringing that failure to public attention, and the backlash against me that ensued.”

Population as high as 40,000

Obviously it has turned out that polar bears too are a long way off from disappearing. Crockford writes in her book:

And despite decades of handwringing, polar bear numbers are not only higher than 50 years ago, but may be much higher than leading polar bear specialists are willing to entertain, perhaps as high as 39,000 (range 26,000–58,000).”

She adds:

In summary, despite the fact that sea ice coverage since 2007 has repeatedly reached levels not predicted until 2050 or later, not only has the estimated global population size of polar bears not declined by 67% (i.e. to 8100) – or even just over 30% – it has increased by approximately 20% above the estimate used by the USGS analysts who made the predictions.”

Vicious backlash

In her book readers will experience first hand of what it is like for honest scientists to speak truth to power, and the risks and harassment they are forced to confront.

About the author

Susan CrockfordSusan Crockford is a 35-year veteran zoologist who has also published work on the Holocene history of Arctic animals. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbiaand co-owner of a private consulting company, Pacific Identifications Inc.

Her publications are available at her website Polar Bear Science. She also authrored : Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change.

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7 responses to “The Faked Crisis: Polar Bear Expert’s Book Poised To Become Hot Seller, Expose Polar Alarmism Community”

  1. tom0mason

    Yet again more climate disinformation on climate effect shown to be wrong.
    Good work Susan Crockford for setting the record straight.

  2. Phil Salmon

    Congratulations Susan! I’ll buy it as soon as I can.

  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    Yet another ‘inconvenient’ piece of information – a review of actual data which fails to conform to the narrative.

    “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.” LoL.

    Cue our friend Seb to trash talk Susan Crockford.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    Best cover on a book I have ever seen!
    From catastrophe to a big Grin, in 5 simple black and white images.

  5. Penelope

    It’s commendable that Susan Crockford is debunking this component of the global warming hoax. But I still think it wd be most useful to publicize the foundations (and those who control them) which are funding the climate hoax.

    The best defense is a good offense. It’s past time that the hoaxsters were exposed. The Chain of Environmental Command is a Senate Report which names the Foundations, the amount of their donation during one short period, and the exact means by which they control the “Green” activist organizations.

    To mock & debunk these organizations is less effective than exposing their funders.

  6. Martin

    Remember this green ad from 10 years ago?
    Green scares are propaganda non sense.

    1. tom0mason

      Or just as sick
      The byline is this death is from ‘global warming™’ with absolutely no evidence.

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